New gambling laws in Indiana | Coming September 2019

I am Marc Lopez. This is Zac Bailey with Marc Lopez we’re the Marc Lopez Law Firm and Zac in May of 2019 there was a pretty big change in the gaming laws in Indiana. Am I right about that? Yeah on May 8th Governor Holcomb signed into law a bill that’s going to, it’ll change the way gambling is done in Indiana. A few casinos are gonna move out of Gary maybe into Terre Haute or just other locations and most importantly sports betting is going to finally be legal in Indiana. Woah, so you mean this whole time people have been on their phones and apps and that’s not necessarily been on the up-and-up? I’ll plead the fifth on that one, but It’s been people have been gambling overseas using offshore sports books and according to Indiana code that is a Class B misdemeanor so now you’re gonna be able to do it. You can bet on your phone once you get it set up with the app at Indiana Grand or the off-track place downtown here. You’ll be able to bet legally on your phone or bet at any location that that allows gambling like that and it’s a big shift. For a long time sports gambling was illegal nationwide and just recently 2018 the the Supreme Court struck down that law saying You’re going to be allowed to bet on sports and Indiana becomes a 10th state now to legalize sports gambling. No surrounding state has it. So a lot of people are going to come into Indiana to be able to do it. So Indiana’s on the forefront of this? Indiana is at the forefront! One of the first 10. So as long as you’re within the borders of the state you’ll be able to get on your phone and use the app and bet on sports in Indiana. So people were doing this before it became legal, but they’re doing it with these apps but betting basically overseas am I right? Yes, so they’re betting overseas offshore books where it’s sort of in the shadows and if there was any sort of dispute or anything you didn’t have any recourse because you weren’t protected by the US government. When you got paid out, they wanted it through Bitcoin or through some check from another country so there’s a lot more clarity now with everything that’s going on. So this is gonna definitely thing take things out of the shadow It’ll be 100% legal.Is it legal right now? Not until September 1st. Oh man people are just waiting for this too aren’t they? I can tell you I am. That’s fantastic. Hey, if you have any questions about Indiana gaming laws or gambling and what not, give us a call 317-632-3642 Remember, do what Attorney Zac Bailey did, always plead the fifth!

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