Mondays with Sumlin: Talkin’ UA Offensive Line

all Chicago sports try my best I’m reason bud go with the swamp cooler man alright thanks a lot my friends don’t look now but coach Kevin Sumlin in the Arizona Wildcats are in first place all alone in the pac-12 South so no surprise it this week’s Monday’s with some ‘ln gathering the Arizona football coach was all smiles as Arizona gears up for Washington at home this Saturday let’s reflect on the Wildcats last outing apart from the defense coming up big down the stretch God again props to quarterback Khalil said he had a record-setting day on the ground and Colorado two years ago and this time around tape would throw for a career-high four to four yards in the 35 30 win but those statistics wouldn’t be possible without a strong offensive line right coach something you know coming in the last year last season that was probably the biggest question mark on this team right it started last year basically because you had a true freshman you had a walk-on center and guys it really hadn’t played much in you know say to their veteran group meanwhile its pac-12 media day for women’s basketball and the Arizona Wildcats took center stage it at least in our minds here in southern Arizona the preseason media poll coach Adia Barnes ender Wildcats chimed in as number six Wildcats have all their starters returning this season from a squad that swept through the WNIT and route to a sellout McHale Center I saw the Arizona’s crown as champs here’s Arry McDonald and TT sparks in San Francisco at the pac-12 studios today it’s just fun we had fun everybody had fun doing it you know it was a great experience but you know we got some big stuff to accomplish we were happy for the NIT but we were not satisfied like the retainers are coming back much hungrier in the championship if it oblate that’s where we’re going for this year a coccidia bars in the cats open the exhibition season October 27th against Eastern New Mexico hey we’re far from over with after the break more sports including the major league baseball playoffs will to son Hayden photographer Saguaro High School standout Alex better lougle come back from injury with enough time they get on the Dodgers roster again more sports partners you’re more fun after the break [Music]

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