100 thoughts on “Mustard – Ballin’ ft. Roddy Ricch

  1. I swear i didnt know this was roddy,he sounds like 3 different area flows,this sounds like an artist from florida,specifically tampa,the box sounds like an artist from atl

  2. I was listening to this when I got the news about Kobe. Now this song will forever trigger that memory. 😢
    Damn. RIP ❤️

  3. There's really something in this song that reminds me of Kobe and the Lakers' championships in '09 and '10. Rest easy LEGEND, you might be gone but your story'll keep inspiring people forever 💜💛

  4. You can’t say “two twins” and then say “I’m fkn them both”. If you fkd two twins then it means you fkd 4 girls

  5. When I was that young age about 10 or so, I was playing 456 and craps. I'm native we used to gamble settlement checks. 2-12 grand on single rolls of dice at 10-12 years old. We earned every penny though and worked our ass of so it was ours to gamble cash, horses, cars, land. To this day I'll still gamble everything except my old 1980 Ford truck. Hearing this young man reminds me of my hustling days. I digress with an edited comment, y'all take care.

  6. I love this song rich shit man makes u think before u got rich . I’m rich rich and thank GOD that I’m blessed and now never stressed look at me then and NOW I did that and the time . I’m ain’t never going broke

  7. “I had to go through the struggle I didn’t forget that” -anyone who is successful and had a chip on his shoulder.

  8. Justin Bieber: 2020 will be my comeback year! (*and begs his fans to stream the song on their sleep*)

    Roddy Ricch: ee er

    Justin Bieber has left the chat

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