100 thoughts on “Live Updates: Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

  1. I wish that all of our military troops would get this much attention when they are killed in battle fighting for their country , it seems that they aren't that important enough

  2. I cry when I see kids.not eating.and to lose.a child.in anyway.is.heartbreaking God planes are not rollercoaster rides helicopter dam Kobe

  3. IN MY MIND…… Kobe died of a broken heart before that plane ever hit the ground, just knowing that his baby was about to die too. Being the kind of man/father he was— he would have died a million deaths if that's what it would've taken for Gigi to continue living. This is SOOOO heartbreaking. #RipMamba

  4. The things that get me know is that we will never see Kobe court side with his family on National televised games , no more interviews or podcast, and also the end of real traditional fan player haters that nowadays no one will hate as much a player as Kobe because of his diligence Dang I could just imagine being Natalia just going to sleep and won’t wake up playing with her little sister in the morning 😭. God I pray none of these things will ever be close to any of my family members. Amen 🙏🏼☝🏻

  5. True genuine pure hearted person one of few that walk among us he was larger than life and he embraced us all❤️missed but never forgotten RIP TO ALL INVOLVED IN THIS HORRENDOUS TRAGEDY

  6. I want to cry but I think Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant doesn't wanna see our face sad because of them

    We'll never forget your legacy


  7. Unfortunately I don't know Kobe but my condolences to him & all the victims. Sadly, the worst must have been the familes & friends to go through this today & the future. So sad. xx

  8. Ah Jeez, “yes we can try to get you there”, weather? “We have the best man and machine” really? They both look old!!! “Nah, well maintained both with lots of flying hours” I have my daughter with me and friends and their kids, are we good? “Oh yeah, for sure, I expect an uneventful flight” “I see your money is good, hop on.” Some days it’s best to walk away while you still can. Sure it looked okay with what you got, but weather and ATC made flight eventful. Everyone was lazy, pilot and ATC, the people in back rather you cancel. For me once things start going sideways, I change. First was ATC. second was weather. Third was ATC. Forth was weather. Change the flight plan, go sit somewhere. You said you would try, these are thing beyond your control. You don’t have to apologize to people in the back.

  9. It's ok to mourn for the lost of Kobe and his daughter, but lets not forget about the other 7 people men, women and children who were also on the helicopter that day. They may not have accomplish something like Kobe did for people to recognize them, but their lives are also lost. I hated when most news outlet say today Kobe Bryant and 13 year old daughter Gianna had die in a helicopter crash along with 7 others???? Really they have names and are just as important to other people as Kobe was to the NBA fans and his family. It's sicking when they just pass them of like they were not of importance to even be mention. I hope you people that mourn for Kobe that hard also do so for everyone who lost their life that day. No one life is more important regardless of what they have accomplish. Lets treat them all equal.

  10. I really don't no what to say I miss this man so much one of my favorite basketball players to all time boi and his his daughter that is so sad tho😭


  12. This is the saddest moment ever this month on Kobe Bryant perish away even his daughter.
    I felt heartbroken on unexpected old legend tragedy. Tragedy struck on news. R.I.P Kobe Bryant and Gigi. Memorial honor on whole great achievements.

  13. This has been a very hard day on the streets selling drugs and being productive. I’m sure I’m not the only one 🇨🇴

  14. Kobe was my favorite player. I used to say "Kobe!" Every time I shot a basket or paper ball throwing. I'm a girl and I respect gianna soo much. R.I.P🙏

  15. You know she used the N-word and you know she lied to cover up her racist acts, You have terrible journalist working for you, last month it was Epstein you covered up for, this month it is racism. CBS. SHAME ON YOU!

  16. Kobe jersey number 24 his daughter number 2 add it together…(26) kobe die on the( 26) day LeBron James jersey number 23 he pass kobe on all times scoring list to the 3 spot if add that together you get (26 )again 666 🤔

  17. I hate it but legends of chamberlain heights cartoon showed kobe dying in a helicopter the same way back in 2017. This is no coincidence “entertainment” industry along with other organizations run off of rituals and sacrifices to maintain power.

    Why do you think so many celebrities that died or events that happen is predetermined. The Simpson predicted lots from trump, twin towers, homer killing prince, the list goes on. We live in a wicked world you must understand

  18. Kobe, I had to blink twice but it really is you. Man your gonna be missed by us all so greatly but never forgotten, you were a living legend and you know what they say, legends never die.

  19. Calm down everyone…he was just a basketball player. Doctors/scientists die everyday and no one cares so what's the deal?

  20. So, is it 1. "Kobe Bryant "killed" in helicopter crash" or 2. "Kobe Bryant "died" in helicopter crash"? because it sounds like someone behind it based on the word used.
    Correct me if i'm wrong.
    "Died" is to lose one's life due to injuries sustained or to natural causes from within.
    "Killed" is to lose one's life due to an outside force or act of another.

  21. It’s so sad with their youngest newborn, she won’t even know her sister, or remember her dad. 😭 R.I.P Legend, 2020 has already been a bad year.

  22. Murdered I predicted they would do this before their red carpet show. Gematria showed me so. Just a Dove told me this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szEFks-E8Zo God has me watching you all an leading me to build weapon to get you all. Robert New's

  23. Here are the most recent videos about Kobe Bryant’s death and tributes😞 #ripkobe https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWRYjemGCaXRzhgb79OLaZQwmK6OgOjrl

  24. Fake news 5 people it was 9 this is why I watch fox news because all is fake news CNN fake news whatch fox if you want the true news

  25. bakit kasi walang parachute kahit yan helikopter lagyan yan ang ano kasi nyo dapat nilagyan nyo wala na ang idol ko putik yan nakakak lungkot tuloy??

  26. Not just talk about KOBE Bryant. Talk about the other too, or what?
    *** If you dont have nothing you worth nothing?????
    Is that what you all saying
    There were 5 other people too

  27. Something positive maybe he got away from the crash and lost his phone and is just lost in the mountain maybe it was another helicopter.

  28. his death hits different, especially when you realize his 13 y/o daughter died with him too ❤️🕊 fly high Kobe and GiGi 😔 and also the other people who where on there 💗 my heart goes out to the family and friends of all of the victims 💔

  29. Why does the NEWS
    keep wording it as
    "KILLED" & NOT as
    "Accidental Death in the
    Helicopter!??" in my
    Opinion it seems like
    The OFFICALS are playing DUMB,They know
    It WASN'T ACCIDENTAL & more like coverups….
    So much lik Whitney.H/
    Her daughter bobbi.H &
    PrincesDiana's.. DEATHS
    …we all know it wasn't
    more like coverUps

  30. When you'll say kobe Bryant killed you'll sound like he was murdered, why not say he died in a helicopter crash. Stop trying to brain wash us choops

  31. My comment may never be seen. But may you all live life to the fulllest. You went down but may you rise up teach us all your beautiful ways. R.I.P. All on board you are loved!!!

  32. Bruh it was so sudden, my mind can’t even process his death. It seems so unreal and I’m too shocked I can’t even cry and it’s so sad…😢

  33. Why was the pilot Even flying under those conditions. And I know Kobe knew better than to get in aircraft in that kind of weather. It's just tragic how this ended..

  34. I think Kobe Bryant may have been God no no no wait if he was God he wouldn’t need a helicopter to fly the other people would be dead but he would still be alive

  35. I was driving Saturday night, I told a friend it felt like San Francisco low fog, my high beem was on all night. If it was bad on the ground the night before early 9am by the hills would be all white. The radio instruction to the pilot was to fly below 25000 feet use the freeways as guide, at 14000 was fine but at 12000 was too low the radio said but lost signal, the pilot prob was following order to follow the freeways , felt suffocated cant see but blanket cloud he prob thought hes still along the freeway looking for the line of the road below but hit hills… the radio said go along the 5 then the 118 fwy towards the 101 fwy so my instinct would be to go lower if im blinded by the cloud but hills came fast instead of expected freeway road as tge guide… Anyway that means it was a surprise 30seconds no agony just quick death I hope 🙁

  36. https://youtu.be/L7V2gjcTOxY

    This came out on the 23rd.
    I could find no other reports about it.

  37. My condolences to all families and friends impacted by this tragedy. I am an NBA fan but I had no real clue how deep Kobe Bryant was as a human being until I started to view the media coverage surrounding who he was as a man. His philanthropic efforts, values, intellect, curiosity, commitment to continued learning and personal development, combined with the love for his family, zest for life and achievement all appear to be even more impressive than his legendary NBA career. The take away here for me is while life is indeed fragile, unpredictable and seemingly unfair, Kobe’s strong character looks like it has surpassed his record-breaking basketball accomplishments. Now that’s a good look! You’re so loved and so missed Kobe Bryant. R I P Black Mamba and all souls that perished alongside him including his baby girl.

  38. This accident happened on Sunday when there shouldn't be bad traffic jams on the roads. The distance between John Waye Airport and Mamba Sports Academy would take no more than 90min. Given such a bad weather condition, why risk human lives to save 45min?

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