Leo Varadkar: Britain and Ireland see pathway to possible Brexit deal

I think it is possible
for us to come to an agreement,
to have a treaty, agreed to allow the
UK to leave the EU in an orderly fashion
and have that done by the end of October,
but there is many a slip between cup and lip and lots of things
that are not in my control. I’m sure you appreciate
that this is a very sensitive issue and
we’re at a very sensitive stage at the moment.
So, I won’t be able to go into too much detail.
I think sometimes at this point in negotiations
or discussions, the less said, the better.
But what I can say is that I had a very good meeting
today with the Prime minister and our teams together.
Very positive, and very promising.
I am now absolutely convinced that both
Ireland and Britain want there to be an agreement
that’s in the interests of Ireland and the United Kingdom
and the European Union as a whole
and I do see a pathway towards an
agreement in the coming weeks. There are of course
issues yet to be fully resolved.
The first is the issue of consent and democracy
ensuring that any long-term arrangement that
applies to Northern Ireland has the consent of
the people of Northern Ireland. The second is
the whole issue of customs ensuring that there
is not customs border between north and south,
and also with a good discussion
looking forward to how relationships might look
after Brexit. How we can strengthen
cooperation north and south, economically and politically,
and also between Britain and Ireland.
You know in terms of how long it will take,
I can’t predict that with any certainty.
But I think all sides would like there to be
an agreement next week at the Council,
if possible. And obviously there is
a further deadline after that, which is the 31st of October.
So I would say a short pathway rather
than a long one. But it’s impossible to predict
that for sure. You know in terms of
concessions, I don’t think this should be seen
in the context of who’s making concessions
or who the winners and losers are, I don’t think that’s the
game any of us want to play. What this is about is
securing an agreement that works for the people
of Ireland and also for the people of Britain and Europe.
And if it works, for the people of Ireland, what it means is
avoiding a hard border between north and south, that’s always
been our primary objective, ensuring that the whole island economy
can continue to develop that north-south cooperation
as envisioned by the Good Friday agreement can resume.
Those are our objectives and this has always been about achieving
those objectives and I think today they can be achieved.

92 thoughts on “Leo Varadkar: Britain and Ireland see pathway to possible Brexit deal

  1. I look forward to our late private meeting in Soho tomorrow night. I have reserved the room with silk curtains and suede sofa.

  2. Well Theresa May bunged the D U P a couple of billion of tax payers money, I expect Boris has promised the Irish government the earth to get what he wants. Probably money well spent in the long run.

  3. Absolutely NOT!!! There are many other reasons we can't have a deal with the EU including our Sovereignty, our Armed Forces!!!

  4. Ireland is now a tool, even a weapon, of the EU. Varadkar doesn't care, he'll be rewarded with a future on the Commission.

  5. Don't want a deal… UK needs to leave to much trechoury within politics…. Deal means a Election to revock 1972 act all ties cut.. UK legally left 29th march

  6. Treaty of what? UK leaving without DEAL. People voted to LEAVE. For goodness sake just Leave and get rid of chains of Brussel. Become FREE country.

  7. Ireland position in the EU,won't make sense if their trade with the UK is in any way hampered. The EU and Ireland and UK all now it brexit, then Irexit will give the EU tyrants nightmares.

  8. If you understand Porish (posh Irish), he said that Boris is a complete Muppet and we don't trust him one iota and will not be doing a deal on his terms. Now Feck Off !!!

  9. Look at the gbp rates..! They are going up!
    What’s the catch? Eu will not agree on Northern Ireland! There is no gov in northern Ireland!
    Did Uk bribed Varadkar?

  10. I wonder if this is all a con. A way to let Boris save face, when he asks for an extension, "we're so so close to a deal, but need just a little more time. It's only sensible to seek an extension, in the interest of the country, yadda, yadda."

  11. Not so smug anymore. Not summoning Boris to Ireland either. Looks like his knees are sore from crawling over to to the UK.

  12. So this is now the moment when Farage steps up on the stage and claims that he does not want any version of Mays deal.

  13. The Irish are petrified of a clean break brexit – so naturally right-on-cue, with the deadline looming ever closer, they come running..

  14. I don't get it. Merkel and Barnier said that they didn't see any resolution. Then all of a sudden, Johnson has some kind of amazing meeting with Varadcar today. Wtf is going on?

  15. I struggle to understand Irishmen and their Irish accents, it’s so monotonous until they hit a FOOK in the road. If you know what I’m FOOKIN’ talking about.

  16. So what happens to Irish nationals living in the UK after Brexit?
    I read in the news today 10/10/2019 that EU Nationals will be deported?

  17. I am happy when Britain and the EU are finally separated! Great Britain is going its own way with Trump without us! And Britain feels free for a moment!

  18. the pound is getting stronger already at mention of deal,hope the remoaners shut their stupid mouths and accept defeat,its called democracy.

  19. the prussians! their in versailles! the cossacks are wandering their horses in the seine! we can hear the prussian cavalry in mombarte!

  20. Recent news of post Brexit Britain's running out of toilet paper on one side and images of Ms Merkel as Star War's Palpatine on the other just make me wish for a quick drop of the Tzar Bomb right in the middle of everything.

  21. Looks like NI gets a backstop that it keeps it in the EU. Looks like England, Scotland and Wales are leaving the EU. Now brave plucky little England can get all of those mythological better trade deals. Enjoy your shrinking economy lol

  22. I think Varadkar is being played here along with the EU and the British parliament. I think Johnsons plan is to get the EU making all the right noises that a deal is on, get it voted on in the house of commons and then slow walk the following required legislation to get beyond the exit date, this would get him his no deal and he would avoid the benn act.

    The way to stop this is for opposition Mp's to put amendments onto the bill, compelling the government to enact the bill immediately ( provided they spot the potential trick).

  23. Watch his eyes flick about all over the place when he say he does see a pathway….he is lying….I smell a con trick on the way…..Some southern Irish blarney…..They will use this non-breakthrough as a reason to extend Article 50….We need to leave on October 31 without a deal or Boris can hand the keys to Nigel….

  24. Brexit: Varadkar says new agreement 'possible' by end of October after talks with Johnson – live news ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2019/oct/10/brexit-latest-news-boris-johnson-varadkar-corbyn-no-deal-would-put-lives-at-risk-says-former-chief-medical-officer-live-news

  25. Next elechon vote brexit party don't trust boris there all trying to pull the wool over our eyes we won't wto wto wto wto walk away and brexit

  26. @all European nurses, doctors and skilled workers: come to Germany! We respect you, we need you too and we pay in Euros! + closer to home 🙂

  27. The UK Government has reneged on a promise to EU citizens, as a minister threatens EU citizens with deportation if they do not apply for settled status after Brexit.

    The UK Security Minister, Brandon Lewis, announced that EU citizens who do not apply for settled status by the end of 2020 may be removed from the UK.

    “If EU citizens have not registered by then without an adequate justification, the immigration rules will apply,” Lewis said.

    Critics said the minister’s comments suggested that the government was planning to renege on a promise to EU citizens.

    If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, EU citizens need to apply to the settlement scheme if they wish to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021.

    About one million of the estimated three million EU citizens in the UK have yet to apply for settled status, Home Office figures showed.

    The 3 million, a group representing EU citizens living in Britain, said many EU citizens in the UK were unaware of the requirement or were simply refusing to register for settled status, as a protest against Brexit.

    There is concern that there could be tens of thousands of EU nationals in the UK who will fail to apply in time, and that older and more vulnerable EU residents may not be aware of the need to secure their rights.

    Moreover, the Home Office has been accused of misleading the public over how successful its EU Settlement Scheme has been.

    The Government stated that only two applications to stay in the UK after Brexit have been refused and insists that the system is working well. However, new analysis suggests more than 7,600 applicants have not been granted permanent permission to live and work in the country – settled status – or temporary leave to remain – pre-settled status.

    Britons now understand that the economic and political freedoms they had hoped for during the 2016 Brexit vote have morphed into a future of uncertainty under Mr. Johnson’s push for a no-deal.

  28. Hubris,
    describes a personality quality of extreme or foolish pride or dangerous overconfidence, often in combination with (or synonymous with) arrogance.

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