Mexico’s national enduro champion: Homero Díaz

[Soft music] Enduro is, for me
the perfect connection between machine and nature. It’s a fusion of both things being two very different things. Nature is something very green and I guess, as machines, or as my motorcycle, is something very gray. Then, I feel this is a very strange mix. [Soft music] When I go without practicing
my sport for a while, a sort of anxiety develops in me.
It’s something I miss. You have to start riding your motorcyle
again, in order to return to your normal mood. My mood completely shifts when I stop riding my motorcycle.
It’s like a drug I need. [music] When I’m on my bike, I feel like… it is like sitting down to have breakfast everyday, at home. I feel so perfectly at ease I don’t feel the pressure,
there’s no stress at all. I feel more relaxed on it, than
in any other place in the world. [Hard rock music] I’m Homero Díaz, enduro rider,
and I’m a Red Bull Athlete.

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