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is that for some time going deep for the what we saw from my Miami Dolphins this
Sunday was an embarrassment we are definitely taking 40 t-to Otunga
below but the players in the locker room had already said if we got rid of one of
our popular offensive lineman that there was going to be a mutiny in the locker
room and ladies and gentlemen any time you let Lamar Jackson look like a
hall-of-famer there’s definitely something going on in your locker room
and in this video we’re gonna go through all of the games recapping based on my
school is based on my predictions through Sunday night right now let’s
jump into the video but first I will not be putting on two plus seven glasses of
sexiest Hale until the Miami Dolphins win another football game so please
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to the playlist this would be under NFL 2019 let’s jump into it so my first game
was the Thursday night game what I took the Bears and I’m doing all of my scores
based on what the Vegas line was I didn’t do any straight up gaze it was
all based on the line the Bears win by four and of course y’all know the Bears
lost and there are stats on what happened with the game it was a
defensive struggle but an Rogers somehow another pulled it off the next game I
took the Rams to just win or lose by two so I won that one and that game was
decent I didn’t watch much of it but I hear it was a it was okay I’m here a
close game the next game was on my list was Cleveland and the line they had to
win by six well hell I lost that one because I took Cleveland and Mariota and
the Titans my goodness man they put him on the show we might have to keep our
eyes on those guys because they look pretty decent in that game the
next game that I took I took Kansas City to win by four or more so I did win that
one ladies and gentlemen I did when you some money on that one
but the tragic thing about that game was that they lost Tiree Hill to a shoulder
injury and Nick Foles for the Jags he’s going to a shoulder injury as well next
is my sad Miami Dolphins it’s not even a point in talking about what the line was
on that because they got their butts drum 59 210 ladies and gentlemen I’m
gonna say every week this has got to be one of the games you pick until the end
of the season whoever Miami is plan you take the
opposite unless they’re gonna say 21 points or something silly like that
I’m ashamed I’m embarrassed I’m sad but I’m gonna write with my team I will not
put my glasses back on in these videos till we win next game on the list
I took the Falcons to win by four and it didn’t happen
the Vikings beat all up on the Falcons at home and made it look easy I guess I
might have to start believing in current Cousins even though I don’t want to next
game the lion was the Buffalo Bills had to win by four the bills won the game
but they didn’t win by four you see the score right there so if you went
straight up in that game you won but if you took my expertise and you did the
line you’re lost and that’s frustrating as hell next on my list
you’ve got the Redskins versus the Eagles and the line on that was nine I
said take the Redskins and whoop-dee-doo I won that one
so if you went with me on that game you won and I said it was gonna take Carson
Wentz a little bit of time to get rolling which it did and hey that
prediction was right next game on the list
I had the Chargers win by a touchdown with the coach that didn’t happen to
charge us one by six damn it damnit and so far ladies and gentlemen
of my top three picks that I have for just three games to win
I lost the Chargers because they lost by a point on the line but I did win with
the Rams alright next game on the list going down this list bangles versus the
Seattle Seahawks the bangles had to either win the game or only lose by 8
and I said take the bangles any points and guess what I won y’all some money on
that one because I said Seattle Seahawks never blow out anybody and they barely
beat the bangles so if you took me on that one you’ll run use some money on
that one next game I have lions versus the Cardinals I took the Lions it was a
pic of the Lions just had to win or lose by 2 and guess what you’re lost on
Delton because the game ended in a dag on time man I tell you boy it’s hard to
predict some NFL football next on the list
Dallas vs. the Giants and I definitely said pick the Dallas Cowboys to win by
aiding this thing they done just that they beat the purity snot out of the
Giants but say Kwan Bartley look great like he is the best running back in the
NFL so if you’re a Giants fan you do have something to hang your hat on and
if you’re a Cowboys friend you had to be thrilled with the way your quarterback
looked and played yesterday man he’s looking good but we’ll see when he has
to play some real deal team’s next on the list
the 49ers versus the Bucs this was a pick’em and I said when it’s a pickle
and go at the home team well I got screwed on this one because the 49ers
beat them 31 to 17 and didn’t even look back I guess we’ve got to keep an eye on
what’s going on with the 49ers their defense looked at pretty good
or maybe the Bucs just suck I don’t know which one it was but we’ll have to keep
an eye on that and last but not least of my top three that I thought would do
something I said take Pittsburgh they was getting five points and man they got
to snot beat out of them 33 to 3 ladies and gentlemen and so for all my games up
this point my record is five wins bet going by the Vegas line five wins nine
losses and check this statistic out ladies and gentlemen of all the games
that have been played so far before Monday night six home teams one out of
14 games that’s something that’s a little different ladies and gentlemen so
we’ll just have to see what happens tonight on Monday let me know how you
guys did and your picks let me know how your wins and losses was leave me
comments what things don’t happen next week I will be dropping 2 videos to
cover my week 2 predictions with the lines and I’ll give you guys some data
and some stats to go along with it so at the very least you can get something
from my video other than just my picks because so far my picks ain’t do nothing
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