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Hi everyone! It’s Lisa Portis. Your favorite training manager. Actually, I’m the only training manager
here. But who’s counting? And I get to be your host for this week’s
episode of SwinTV! So, we’ve already told you about the exciting
way you can win your share of $22,000 on New Year’s Eve for our classic Hollywood-themed
celebration of December 31. So, today I want to talk to you about some
new games that you can play this New Year’s Eve. Once the renovations are complete, we will
have completed over 14,000 square feet of added gaming space! That’s 2 and half miles of fun! I measured it myself. And just last Friday we installed 79 new slot
machines. For New Year’s Eve, you’ll get to play
two brand new games. One is called the Sphinx and the other is
called Casablanca! Here’s looking at you kid. Now Sphinx is the first 3D game to be available
and played in Washington State, and we have it right here at the Swin! I’m so excited about it. And guess what, you don’t even have to wear
those 3D glasses. They’re not a good look for anybody. Next up is Kevin and he’s going to share
how you can provide some great Christmas gifts for that sports lover in your life. Hey, I’m Kevin Matthews . I’m the host
manager here as the Swinomish Casino & Lodge. I’m here today in the Sports Bar at the
Swinomish Casino and Lodge to bring attention to some Christmas ideas for you and the holidays. We have two walls. One coming into the Sports Bar and one on
the back wall. Full of autographs and sports memorabilia
for sale to you. It’s a great way to shop for the holidays
for that sports enthusiast in your family. We’ve got football. We’ve got baseball. We’ve got basketball. Something for everybody. Each item comes with a letter of authenticity. Come on out to the Sports Bar here at the
Swinomish Casino & Lodge and get your early Christmas shopping done. Happy holidays! You need some cash? Monday Mid Day Giveaway is back again! We’ve got gameshows each week with your
chance to win $220 in cash! We are also live streaming on Facebook where
you could have a chance to win at home in your jammies sipping on a cocoa. So for you chance to participate in our live
game show, come to Swinomish Casino & Lodge from 10am to 11:30am on Mondays. So before we go, let’s head out to Greg for
this week’s construction update. Good afternoon everybody its Greg Douglas
coming at you with another edition of SwinTV and our weekly construction update. I’m standing in front of where our Carver’s
Café, our ManchuWOK and our Fatburger establishments are going to be. Carver’s Café area off to my left here. We’ve got some real great surprises for
you happening over there! You’ll have to wait to see it when you come
in on your next visit. Also over my right shoulder here we’ve got
the new venues for Fatburger and ManchuWOK. Signage will be up for those spaces within
the next couple of days. So as well, you’ll be able to see those
areas because he wall in front of the lobby is coming down! So, lots of excitement happening! Spend some time to come on out and see us. Look forward to seeing you soon and showing
off our new digs here. Thanks Greg! So that’s it for the week’s episode of SwinTV. On behalf of myself, Lisa Portis, and everyone
here at the Swinomish Casino & Lodge, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday!

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