Man shot dead after argument at West Side bar, police say

Thank You max also in this morning homicide investigators have quite a few questions for a couple of people in custody they say they are suspects in a deadly shooting overnight at a Westside bar it happened in the 1300 block of Bandera Road near Northwest 36th Street Katrina Weber is at the scene of that murder with a live report so what do we know about the victim in this case Katrina well we were told he’s in Menna de star not releasing his name just yet I did speak to a worker here at the dragon sports bar off-camera and he told me that he does know the victims name and that he’s someone who frequents this business now he says that that victim was involved in a what he called a minor argument with someone else inside the bar but the worker says that dispute ended peacefully still he says he had a feeling it wasn’t over a short time after they left he heard gunshots ring out when police arrived around 2:30 this morning they found the victim dead near an ice vending machine in the parking lot next door they also found the suspects a short distance away on Callahan Road and they took those two people into custody and police did say that they are suspects in the murder they say they also found the weapon involved in that killing reporting live on the west side katrina webber case at 12 News

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