Minnesota vs Michigan State | Spartans All-Access | Men’s Basketball | January 26, 2020

– [Sideline Commentator] And
a pleasant good afternoon to everybody and welcome to the Barn. Williams Arena one of the classic venues of all of college basketball. And the Gophers have a
really good basketball team even though MSU had a
pretty solid performance in East Lansing 17 days ago against them winning them 74 to 58. – [Sharp Commentator]
They get to come home now, and have for them what
might be a revenge game after not looking good in East Lansing. I agree this Gopher team
could be very very dangerous; Michigan State has to play better than they did in Bloomington, otherwise this road trip
will be a bad one at 0 and 2. (intense music) – [Bold Commentator] On the
break Malik Hall gets a pass from Cash, lays it up and it’s in, and that’s your first 2 of the game. – [Play-By-Play Commentator]
The spark hits the other way. Watts is a rocket as he
motored down the floor to Henri and he uses the glass. – [Color Commentator] Long shot,
long rebound, no one puts a body can they capitalize right here? – [Play-By-Play] From his spot. On his own! Henry with a pilfer, end to end! And that’s vintage Michigan
State, 16 to 9 our score. Over twelve minutes gone
in the opening half. Great rebounding on the
offensive boards by Hall, out to Winston for three! And Fatino needs a time-out. – [Color] Michigan State,
one thing you wanna do is to get the crowd out of it early. That’s how you come into
a hostile environment and take control of the first half. – [Play-By] Tillman! Off a
beautiful dime drop by Henry. Keeping it alive, Winston
will pump it again, count it! And a foul on Carr. Brown, beautiful cut and feed. – [Color] And it’s paid dividends
by kicking it out to the corner to Gabe Brown
for a knock down three. – [Play-By] Gabe Brown, 7 points all this half, 44-33 our score. Outside to Henry, nothing but nylon! Tre Williams was late
getting over defensively. 49 to 36 the lead blooms to 13 it’s the largest equaled
from the first half. Great ball movement, on to the wing Watts rattles it home. – [Color] Jim, the good teams
just know how to respond. – [Play-By] Do they ever. They hold Minnesota under
30% from the floor, Jim. 70 to 52 our final score.

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