NXT UK features huge Tag Team Title rematch: NXT UK highlights, Sept. 11, 2019

There’s no one left to step up to this group of supreme athletes. You all need to accept
that we are your future.>>Boo!>>I am your WWE United Kingdom Champion!>>Boo!>>This is the era of Imperium!>>Boo!>>Nigel, I don’t think the NXT UK
universe will accept this quartet.>>And I don’t think Imperium cares,
to be perfectly honest.>>As a tag team, Aichner and
Barthel have been almost unstoppable.>>And look at that.
Aichner just chucked Jones to make a tag. He’s begging Harry Green
to enter the matchup. And Green coming right at Fabian Aichner, who was just waiting right
in the center of the ring.>>Tag.>>Green wide open now. And Marcel back in.>>And look at Green now. Trying to step up to Imperium. A little bit of spark. This is the enziguri.>>Well, so much for the spark, Nigel. Look at this. Tag team offense.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>One thing that some have questioned Ashton Smith about is
being able to switch gears inside of a ring to take away that smile and
be able to be forceful in the ring. And he has certainly shown a new side
of him tonight against Jordan Devlin. Look again at the strength. Suplex Smith into the cover. Is it enough? And Devlin just able to get his
shoulder up at the count of two.>>I am impressed with
Ashton Smith in this match. A great start. Devlin turned things back around. But now Smith again in the offense. Holding on.
Ooh.>>Ooh.>>Took a little too long on that knee.>>And you can’t give a superstar like
Jordan Devlin any time to regroup. Even the slightest amount of time,
a split second, can be all Devlin needs. It is now Devlin. Still a little rocked and-
>>Ooh.>>Chest first goes Ashton Smith. Nice counter by Devlin. Is that going to be
enough to put Smith away? And Smith gets his shoulder up at two.>>Slap there.>>And.>>Wow.>>What a kick from Tegan Nox. And now Nox, ooh, nice fall away slam.>>I became your new
NXT UK Womens champion. But afterwards,
all they wanted to talk about was the little girl with the shiniest.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You and everybody else here seen exactly what
I was willing to do to Toni Storm. You stand in my spotlight again and
I’ll do the exact same to you.>>Anytime, anywhere.>>The gritty superstar Gibson
back now with Webster up to again fighting down with elbows. Mistake.>>Tag, tag was made. Zack Gibson is not, no!>>No.
>>That Mark Andrews is legal. Off the jumping knee. Champion trying to pull
away the challenger. They got him. Into the cover. Hook to the leg. And Gibson, Gibson kicks out at two. But Gibson is feeling the effects of
the offensive onslaught from the champions tonight.>>Well, unfortunately,
another mistake from Zack Gibson. Shoving Webster off to his own corner,
allowing the tag. But don’t count Zack Gibson out. Anytime he can turns things
around in a heartbeat.>>Flash Morgan Webster now legal. Zach, and James Drake. Talk about a cheap shot,
is now Drake getting involved. Flash Morgan Webster and
Zach Gibson are legal.>>That the epitome of tag team wrestling,
always having the back of your partner. Double chop.>>Tag.
>>To the throat. Webster now in danger.>>Zack Gibson hoisting up
Flash Morgan Webster, cuz James Drake. Clothesline off the top. Doomsday device into the cover. Is the party over? Andrew saves things for
his team and the titles.

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