NEW The Basketball Vines #3 of July 2019 | SAUCY HIGHLIGHTS!

like bottles on me never tried to buy job banking make a shortage on my this ship is never sink in finis bitch day to pick it [Applause] I put her right on for California and China life is golden arracacha dreams them all look dingey quoi but it's still like as a fat alright sugar come to clubs right now huh but they can with us though right we straight it yeah hey Clippers are for it Lakers badnik clips in for Lakers and fired me Lakers a five pitches yeah okay you went come on hey Lou sup who I see his ass in the conference time maybe you won't even make the playoffs I you Lou bitch playing as I look how many jobs are 30 points of people trading just got real but the Clippers that was send it to a new power level a new plateau that the mega pressure Beverly in look we all walk around all competition shake well the Lakers new dynamic duo be enough to take down Paul George Kawhi Leonard blue wheel and then ago Patrick Beverley find out next time on basketball be yeah hey no pages I see every young niggas these babji's fall like leaves in the stomach girls you know you running my terrible New York niggas know I'm coming to the finish will cover that drive ain't nobody telling me nothing in the world would occur now cuz evil is a time they never brought I was now hey Nikki it's not me English tourists are getting a junkie

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