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okay if you sent a midfield ballers
out there okay we’re going to learn a Xavi Hernandez move okay and what he
does here is he’s going to cut the ball either with the inside of the foot or the
outside of the foot the principles are the same but listen to these tips so
this shows the move foot okay okay so we need to explain this a little bit right
so if as I said the midfield player a player chasing you down what works is
that chabi will run quite fast he’ll accelerate away and what happens is that
the fender stays with him and because he cut and knows when to turn and the
defender doesn’t it gives him this space where he can kind of pivot on the ball
after the cut and then basically face forward and make his pass because you
know he’s a player that likes to pass the ball and not keep holding it too
long so what he’s doing here is actually giving him the space to play okay so
step one all right what we’re doing is if you’ve got a player on your side
you’re going to run into that space and when the player catches up with you
you’ve cut the ball with the inside of your foot let’s go okay so you cut and what happens is because I can’t stop
as quick as him I’m creating space alright
and then when he makes the cut it’s kind of like a pivot or a scoop on this spot
alright so we show that again so cut step two and he turns and faces
because me as a defender I’ll be further away and that gives him the space to
play the past all right so let’s do that again step one is the
cut defenders God okay and then he pivots on the spot and he’ll make his
pass to his left or his right or wherever he wants to go okay so the
second thing we want to explain is that you can also use the outside of your
foot to do this now if the ball was chasing again just be aware of where the
player is because with the outside of the foot you don’t want the player on
the same side really as as the foot that you’re going to use so if I’m on the
left hand side he probably wants to use his right foot if I’m on the right hand
side it probably wants to use his left foot so it’s shielding the ball so
here’s what we do so he’s chasing the player down and he
turns like this okay but what he needs to do is he needs to be aware where the
player is and what we’re trying to say is the principle is if you’re running at
speed and the player is catching you that’s when you can cut and change
direction quickly because I’m as the defender is not I’m not going to turn it
equipment quickly as he is and that’s going to allow him two or three yards of
space it’s going to allow them two or three yards of space to turn and then
players pass so guys I hope you enjoyed the video if
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  1. استمر حبيبي واني همينه انزل فيديوات مال كرة القدم

  2. Well another scheduled video that YouTube released after it's set to schedule at the wrong time.
    Anyway folks hope you enjoy this simple skill.
    Remember to plug in your right earphone, for some reason STRs camera has a fault on the left side of audio channels.

    Also check more of STR out here


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