LC Day of Giving. 24 hours. 5 buckets. $100,000.

This… is no ordinary bucket. This bucket holds books, beakers for science research and experiments, and opportunities to go around the world and get a global education. This bucket holds more books. As in a whole library of books! And these virtual books and academic journals for papers and research… and even the less academic ones. It also holds what students need most: financial aid that opens doors and changes lives. This bucket holds balls, and bats, and equipment that make 19 varsity sports possible. It also supports the awesome people who support other awesome people, like trainers, coaches, and that guy. This bucket holds… [record scratch] chickens?!
[clucking chicken sound effect] No, no, no, this bucket HELPS chickens and other animals defend their legal rights. It also holds even more books…. Big books. And study guides, and contracts, and help writing those contracts, and even some more financial aid. This bucket holds paint and brushes to help people who process life through art. It helps people kick addictions and it teaches those who teach future generations how to be inclusive and just. And in case you were wondering, it holds books too. So in conclusion, just to reiterate, these are no ordinary buckets. Which one will YOU give to? Check back on March 4th for LC Day of Giving to fill these buckets and unlock a $100,000 match.

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