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I’m Sean stick in the mud. Green was my partner and picks right real
money. Kramer what’s happening Craig. Doug you know so much is going on. I know we have
a theme today. We do. I have a little to get off my chest okay. But before you do that
Ryan let’s welcome on site editor and host of the NBA AIDS odds pod which is officially
launching via this podcast. We’ve we’ve done some episodes already on the network feed
but this is the launch party. Again I think just calling it the launch party allows me
to drink a bunch of this whiskey we got in front of us. Joining us in studio site Ed
host of the NBA hotspot Ryan McKee. What’s happening Ankie. Not only are we debuting
officially any ads spot I am debuting my gambling name.
Oh OK. Hold on hold on. Thank you for that. You guys went with the
alliteration for both of you. Yes real money. Ryan yakking and we haven’t we have a new
a new girl doing picks for us on video Megan making money.
Megan Megan money. I mean I don’t like to see gender. You know exactly. We have a new
shark making picks for Megan so I am going to go with Ryan rich fat boy McKee.
Oh all right I get it rich and fat with my back and your fat fat with running a little
fat. Also it says you when you got you took real
I couldn’t go with the real. So I went with the rich.
Yeah I think Shawn assigned me real also wish. Best not to talk about being overweight overweight
in the presence of Shawn. He’s you know as you know he’s a gym rat.
He’s thrown a play and now you feel so insecure here. YouTube doesn’t lie. They eat gyms do
it. I mean I look at myself when I’m editing the videos I’m like Damn. Look at the shot
of those biceps just just flex it on your Kramer win winning and it’s like being just
when the the tank top. I mean I. Maybe we should get some merch going some tank top
merch. What’s the what’s the Kerry law here in California. I don’t I don’t know. I don’t
want to violate any any local laws. Well you can’t concealing Kerry but there’s been nothing
concealed with those things. Let’s do it. Let’s what are we.
There’s so much to talk about doing. First off got to give a shout out to presenting
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dollars in her own Super Bowl squares contest. Given that the entries are coming in fast
and furious. Yes and you guys put my email yes as well on the contest and now I get all
those emails. It makes me wonder I over my name I’m like Oh my God I have so many of
them over me now. Yeah it is. And again I I’m not a prude. You
know that right. The Ryans. They’re not prudes now but if you talk about how we flayed each
other discussing the Eagles or anything like that that might not get through the iTunes
censors so it’s not us censoring. Yes we lack love you talking about us blaming
each other. Feel free to put that on Twitter or our slack channel.
Exactly. Slack is slack is where the real deejay ends can cut loose. No sense is completely
uncensored and a lot of it’s like Big Brother After Dark. You know it may show that the
nasty stuff. It’s right you never get. Yeah. You never lose your job because of something
you posted in sports gambling podcast slack channel.
You just go to select that sports gaming podcast that come and we’ve actually by the way can
I tell you a quick show from the office space filled with nerds caught wind of a story of
some dude who is getting disciplined in the old H.R. for claiming to be quality checking
porn. Of course I do work for a popular streaming
company. It turned out we don’t carry any of that. Huh. Just openly on the floor. Giant
27 inch monitors. Apparently Love the confidence in him to just say no I’m quality.
You want it. You want to hear the best part. This happened on a holiday. This happened
on Martin Luther King Day. Reno came into the office the largest thing
was gone cause it was it was it. Was it A. Was it a bi racial. Exactly Was it celebrating
the races coming together. Because then I feel like you hey just get the past one one
time pass. This is Martin Luther King’s dream. Why people African-Americans coming together
to unite in unity. Are you talking about the New York football
Giants coaching stuff. I mean together in unity.
All right. There is there is just. Hold on. Freddie fucking kitchens. The O. Like seriously
it’s like John Barry’s like Yo. Hey Steve hold my beer. Get over here Jay-Z. And then
it’s like a tag team match and then steam tissues like Oh yeah. Hey Freddie kitchen
is what I said to my buddies and my eagles group did I go.
Imagine watching this past season of the NFL 19 to us 19 season go. The two guys we gotta
bring in Jason Garrett and Freddie kitchens those are the two names one guy who got super
disappointing season doesn’t call plays. The other guys call plays and just pissed away
tremendous talent. I’m sorry. That’s all I have to say about
that. Well what else is there to say. I mean you must be so excited as a Giants fan to
see on 4th and like 5. They’re going for it at another time out. It’s called. Bringing
the Browns. Well Jason Garrett doesn’t like love or play
to the. What was that they said when they ran the advanced analytics and on fourth and
9 or any basically anything over Fourth and five in the history of the National Football
League. No one had ever called a design QB draw and they did for Baker Mayfield.
They lost two yards of and it is when you hire an offensive coordinator that can’t call
plays you have to also hire a play call and here’s why.
And the better they got the best player. Clearly and sometimes sometimes people who
don’t work as head coaches do work out as coordinators I know there’s every once in
a while someone will hit us up on Twitter like well I’ll just put this in the bowl.
You actually learn to be a good Corday but just the optics of it. Yeah. Never has a team
brought together the two punching bags of the NFL season to combine on one coaching
staff it’s really much like there is no chance. The Tennessee Titans would do better than
go 5 and 11. Yeah there’s no way this Giants team is successful next year. Shawn there’s
no way they now have a collection of coaches who were promoted past there’s their value
points and now they’re back where they need to be back as coordinators back as positional
coaches. Joe judge all right all right guys. Anyway
I’m wearing a Knicks shirt. Let’s talk about fucking basketball. We are going to start
it off. We are going to talk a ton of basketball but of course Mickey’s here cited in our four
sports game podcast dot com. We’re checking in.
I get impressed about all the all the free the free content train that’s chugging along
highlights some of the stuff we got on on the site do you ever look at the site and
say wait we’re giving this away for free. I do say that all the time time. Well a lot
of times when we give away cash for these prizes and then we we actually pay our writing
staff unlike some of these cheap fucks. Yeah some of the Web sites you’d be surprised me
to edit the site. You’d be surprised by everyone. You’d be something. No.
There’s literally like a bunch of these like aggregator like fan cited they barely pay
anything. And we’re we’re beaten those assholes when it comes to actually paying these people
to take the time to write up some decent stuff. Sports Illustrated.
Yeah. It’s ethical content that you’re reading sourced from writers who are.
I don’t I don’t know for audience cares about that but they should.
As far as from renewable resources I’m sure they like free content. Yeah they do. No GMO
no GMO maybe a little GMO. Yeah. Well wanted to promote some stuff on sports
gambling podcast dot com. If you don’t go if you listen to the podcast you haven’t been
there yet. What are you doing. There’s tons of free content. This podcast is free.
We know you like free stuff. John Jackson. John Boy beats at on Twitter just debuted
his NBA DFS flow charts. Yeah. Very hard. I don’t need cash.
Hey. Very. But hey Larry really well it’s a very cool
new strategy to picking lineups. It’s kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure.
But he lays it out visually for kind of figuring out your lineups right.
He introduced it today on the site and people have been loving his NFL flow charts.
Yeah it’s a fun way because I know I don’t struggle with DFS as we know I want to and
it now. But some people and I rarely bring it up because
I’m a modest man. A draft you never heard he’s shipping it out. There.
It’s just like the one article on the site where shine goes into detail how it feels
to win and it’s one of our top articles. Well again not to brag about sports gaming
podcast icon but highly not to tout or FCO value but you put in Jeff King’s winners into
Google and that little baby pops up. But that’s not the only DFS stuff we got. You’re doing
a bunch of NBA DFS our boy Christopher Donnie is doing NBA DFS.
Yeah. We try to get as many articles and weekdays for NBA defects f DFS picks as we can. We
got some SFL content. We hear they’re doing Jeff Kings is gonna
be hosting and move over a f you know SFL is coming to town and I’m already thinking
about the under I’m already talking to Colby about lineups who are he looking at because
it lets a lot of washed up college football guys we that kind of Kobe’s wheelhouse so
I’m really looking forward to breaking down the SFL I thought it was gonna be stupid because
I really like the product that was the yeah for the most part I thought the games are
pretty decent I loved how they started right after the Super Bowl again my wife was super
pissed when she goes What do you mean there’s a new football league that picks up right
after and I haven’t even broke the news to her about the ex NFL yet but she’s going to
be thrilled when December 8th and 9th. I don’t know if they play do they play Saturday
and Sunday just to just tell you you to come help me with a possum I’m not sure I don’t
get. So do we know yet why draft Kings is decided
that they’re gonna pick up except foul but they wouldn’t touch a ref.
No I don’t know. I think I think there was a weird there might have been because part
of the AFC thing was like they had their own game app that they’re working on some maybe
they were trying to be exclusive. That would be my guess. Got it. Yeah looks like they
play on Saturday and Sunday I’m looking at the L.A. wildcats. There is the name. Why
did they go with the Wildcats. There’s no need to go with so many so many
good. Well I mean we do have we do have mountain lines up here. Yeah there’s a couple but it’s
not a good name. The huge there’s so many wild cats already out there. There’s the Houston
roughnecks way better Seattle dragons way better. S. LEWIS battle hawks way better yet
Dallas renegades way better. DC defenders way better New York guardians way better and
the Tampa Bay vipers. That’s all about that. How did L.A. get screwed with the wild guess
who care. Yeah I thought about the most common cop collegiate
mascot. Yeah. Yeah it’s right I’ve got a good deal
on some creative work there. Anyway what else we got a bunch of golf stuff.
I’ve got a bunch of golf stuff DFS picks from one of our best writers Steve Schirmer. He
goes all in on the lake his golf previews if you guys have not checked it out and you’re
in the golf. He goes really deep and you really understand all your picks.
They call it cousin Bush quote the best golf writer on the Internet and I wouldn’t.
That’s the highest praise. I don’t read a ton of golf stuff but Steve goes in there.
Great analysis and he takes the time to do these screenshots of the holes and like the
course layout. Yeah it’s really next level. He was on a roll. We had him on for the podcast
he was talking about how he had already was looking at Google Maps like satellite photos
to break down some like non major tournament and that’s just a dedicated DG in which I
love to see if you’re betting on golf without reading his articles.
You really doing is over this. I hear you’re out of your goddamn mind and now we’ve got
a lot of Super Bowl accounts. Oh my God. So my super Super Bowl coming out the ass.
We’ll be doing a ton of Super Bowl podcasts. Super Bowl week is coming as you know and
Shawn’s week. Yeah. If you’re running a Super Bowl pool.
First of all you should enter hours by leaving that Revere sending it in the context that
sports gambling podcast I can’t but if you are running your own pool and you don’t want
to deal with with Megan. Megan a grid using a spreadsheet. It’s a lot
of work. Well guess what. Your boy real money. Kramer already did that
work for you. I saw it’s been lighting up the people already grabbing it. Download the
PDA. Really. If you just go to Google and type in Super
Bowl squares. Really it’s right up there. You’ll see it. It’s got the chiefs and Niners
logo our logo. Sweet little promo code of course.
Wow really made made the top 3 preview. That’s pretty hot there it is right.
Texas is our top topic average. People love squares. They do. And you know
what I love Sean what he’s planning. Everyone at work how they work. It’s so funny.
Really random that people think you’re in on it that you’re on the OP that you somehow
know is there people will be scared to play squares because I don’t know anything about
football. That’s exactly why you play the squares.
We’ll be where you are going to talk basketball. I assure you. Forty five minutes we will talk
basketball. There’s just so much stuff going on the site there’s stuff going on in the
National Football League and of course Super Bowl season is upon us. What better time to
start your own sportsbook. You could. Yeah he could write blogs for The Sports gaming
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know anything about launching my own gambling site. I don’t know how to grade wagers immediately
I don’t know about setting lines. Well that’s where ace comes in. They do that all for you.
They throw on top notch customer support going 24/7 some of the sharpest lines in the industry.
They have an awesome live betting and amazing mobile experience.
I’ve actually tested the ace paper ad site. It’s really if I was gambling over it ASAP.
Ace paper had site I would enjoy it and listen I’m a. I’m a. Degenerate. And if you want
to be on the other side of the counter there go to East for head dot com slash SGP. That’s
ace for head dot com slash as GP. Get up to six weeks free.
It’s all you had to do to get started over there at Ace. Per head count. Well it’s cute
so I notice you brought your basketball hat. I did because it’s a basketball themed episode
to figure time we finally get to the vast amount of time to finally dust off. And again
this is not a political podcast. Going all in on Trump.
Oh but I have a political statement and that is myself and I’m going to throw the entire
sports SGP n behind this political statement free Grady the Flyers mascot is being accused
of assault he didn’t commit. If you’re third don’t know for sure. Yes they’ve they’ve ran
they’ve run the tapes. It’s all it’s all horseshit. They’ve already investigated a gritty did
not commit a crime. If you get shoved by a mascot you’re 13 years old that that’s an
honor. Getting punched by a mascot. That’s what they do. They mess around with you.
I thought Garrity was Odell Beckham’s nickname for a second. Right. I don’t know where you’re
going. Is this a real story. Grady is being sued stop it is being sued
by a dad losing our kid. Yeah. Who claims he was assaulted by a mascot at a fan event.
That was great his thing was like pushing kids. His name is Brady. I thought that was
cool and fill it up. Is this kid not from Philadelphia. I said this like a tourist or
something. I sent this to my dad and my dad just responded
with I like gritty he’s bad ass. What the city of Philadelphia knows what the city of
Philadelphia to rally around you then just be a mascot that gets accused of assault because
the city of Philadelphia. If there is a march I’m showing up at the
free gritty most celebrate punching police force. Yes. You think you love Grady assaulting
a 13 year old. They’re gonna love this. Come on assault me a lesson you teach your
son. He’s a he’s a flyer season ticket holder. The broad street bullies. All they did was
beat the shit out of each other. What kind of fan are you that you’re gonna like. You’re
gonna be involved in this horseshit lawsuit. We don’t in the city of Philadelphia doesn’t
put up with horse shit lawsuits. If anything we eat horse shit after we beat the Patriots
in the Super Bowl for some reason on a celebration video. We’re not involved in horse shit lawsuits.
So again that’s me getting on my soapbox. Hashtag free good.
In other news though the fanatic part of me gotten wrapped up into the meat to campaign.
Well everyone PRI thinks it’s I’m supporting greatly because I’m from Philadelphia. But
if you followed my political statements previously I also vehemently support it. I’ll do. I vehemently
supported Bailey the L.A. Kings mascot who was accused of groping a waiter at an event.
This is also true in costume a little. What they they they. Again they have tapes. He
didn’t touch the guy on his butt but this guy was like. Thought he could get a scam
lawsuit against Bailey who I worked with on crash elites are IP but mainly he was a great
mascot. It was the kids love him. Everyone loves him. He’s a world class mascot again
accused of crimes. What he didn’t commit. I don’t want a deep
dive into this legal case but where their with their damage is. Why. What what are the
grounds of the lawsuit. It’s complete horseshit. It’s going to get thrown out. I dare you to
find a jury that will convict gritty. If he goes to trial. This is if he goes to trial.
Does he go away. So who do they have to reveal the secret of gritty. I think he should testify
in costs. What do you sue fucking the guy the guy playing
Santa at the mall because he touched your kid in the leg and ruined so everyone in Grady
came out so hot. I mean what is it. He’s like a year old. Yeah you’re going to
have all. I mean he’s like the little bars ex of past guys. You get that popular you
get your band together you love some hey there is there had to be some coming at the King.
Yeah. Oh boy. Whoa. Basketball time to talk about.
Basketball. Basketball. Good job. I mean the NBA on NBC theme all
time classic gets me Jack for basketball. Throw the Utes the round ball rock video folks.
All right I will. I’ll go get the sports gaming pack as I can. Click the episode post I will
embed the round ball rock performance live with John Tesh explains how he came up with
that. What was it. He wasn’t in jail where was he where he couldn’t. No he was just at
a party. Oh yeah. I’m up with the beats we call. He
called he was answering my smell and goes. Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad. And then the air dribbles
the basketballs in line with the performance on Catalina Island. It’s the most white person.
Why did you let go. He was at a party. No he was at jail. Why was he.
Well because it was some weird thing where he couldn’t record and you either in jail
or in a party I carried over this day. Two very similar things. Pretty much the same
thing that he will be on sports gambling podcast. We got it up there.
So we are doing this NBA odds pod launch party again just kind of a reason to get drunk talk
about basketball. Have some whiskey since we’re doing this and since we love the fans
we decided to do a on spot fraud contest. Mickey walk us through the idea here. OK.
So the NBA has followed Friday’s contest and we are going to have a post on the Web site.
I’ll put it up tomorrow. And there is gonna be five groups of teams
based off of what their record is. The first part of the season and you have to pick two
teams from each group who are going to score the win the fewest amount of games who are
the frauds out of the group. So we’re trying to identify the frauds.
It seems like you’ve broken them up into five different groups based on based on kind of
how good they are you have like ABC DEA based on their first half scoring and yeah I don’t
know how many how much are we giving out in this contest.
Let’s do a. What do we do. A thousand dollars total five hundred first three hundred four
seconds and two hundred four third take a nap after work and wake up and start recording
pod. Next thing I know I’m a thousand dollars lighter
in the pocket. I’m like come on right. We’re letting the fans know I’m on board. Why don’t
I. And this is kind of a fun experience you know I’m on board and I do like the fans like
fans are getting to the point we’re like damn this Kramer fuck my wife.
Things to torment him out. Well he captures the Boston captors sent me some messages like
Bro how are you hanging in there. He goes Ivan Watson Cavill is worried about you know
your elo. I told my wife I go you know the Browns head
coach. He goes he’s on the Giants now. And even her like fringe watching of other teams
outside the Eagles was like Oh no. Ryan and Jason Garrett. She knows who Jason Garrett
is so that like it’s getting on my wife’s radar.
I was shooting this season just learned any piece of news you give the Giants she’s like
oh no matter how it ended. Right. Go home and get your fucking shine box.
All right. This is kind of a fun exercise should we should we give out hours now. Should
we kind of walk through this. Yeah. Yeah.
So like I said there’s five groups and we’re gonna pick the lowest win totals.
So it’s a it’s an inverted winds pool. Yes. And I’m picking I’m picking two teams from
each group that are broken up based on where they are on the standings as of the All-Star
break or as of when it’s going to be as of the All-Star break but it’s not going to change.
My God. Yeah yeah. So the groups are going to be set by tomorrow and the winds start
after the All-Star break Wednesday start after the All-Star break. God I haven’t.
I’ve definitely been in pools like this before. This is an awesome format for like World Cup
style pools. Similar thing doing the men’s pool grouping
them up figuring out which one of you I’ve watched maybe 75 minutes of NBA basketball
total total this year. And I’m feeling pretty good about this pool
because I know I’m picking the motherfucking next. All
right I’m going to just I’ll read through the groups as I read through room you guys
can give me here. Yes. Who picks. And we want the teams that
are going to do the right group A. These are the top teams Bucs Lakers Clippers
Heat S6 70. Who will have the fewest wins after the All-Star break.
Two names. No sorry. Are you doing that. Are you counting the wins from the All-Star break
to the end of the season or do you just see this holiday break to the end of the season.
OK. So it doesn’t. Wasn’t listening. No no no. I just didn’t I. You mother fucker. Oh
come on it’s all right. He’s got some Jamison. No I’ll go. I’ll go heat and sell tickets
for the the two worst. Maybe that’s maybe that’s shocking chocolate but OK yeah.
Don’t. Don’t the Lakers at some point just go into cruise control.
Or does Anthony Davis get injured or more injured. I mean I know I love my boy and my
Ruffles but it does seem like he’s due for some sort of injury or they put LeBron on
cruise control. I mean LeBron right now I will tell you he
is on track for playing the most minutes he’s played since his second heat season.
They appear to be thirty five years old. So what it does is it may slow him to come out.
I mean LeBron got to be on something right. I think he naturally produces a cheer. Yeah
and maybe maybe that’s what it is. How dare you. Don’t you remember this guy’s
an alien. I think I mean I would almost pick both. I
would say Lakers and Sixers actually. Oh okay. I mean that’s not I see your strategy
on that because I think the Bucs will go hard. Yep to the end I think the Clippers are questionable
but they know that they probably know they need that home court a bit more. I really
think the Lakers think at some point they’re gonna be like wow we can just cruise.
I think I think you might be right. I don’t think that’s a bad pick. I’m going to say
I’m definitely picking the Sixers sorry Sean but it must be because Joel Allenby we don’t
know how long he’s going to be out. They’ve already had a lot of problems although
they will but then they any good with out and be there because.
Yeah. Then it’s like oh this is Simmons team and then he’s kind of playing like this different
role and he’s not the true point he’s almost like this weird athletic center now because
he doesn’t shoot threes but their actual center Joel Embiid does shoot threes. It’s a very
interesting team. Do I want Brett Brown fired. I think so. So who’s the Sixers and then who’s
your second team for group. I am going to go Clippers who I do not think
that they’re as motivated to win as many games. I don’t think they care about a home court
advantage. They don’t really have a home court advantage in the same way. There’s not a lot
of Clippers fans period. But I will say go it’s mostly Lakers fans.
Have you been to a Clipper this year. Have you been to Cooper’s home yet. I have not.
It’s different it’s different. It’s that I was there opening night against
the Lakers more than Billy Crystal there it was for them.
It was the first time I’ve ever been in a regular season basketball game and there were
dueling MVP chants while granted there were just as many Laker fans there. There were
a number of I was surprised. Yeah. This is Frankie Muniz still supporting
the Clippers. I had a heart attack and robbery. Given no discount offers. Yeah. I was a bomber
a given this guy to some washed up back. We’re supposed to not believe it was probably
from him doing a bunch of cocaine. Hey you know who I really like on the Clippers right
now. And it’s just from kind of the postgame quotes
that I’m catching is Lou Williams Lou Williams is leaning hard into the fact that the Clippers
and the number two team he goes I can’t wait till we win a championship and we’ll be the
first team that gets booed on the parade route. He’s like I love it. Bring on the hate and
like damn Lou Williams and got a bad ass I like this is all in and I gotta say I really
like this Clippers team and I will right now. If I was to pick my finals the Clippers would
be my West Western Conference Finals. Contender but I just think that they don’t care about
the regular season. Yeah a good reason and they’re gonna arrest P.G. and Kawhi a lot.
So far they’ve only played quite speedy. How many games you think they’ve played together.
A dozen. It’s over half the season. It’s only 14 games that they play. Wow. Wow. They clearly
don’t get their stuff in second place so I can see them kind of close.
I will say this. What sold me is I watched LeBron James like crash in the Kawhi Leonard
and he bounced off Kawhi Leonard. Yeah no quite. Why is it the best player in
the league when he’s healthy and he’s almost in a weird way the perfect Clipper cause he’s
just a I don’t know. He just seems to fit well with their lack of identity because he’s
kind of just this weird enigma. They have an identity now they have an identity
lacking gray it’s bad boy exactly it’s the opposite.
Spend your time like is it absolutely Showtime Lakers they’re like not primetime they’re
like they’re all about how they’re on the streets now yeah what they have that billboard
what does it say we’re doing L.A. our way they’re like the Taco Bell fourth meal you
know it’s just like 30 after dark crowd that’s groupie number no better way put we’ve got
the Nuggets jazz rockets Mavericks Raptors Pacers Well see I love the Jazz I’m definitely
not picking the jazz I agree with you there. I’m. You know I gotta be honest I listen to
a lot of the NBA I’d spot would Yeah oh good subscribe over if you. Subscribe.
Got the SDP and calm but yeah the Jazz are a fun team and I feel like I as I listened
to like rest sporadic moments of your podcast while I’m I’m just listening through it a
lot of jazz talk so I will tell you that review at night as I’m listening live Radic as I
edit the pod fifteen of my seventy five minutes so almost twenty twenty percent of my NBA
watching has been of the jazz I like this team I’m dropping off picking them I will
go and I like the Nuggets too I will go Djokovic is or number I keep you on this I’m going
to go with the Raptors and I will go with the Mavericks because I think they think they
fall off I think they have to follow I mean I really enjoy this whole Mavericks then amazing
he’s been amazing but I know he’s been the whole like he’s been a pro for a long but
I just feel like at some point I don’t know if they maintain I do think this is gonna
be a fun team to see in the playoffs this year hopefully yes absolute definite will
definitely be there and but I don’t know if he.
I don’t know how long that lasts but yeah I’m a.. I’m to throw mavericks and Raptors
into this one. All right. Q What are you doing.
I am going to go raptors and Pacers Pacers are just getting Oladipo back it’s gonna take
them a little bit to figure out we’ll talk later about I really do like the Pacers in
the postseason but I don’t think they have to worry about winning on the games in the
second half they need to worry more about just getting Oladipo healthy I think that
the Mavericks are going to be a regular season team with Luka win like tallying up a lot
more wins than people thought but they’re gonna flame out in the postseason.
Yeah I mean I’m out. I was kind of struggling for my second team. You made a good case for
the Pacers saw a wild ride with you on that pick slash steal that pick. And for my other
team that I think is not going to do well in the second half of the season giving the
Houston Rockets. It just it just seems like it’s not working. I may as well be an understatement.
Russell Westbrook It just feels poisonous there and it could. It could unravel in a
big way. Like I I would not be shocked if the Houston Rockets do not make the playoffs.
That would be shocking. Well I guess. Yeah. Who’s going to pass them. The Grizzlies. No
you’re right. I’m actually looking at the standings. They do have the Thunder good passing
but you’re right the eighth spot to get a low push him out of the playoffs to get to
the 90. I wouldn’t be surprised that there’s seven or eight seed that’s probably something
more realistic. The Suns are going to come out of nowhere
suns all get better. We were talking about I don’t know how you saw
this speaking to the Suns shown. Did you see. Not only has he finished college but he he’s
now owner of a partial owner of an NBA franchise Larry Fitz Larry Fitzgerald.
Congratulations to Larry Fitzgerald. Yet once you graduate the University of Phoenix you
will also become a partial owner of a franchise opportunity all over the place.
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I didn’t I didn’t see if they have any tickets up there but that’s because you can get those
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those and I’m sure there’s like a good opportunity to get a sweet Patrick for home us sweet sweet
sweet Andy. Let’s go to let’s go to Group C Group C we
have thunder Spurs grizzly nets magic trailblazers. Can I ask what’s going on with this Kyrie
thing. It’s a nightmare.
Yeah what is it has taken his ability to rip apart the Boston locker room and just taking
it right to him. What is the saying anything. I know he’s just. Sure is more worried about
ground haters. Yeah well it is. I didn’t even click on it
but what was his like latest freaking out about stuff.
Oh that was with. Yeah. He was going at banging his name because I’ve had whiskey.
He he he’s still got the sandlot picture on his Twitter. Oh yeah. Okay. So.
The the old Oklahoma Center who used to be on the oh by Australian guy.
No. Over anyway. Doesn’t doesn’t mean we’re not an old commentator for messing with him.
For saying that he. Oh Kendrick Perkins. Bergen. Kendrick Lamar
hey where does it right. Kendrick Perkins. Perkins was going at him calling him sore
for joining the 73 when Warriors team. Yeah. Which is a great point. And then he came back
at him being like oh we would’ve won if we didn’t have a center who averaged like 5 and
2 also great point. And then he and then Kendrick came back saying
well you guys didn’t get any out of the first round until I got there and went back and
forth for a while. Yeah. He’s he’s just he’s like a 13 year old chick
he just can’t help but get into online drama and that’s why I loved. I mean watching Durant
play basketball is fun as a basketball fans like deck eyes good. It’s fun to watch but
he’s just such it just hard to watch his Twitter drop. It gives us the desire. It is. It is.
All right so group C so brags all these guys and brags so we got trailblazers magic nets
grizzly Spurs Thunder Mookie kick things off. What are your two frauds here.
Two fries first some guy with nets. Yeah that Asian guy knows the generate with Kyrie there.
Well I will say that there is good odds for them to miss the playoffs. Talk about that
later. But I can see them spiraling out of control
and then I’m right now as they’re taping this they’re 18 and 24 hanging on to the eighth
seed. Yeah Pistons are one game back and I actually
like the magic to start surging and I’m sorry. I think Michael faults is going to be he said
that he’s gonna be pretty good. Who knew that tanking the season and it created so much
bad sports karma. You know we’re going to get screwed somehow by this. Mark faults being
good in Orlando is just it’s just one of the other things that’s just bound to happen.
Orlando is kind of phone squad their friends go out to watch as they’ve falters like throwing
run some triple doubles. Aaron Gordon looks really good. Lucy Vic sorry
I don’t what you said. You identified them as one of the frauds. No I’m not. I was lying.
That’s when people are going to look at and maybe you say when the prize I think they’re
surging I am going to go with an unpopular pick and say the Grizzlies have been very
good so far over whelming overcoming expectations. However I can see them hitting. I can see
John Mara hitting a rookie while falling off and you know they’ve already he’s already
proven everything he needs so far. Mark Jackson really went out and had ledge
here from the game the national broadcast. He said he would rather have jammer in right
now than Zion which is I’m sure it’s ridiculous. It’s it’s crazy.
It’s something that I’ll get you some clicks but I’m not I’m not in teams or I’m on teams
I am. I only got room for one to keep my word. Daniel Jones for the time okay give me the
nets. Mm hmm. Yeah I mean I think everyone’s going
to be on the highly fraudulent nets and I’m going to I’m going to be a little contrarian
here for no good reason trailblazers who OK I can see that.
They have not been they have I really underwhelmed as far as expectations.
Yeah and I haven’t watched a ton of trailblazers or I haven’t followed them much. What do you
think. Because they I mean they got McCollum they got banged up. Yeah.
Is it just seems so looking good Whiteside has been like putting a crazy good numbers
for them I wish people were really down on that pickup I don’t know I think that they
figure it out they have a better second half. Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm.
All right. I’m definitely riding with the Nats. I mean the Kyrie thing is just too perfect
to identify as just a second half fraud team. I mean so far I feel like everyone’s going
to be on the Nats and everyone’s gonna be on the Sixers like that’s my analysis of who
the jock teams are going to be right now. I don’t know how you don’t take the Sixers
in group A sorry Sean and I don’t know how you don’t take the Nets in group C I’m going
to go I’m going to go Oh off the reservation Well give me the San Antonio Spurs I know
it’s blasphemy to say okay you know they have such a pedigree and I don’t coach you say
whatever you need to show and I saw you refill that whiskey glass I did get deep in the cups
again shout out to pinballs forty five on Twitter thinks pinball he’s he’s hanging in
there hanging on this first thing has to end at some point they just need Zion tonight
and I’ve actually been surging I like that that’s why you gotta zig when everyone else
is zag and West is more all right we got I don’t know if LaMarcus Aldridge can hold out
for the entire season and it just feels like it’s a good time to get over the Spurs are
gonna miss the playoffs one of these years I’m jumping at this year give me the Spurs
for my second fraud team let’s go to group D group D we’ve got suns pelicans Timberwolves
Pistons bulls Hornets stars off while the Timberwolves have a forever team that I’ve
wanted to back for some reason so for that reason I’m going to fade them here and I make
Zion is going to get hurt and oh no I’m just going to fade the Pelicans I’m not a fan I’m
not a fan of the Zion experience I know I am a fan I’m a mild fan of the experience
I just I think the experience is not a sustainable one I think it’s like you know 48 hours in
Vegas it’s fucking awesome. Well while it’s happening but two days later
you just want to eat some blueberries and take a nap.
I am gonna go with I am also gonna go with the Timberwolves at the beginning of this
season. Coach Ryan Saunders or they seem to have them on board and it has gone real downhill
real quick. They all look miserable now. I can see them really falling off in a very
loaded Western Conference and then I’m gonna go with the Pistons. I think the Pistons go
for broke here. I think they might trade Derrick Rose and
they’re looking to trade Drummond if anybody will take on thirty million dollar and Derrick
Rose is a guy that’s I mean where is this coming from he’s legitimately looking pretty
good. It’s fun to see had he was just so awesome
there for a couple of years like him jumping into the into the key and just going up to
the hoop it was so fun to watch you feel like you’ve got a little bit of that DeRosa magic
back you do. He’s still a really great facilitator and
he’s actually over the past two years improved his jump shots improved his outside game he’s
still a liability on defense but I think that he’s going to be a top trade target for two
different content. It does seem like they could you know they
could tie. Yeah he seems like a great addition to trade in the trade situation. I’m going
to go to the Bulls. I just think the bulls are trash and trash. That organization is
just they’re just such poor management. Yeah. I mean I think top to bottom they haven’t
really figured out whether or not they want to tank because they’re in that weird right
now they’re in the 10th spot. I think they’re just going to lean into the tank a little
bit more here as the season goes along. They have nothing to play for. They don’t really
have anyone any like prospects but they have a bunch of top 10 picks. It’s a weird time.
If you’re a Bulls fan you’ve got to be pretty bummed out. And I like. I think you made a
great case about Pistons trading assets and if they get rid of Drummond and De Rose I
think they’ll really fall off the cliff. So that’s a I’m going to steal that one as a
fraud team. They mean prior to be Luke Kennard not a great spot there.
All right group B plus group kings warriors wizards Knicks Hawks Cavs Mm hmm mm hmm.
I’ll go ahead and kick it off. I’m going to go. I’m married to a woman from Cleveland.
Hi. We watch way more Cavs games than I would like to say and I.
The word is that they’re getting rid of both Tristan Thompson and they’re really looking
to trade Kevin Love if they can’t trade Kevin Love. I think they’re going to shut him down
so I’m gonna go with the Cavs there. I think they’re not going to hardly win any games.
He was like freaking out. Yeah they were bad. What did you think. What was it. You can’t
take the money and then be pissed your team. Yeah. And he’s just pretty much untreatable
but I think that shut him down and I’m gonna go with the Hawks because they have. It’s
gonna be my dog shit. They could not seem to get on track and despite the other teams
in this group all being bad they seem to still win some games. The hawks can even win any
games. Yeah. I’ll pick it up there now plaguing the
Knicks. Now give me the Give me the Knicks again. Just as a as a vote of confidence for
the Kramer FML tour. Yeah you can throw my name on that one and I’ll also go with the
hawks that the hawks are just professionally bad and Trae Young he’s he’s putting up a
ton of garbage stat explain this to me You really seem excited about Trey Young so he’s
fun to watch but he’s shooting lights out. He’s putting a lot of these stats and he’s
complaining that he needs more help and when he said that they need more help.
They went out and got Jeff Teague so there’s a I’m here and a lot of Antoine Walker like
is he just throw he’s still shooting four pointers. Is that what’s going on.
They see some way he thinks he’s Steph Curry without as being without winning like Steph
Curry he’s still really fun to watch and he could still be a good player but they’re not
winning their games this year they look like hot dog shit yeah I would go I’ll go Nixon
Wizards I just know those are like two franchises that have had the the valley below has been
complaining recently this week he’s been oh I will say yes he definitely got a guy.
Yeah how is he still in the team how did they not completely sign an extension and they
can’t trade him into the summer now but I will quote wise guy from my podcast a couple
the NBA has had a couple of episodes ago he said he really likes watching the Wizards
because quote It’s a bunch of college players you’d never think you’d see in the NBA.
Yeah I mean just the Wizards and the Knicks have they’ve just they’ve locked down that
suck corner for a while now so I’m going to throw it to him the slowly blowing up your
team never works. You just have to go all in like the Wizards
go watch the process. Yeah I mean can I ask you a serious question
about the NBA. No. So as we expand the NBA Geely units you know we clearly there’s some
leagues around the world that are quick quick sidebar.
I saw a Toyota minivan with a custom license plate that said Deeley got it. I don’t know
where they’re going if they’re actually if it was a dude actually in the d league or
what. How how far away are we from having the NBA
the NBA who is very progressive very much into the international markets. How soon before
they take the approach of soccer and we just start having relegation because we’ve gone
to a point now where it’s ridiculous. It’s absurd.
The NBA is an absurd sport because it was a two to a dozen of these teams are not trying
to win any games this year. I agree. I don’t mind a I wouldn’t mind relegation happening.
It would be interesting. I just don’t think the money would work out
because anyone yet the TV contract. I mean the Cavaliers have enough trouble selling
tickets. Imagine if they said Now you’re in the d league.
You’re missing the point. They’d have to blow up the whole profit sharing.
Yeah. Obviously there’s a lot to figure out. But you chop it up and twelves and you literally
you have three tiers and now you have three sets of playoffs. You have three NBA. You
know you don’t need seven rounds in four months of playoffs. But maybe.
Anyway okay. I’m a Knicks fan. What is the point. What is the point. What is the point.
What would better sums up and he makes so much money.
And his band sucks. All right. I mean James Dolan. Google. James Dolan’s music. We gotta
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S I M P ally safe dot com slash S G P Well we we walked through the fraud pod portion
of the SEC or the podcast that was fun. That was fun. Knocking out some of the frauds.
Mickey let’s take a look. Championship odds front runners. I love how
you label this on the rundown. Tasty long shots always in the mood for a big big dog.
It’s it’s tough in the NBA because with the seven game series in the playoffs it’s how
much of a longshot can actually hit. But this year it feels like things could get a little
spicy. Absolutely and everybody thought it was a
foregone conclusion that the Warriors were the lock.
Last season we saw what happened longshot Yeah.
What was a long shot with the Raptors. What was Toronto before the season started. Had
it been like 25 30 to 1. I think it was higher than that. I think was
more like 40 to one hallmark before this season. So I remember being on my honeymoon waking
up in Italy and like looking on my phone like 4:00 in the morning and I had I had of course
the Warriors because the Warriors are going to win and I’m just like fuck my wife. What
do you what are you yelling at. I just I just logged on to ESPN game cast on some shady
Wi-Fi here in Italy to see what’s going on and it’s it’s bad news for the Warriors but
I’m totally focused on you there. Yeah exactly. I’m here in the moment so I think that last
year was a great reminder that it can be a long shot and still win.
And this year is more wide open than it has been. And like there’s no huge lock like there
has been like the last eight seasons. So let’s real quick go through the front runners. That’s
three Lakers Clippers and Bucs. They’re like all around I plus two twenty five plus three
twenty five. I would avoid those unless you want to hit the Clippers. I do like the Clippers
where you start getting some better value. You have the rockets. Twelve to 1. Takes 10
to 1. Sixers 12 to 1. Heat 18 20 guys like any of those who you
know I was going to throw out the Jazz real getting those that I’m feeling okay. Okay.
I don’t know. I mean I guess you see the soul it’s like
this is that when you you throw it you don’t wanna have the bad guys.
I would definitely stay away from the rockets I agree with Isaac. It seems like a toxic
situation and it’s not getting any better but hey because I think the Sixers are built
to be a postseason team with their link. Yeah.
We can get into long cock what we think the Sixers should do. I don’t think they should
do anything I suggest that they should stand pat with their team.
Maybe try to get some buy out shooters but not hate them at twelve to 1.
Might he have looked very good but for 88 and Jimmy Butler I love Jimmy Butler when
he was on the Sixers. He’s a guy that just man that I mean that last game against the
Raptors were quite of course hit that triple doink which is probably the city Philadelphia’s
karma for making fun of Chicago for a year straight but he hit that triple shot off the
rim but you forget. He would have been almost a playoff legend because he got that rebound.
He ran it down the court to get the layup to either tie or give them the lead before
that set up the Kawhi shot so that Kawhi shot was just a fucking prayer that he hit. I mean
kudos to him. He played great that entire playoffs but Jimmy Butler is kind of a gamer
and then you have better infrastructure. Yeah great infrastructure Bama bio has just
played out of his mind compared to what people are saying. There’s a good chance he makes
the All-Star team this year. Kendrick 9 came out of nowhere as a rookie. He’s looking really
good. Tyler hero great shooter. They got Duncan Robinson now great big white shooter. I can’t
tell the difference between those two guys on the floor.
So I mean it’s not just other races I can’t tell the difference between its other big
white guys in then in the NBA that I can’t tell the difference between so I do like the
heat at 18 to 1 I think that wouldn’t be a horrible I think they could pick up an extra
piece. It’s fun.
Your brother’s fun here. Here you lose loser the Sixers now and that dude end again. He
knows they’re soft. And again your time is that. I mean playing in Miami. That’s NBA.
I mean NBA players in Miami. That’s always that’s always gonna be tough little little
hanging over your hanging out in Miami for two games in a playoff series. I was gonna
be going out a little bit. I was gonna wait to bring this up but I will
say that Miami right now has the best against the spread record at home.
That’s because every NBA title x ray hit up the strip clubs and they cannot. They think
they can’t play the next day. So I don’t know how that’s going to change in the playoffs.
People get more serious but so far at home they’re covering the spread.
Seventy nine percent of the time Jimmy Butler don’t fuck around those circles.
Also they are tied for first in the league on games going over which I think that happens
because you go to the strip club and you’re never playing defense at the strip club right
now. You’re also often you’re just saying Come
on ladies come the enemy and now we’re pushing back and you forget and you don’t play defense
the next day. I feel like I’ve played defense a couple of
times at a strip club where it’s like I don’t know about the back room.
You know you’ve got you’ve got to play you’ve got to find that rhythm Yeah but if you had
as much money as an NBA player you would have at least yes. Let’s go to the backroom.
It would probably be a different strategy. Exactly. Going into the strip club yet formula
as far as long shots. Sixers they are built for the playoffs 12 to 1. All right throw
them in their heat. I like the heat at 18 to 1. I do like the heat and or are we forgetting
about the Nuggets. Is it because now we’re getting into them
and takes long shots. Oh here we go. We got the Nuggets a 20 to 1 Mavericks at 20 to 1.
Jazz at 20 to 1. Raptors at 38 to 1 and Pacers at 50 to 1.
The nets are 200 to 1. Yeah can have more than that extra. All of these hours are courtesy
of my bookie that. The Pacers are crazy on this him. I mean again I think this Utah team
they have a legitimate home field advantage. They have a legitimate team. I think there
are I like them. I fancy them over Denver to bring it back to the nuggets that show
we’re bringing up a hundred percent of. I’ve actually put money on the Jazz just recently
at 20 to 1. Really. Yeah. Because I think that they seem like OK.
So my column was out for a while. They were having trouble at the beginning of the season.
Then my colleague got injured and they surged. They look great. They’re like running the
offense through Joe Ingles And there’s something about like teams doing weird things that you
got to really like watch out for and when it comes to the postseason because other teams
can’t figure it out. So I really like the jazz to make a run. I
really like them at 20 to 1. Oh yeah. Maybe. You guys are making a good
case for the jazz but I’ll stick with nuggets as another longshot because the Joker he’s
kind of been up and down. See. Do we ever get the full story of what was going on with
him it seemed like there were some personal stuff. We never got the full story is kind
of out of shape but it seemed like there was some mental stuff going on.
He seemed checked out a lot. He was said well he was kind of out of shape. He’s always been
on this shit. He never looked in shape. Yeah yeah yeah. He plays Amazing minutes. Yeah.
And for a guy who doesn’t seem to look the part like he’s not the what he he’s he’s not
on the all walking off the bus team. Yeah but again I was in the building this
year for a game he played and he just he somehow just stays on the field on the court and he’s
critical to that team. So he has to and he’s doing it at altitude so I. He’s an impressive
dude considering he’s like he just looks like a rec league.
He. Yeah I absolutely agree with you. He looks like a guy that your dad would be playing
against. Why is the elite. However. What gives me pause about the nuggets is still
they had problems with their number two guy Jamal Murray in the playoffs last year. You
know he just didn’t rise to the occasion. I just don’t see him being a strong enough
second person. I guess I guess my my counter to that or at
least why I would kind of like them at 21 feel like they got some seasoning. You know
they didn’t. I think they lost seven games. So yeah. They didn’t they probably didn’t
quite meet the expectations but at least I feel like they got some experience.
And it’s hard to make a huge jump. It does feel like in the NBA you got to win like get
to the second round before he can actually win the championship.
It doesn’t doesn’t happen out of nowhere and maybe the Nuggets are that team because they’re
not going to really I don’t know you guys have watched backup Porter Junior yet but
he was a rookie last year and end up getting injured and was out all season pretty much
moot. And then now he’s just coming back and my months giving him minutes and he looks
outstanding. I know I see him as being a real big X factor
in the playoffs big time recruit played like well like three games in college Yep hilariously
and then have injuries. But I will give you guys the pick that I really
like that I put my own money on earned from sports gambling podcast. The cycle continues.
I like the Pacers that are 50 to women. Wow. Here is why.
They have been the double dog. They’ve been playing good basketball not great
basketball solid good basketball. Brogdon has the better than anybody expected when
he was traded or when they didn’t resign him Milwaukee and he came over to Indiana and
then Sabonis He is like Pascal Sciacca was a big reason why Toronto one last area Sabonis
he’s doing much better than Zach and was playing last year I see that Victor Oladipo if he
can come back and be at the All-Star level that he was at before he got injured it might
take him a few weeks doesn’t out of this they’re gonna make the playoffs even if he doesn’t
really start to come into form and tell the playoffs he can if he can get anywhere close
to what Kawhi was that during the playoffs last year the East is not strong and a you
know like Milwaukee gets a little banged up or something yeah easily slip in and then
anything happen once you get into the finals as we saw last year at 51 one why not put
a couple of bucks on it I like it Mickey why did you pull up the listener questions I’m
gonna talk to the audience and Cramer about Hawthorne dot c Oh yeah I have a little expression
I’ve coined here and that is smell good bet good Cramer Where do I hate going lots of
places CBS exactly CBS Walgreens you heard about my rant giving into it with one of why
I don’t want to go to the ball to try out cologne shampoo body lotion I don’t I don’t
want to go anywhere to do that I want to do it online Hawthorn got a sweet little system
you just fill out their little quiz you even pick like what kind of drink you like obviously
I chose whiskey and then they match a scent for you they give you a cologne conditioner
shampoo bottle. I have dry skin. Well I’m throwing that out
there I’m coming out of the closet and dry skin guy.
I go to moisturize but it’s like my wife has cocoa butter I’m not going to wear that I’m
not going to I’m not going to put on cocoa butter so bruv meanwhile I get a nice masculine
whisky better yeah. What I don’t remember what they called it
but they personalize it for you it’s pretty awesome you don’t have to go to the mall again
why shouldn’t you smell good right you’re. I’ve had I’ve had periods of my time where
I’ve not worn deodorant it’s not a good idea you should have deodorant why not have a customized
deodorant they don’t have to go to the store to buy Hawthorne dot see oh they hook you
up it’s really easy you just take a little quiz whatever you want and you can do the
subscription thing it’s enough to run out to Walgreens you don’t have to get in a fight
with one I mean I’m convinced have my picture behind the counter Walgreens I’m no longer
welcome there this is perfect. All you have to do is head over to Hawthorne dot SEO not
dot com that’s Hawthorne with any dot c o. Use our promo code as sheep you get 10 percent
off your first purchase HP w t h o r any dot c o use our code SGP get 10 percent off deodorant.
Conditioner shampoo whatever it is don’t. Come on you’re already to generate there’s
gonna be some moments in your life you gotta get your shit together smell good yeah just
be presentable you’re hanging out and watching 16 hours of March Madness you may want to
go out on a date or again the key to a good relationship pretending like you give a shit
if you have some nice smelling stuff on you. Your wife a lady friend or or whatever you’re
involved in they’ll be like wow they care. Or at least pretending to care which exactly
I genuinely care. Women’s minds yes. Making some sort of an effort. You’re not like Kyrie
on defense you’re actually trying to make an effort and fans of the NBA and women they
appreciate the effort that came and said there they hate. They also hate how they don’t called
travelling. It’s another thing that really gets under women’s skin is is that natural
in traveling. Kobe and women hate when they called traveling. All right. Listener questions.
Let’s listen. English first listen and question. This one
is gonna hit home for Sean. Dan Decker from our slack chat. AL Yeah I think he’s a fellow
Philly guy. Yep sports gambling podcast that slacker mom moves to join in.
What should Philly trade and do with Brett Brown. Fire the NBA.
There’s only three good coaches. So if you’re not one of those three good coaches
you’d just you get fired on a three year cycle or a Shaq regularly says on TNT. Coaching
is a matter at all. I thought they should have got rid of Brett
Brown maybe like a year ago after that after that playoff series with the Celtics.
He’s off the top of your head how many seasons. Brett Brown has been the coach of the Sixers.
That’s a good question. I would say five of the top man at seven. This is a sad realities
in Jesus. Yeah. Well the first long WoW has the Sam Hinckley. Who is still seen with.
There must be some. There must have been some like some handshake
agreement or Hey man your win loss record for your career as a coach is gonna be completely
fucked. And he’s like he’s got that weird history lacks I don’t know.
Okay. All right I’ll do it. But okay all right but Joel he’s gonna be good OK. We’re going
to trust it so you don’t really know if he’s good or not.
But what I’m seeing right now is you’re not figuring out how Simmons and Embiid can play
together. You’re not you’re just not figuring out how to get the most out of those two guys
but when their freedom now. Or do they wait until the end of the season. You’re giving
you’re letting this version of it run out to the end of the season. I don’t think you’re
there value on either Joel or Ben. I don’t think it’s going to dip so much that it more
into trading this now like the East this is really pretty open still run this out. And
if they get to the Eastern Conference finals or to the NBA championship you re-evaluate.
But if they don’t get to the Eastern Conference finals then you definitely Firebird right.
I agree. I think it’s like you kind of hang on to him.
But again Ben Simmons should be trying to shoot threes. Brett Brown has press conferences
where he just says Can you shoot a 3 1 per game. I shoot 1 3 per game in my rec league
basketball. You know why. Because it gets people to come out and guard me. Otherwise
they won’t guard me. It’s really that simple. And you’re not a great three point shooter
here’s one of you shoot one a game. They’ll cover you.
Here’s Brett Brown rabbis we have it. Wouldn’t need just goes out and yells at the press
like Can he shoot a 3 a rather than my wife. When churches yell in the middle like can
you put your shoes away. She’s not really talking to me. She’s just like putting it
out into the universe. Yeah. Hoping for the best. Yeah. Exactly.
I think that they should run this out with Brett Brown. Like there’s not a better coach
out there that you’re going to pick up if you cut him. So I would running back and they
could I think they could go forward with the pieces that they have other let me throw out
a possible trade. What would you think about them giving up on Josh Richardson to the Pelicans
if they can get back some kind of right with some maybe draft pieces holiday Jrue Holiday.
I always liked your holiday and JJ Redick and cage shooting I didn’t like that he was
still living in Brooklyn as the 76 are just sipping his cold brew and being a true hipster
working for the ringer but the guy hit some nice threes and helped stretch the court.
I wouldn’t mind that I think do some small trades like that but don’t blow up the Simmons
and beat nucleus until we run it out to the end of this playoffs. I. That’s what you have
to do. I mean you couldn’t. You can do a hot take and say trade Joelle but I’d trade Joe
for where’s he going. Someone throughout Earth’s Harden for Embiid
And that’s kind of interesting because it totally reshapes your team but well imagine
Russell was broken jaw well and even the same team feel like a WWE tag team on the personalities
would be fun and the ringer they threw out and bid for like Clippers pieces like if you
were to get to some combination of like Lou Williams.
The problem is Philly loves Embiid right. So and the fans love and be like he has a
real connection with the city Philadelphia and the fans he’s noticeably more popular
than Ben Simmons. So I think yeah I just think you can’t trade that guy even with his injury
history. I agree with you. I think that you should
run out this year and then reassess. But if you if you don’t get your conference
files you have Brett Brown has to be gone and then maybe you give another coach one
year to see what they can do with him beaten Simmons.
But you’re seriously looking at you got to make some sort of change. Yeah I think if
he could look to trade justice Richardson for some shooters that’s good. But other than
that don’t make major changes and see how this year runs out. All right. Our second
question. Last question. Rivers city smokes from Flack channel do wizards trade Beal where
should he go now. As I mentioned earlier this. They can’t trade him until this summer because
they signed an extension. However I think by the summer I think everything looks totally
different. But the Sixers will be a great destination for Bill yeah.
It really would. I mean it’s interesting. I mean yeah like is Ben Simmons. What’s his
role. Where does he go. But yeah Bill would be nice.
I mean I always Bill works really well with Simmons and Embiid because he can stretch
the floor. I think if they could get rid of all other pieces besides Simmons and BD and
you to keep Matt he’s liable. He looks amazing. Yeah. As a rookie and they could give up everything
else get Beal there stretch the floor that would do if I could.
I always wanted them to get C.J. McCollum because he went to Lehigh and of course he
beat Duke as you famously as you guys know but Beal could he could be fun there. I don’t
know if I would have to look at the contracts but there’s probably crunching numbers. Yeah.
Dual mill tabulating get out the abacus. I think I’ll get rid of Tobias and Hartford’s
contracts. They could definitely swing it. Yeah and Horford he’s proving value now with
Embiid being out and but other went beads there like he’s just not getting much points
but and really having an impact. But I do think Hartford’s impact could grow in the
playoffs. Okay. I think that’s really what they brought him in there for all right.
Those were those antiquities. Awesome. Nice. Nice work losers. I definitely planned more
content than I feel like we’re going along now. So where do we go next.
Well I feel there’s a couple things we got to hit on one. Dwight Howard. What the fuck
is he actually. It seems he’s gonna be in the slam dunk contest.
It seems like he’s found a home in L.A. where he’s not destroying the team and being a cancer
I think he’s finally on a team where a bigger alpha like LeBron he’s willing to leak he’s
been humbled enough with his horrible horrible sins as he actually got in shape and he’s
willing to like take second banana LeBron and just play a real player. Well he looks
good. I don’t want him in the zone. You don’t see
how this is part of the Kramer FML tour. Years after I drew Kramer a huge a huge early
adopter of Dwight Howard. A little bit too early. Yeah. Was just all
in on Dwight Howard for a long time. Used to Destroy me.
Oh 2k I announce I I’m leaving the Lebron I’m leaving team LeBron I announce that I’m
not getting involved in this Laker shenanigan bullshit and what happens Dwight Howard proves
he’s a competent member of a basketball team did that happen that like you want to talk
about long shots. He was the he was the. What’s the opposite
of the linchpin that was him. He showed up to a locker room and that was
that and all of a sudden Dwight Howard is like a member of the community again when
he they brought him on. He wasn’t even get like a full contract. He
got like a tester. That’s how low he had fallen. I think he wanted to humble him.
He is hoping Cam Newton through his transition. That’s really big of him. So.
They’re both they’re both finding their way here out in Los Angeles. OK there is one amazing
hilarious story we have to get to and we’ll save that put before we oh when we get to
that. Oh my goodness. We’re going to talk about
oats overnight. What is oats overnight. I thought I when I first heard of votes overnight
I thought Oh my God this is people who need their oats right away. It’s a little different.
You take the they’ve a little packet of votes. You put it into a shaker you mix it with milk
or almond milk. I’ve been doing mine with almond milk shake it up put it in the fridge.
Wake up the next morning. You let it out overnight or whatever the OTM process is wake up. It’s
a it’s a delicious nutritious shake high in protein low in sugar gluten free cream. You’ll
love this they have a vegan options. I know. And my wife’s that my wife’s out of town and
she’s normally the one who makes breakfast cooks up some eggs or something like that.
This is perfect when she’s out of town. I don’t want to cook my own breakfast. I’m not
going to do that. Overnight. Super simple. Just put it in the fridge wake up it’s ready
to go. You got a long ass commute. When I was driving to Santa Monica I would sleep
in as late as possible wake up get my cup of coffee and then get my cup of overnight
oats. It’s legitimately delicious again like I said
super nutritious. And get this the founder of oats overnight is a professional poker
player. Oh he’s played some of the largest live steaks in the world. You know like playing
Phil Ivy’s room for years develop the product to optimize his morning routine. CRAMER When
we’re out in Las Vegas for March Madness you many times have said like OK we got to remember
to eat at oats overnight. Perfect solution for that is just drink it like a shake. The
flavors are great. I just said maple pancakes today blueberry cobbler a favorite. Again
it it’s super easy. It’s not if you’re into meal prep way easier
than that highly skilled trips it integrated that. Yeah. Why not. I’m going to bring some
oats overnight to Las Vegas. You’ll see me there with the shaker bottle and you get that
free on your first order. All you got to do is head over to oats overnight dot com. Use
that promo code SGP of course you get 10 percent off your entire order. Of course the free
Shaker bottles super easy. And maybe you’re thinking Oh I don’t know maybe it’s not for
me if you’re not completely satisfied. But I’ll give you your money back. It’s risk
free. I’m going to do go to oats overnight dot com use the promo code SGP 10 percent
off your entire order. Sean you have the nerve to make fun of soy.
Yes. And you telling me you drink almond milk. I do.
Well are you not a fan of protein almond milk I think pretty high in protein and I don’t
I mean don’t don’t bring a knife to a sword fight.
I mean I haven’t run the numbers on Vogue’s one of the worst worst books you can drink
for protein. So you’re not getting enough protein. You’re
right. I’m sorry you have to supplement with that crap meat that you eat from those fast
food restaurants. All right. I just I love hop on board. Although I did eat some meat
with you guys. Yeah I mean I’m a mostly plant based primarily plant plant. All right.
Not an ad but if you’re in L.A. maybe you don’t know.
Oh I highly recommend majordomo. Great food. You get to eat meat though. Speaking of does
he live in L.A. still LA mellow ball. One of my favorite NBA stories of the year. You
pointed this out to me Mickey we’re talking about this the other night. Yeah. Walk us
through this story. It’s amazing. All right. So the Malvo the youngest brother
of Lonzo Ball has been playing in the Australian league. He is. He didn’t want to go to college
to play smarter. Yep. And as he’s been making money and you know
his middle name is I don’t LaFrance Melo brand. His name is La Melo La France. Ball that is
the better story. When I was a man so he said he recently came
out that he is going to shut it down in the Australian league because he’s going to get
ready for the draft and a weird little tidbit that they put in this story is that he’s going
to not only shut it down and recoup but spend more time with his horse who is also named
le Melo. The difference is it’s le Melo in all caps.
Well let’s say you know that’s how you don’t get them confused. They move over Mr Marlow.
How do you name. Now this isn’t a racing horse correct. This is just say hi.
I think when I first told you guys about this story I did not think it was a racing horse
but I am I read further and it’s a he wants it to be a reason.
I don’t think it’s like anything it’s like a thoroughbred who you’re not gonna be seeing
them yellow in the Kentucky Derby next year. We’re not going to see him over at saying
Anita. No I don’t think so. But yeah I think he’s
going so Gronkowski has his own horse. The headline is love ball quit Australian league
is spend time with La Melo is. God. Imagine quitting any sort of professional
sport in any sort of level to spend time with a horse named Dave. It’s amazing.
Paul’s personal manager Jermaine Jackson said the player will focus on rehabbing from injury
and spending more time with his racehorse. You don’t shut down a professional basketball
career to hang out with a racehorse even if no matter how good the race is he a horse
trainer. Well he left he grew up in L.A. There’s all
the horses around here now. Very few native L.A. horses running around.
Oh my God. I will say that you know he’s gonna be a top
draft pick and I feel like just NBA players are bad at naming animals in general because
there was another. I’ll throw this last story in. We were just
talking about Josh Richardson and a story just came out on NBA Twitter that he had some
when he was living in Miami. He had some wild iguanas living in his back Zodiac pens and
NBA guys. Yeah.
Doesn’t go one while ago. And here is what he named them. This is a quote from him. Well
there was Terry who was the first one. When I moved there. He was like their he was like
this little green one like light green. Then there was oh gee Larry because he was really
big. He was like big like dark green and big spikes on his back. So he was oh gee Larry.
And then it was Berry who was just real skittish. He would just kind of run around and piss
me off and that’s it. That’s that’s the three. Oh my God Larry. Oh I’m sorry. Terry Berry
and. Oh gee Larry couldn’t do any better. Thank you for participating in the first game
and I guess we said it all. We did it all. Make sure you subscribe to
the NBA odds pod subscribe dot the SGP and Dak for the sports human podcast. I’m Sean
stack in the money green and he is Ryan the jockey who rides LA Melo named Usher you can’t
make this up. And it looks like he’s ridden in one race
and finished in 10th animal heaven. Kramer let it ride oh la Melo.
How did we go for Wonderland like it.

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