Lamborghini Aventador challenge 3: the drag race

So to recap on what we’ve done so far with
our pair of Aventadors. On week one, we showed you how
far and how high they could jump. On week two, we found
out how much noise they make. And this week, it’s all about
how fast they are against one another. So, you didn’t think we were going to spend a
day with a pair of Lamborghinis without staging some kind of drag race at some stage, did
you? So here’s what happened when we did. So I need to put it in corsa, then I need
to switch the ESC off. Now I need to pull both paddles at
the same time, foot on the break, select first gear, thrust
mode possible. 3. 2. 1. Go. Go. The coupe hits 100 in 6.1 seconds. The roadster
in 6.2. That’s purely because the coupe weighs that
little bit less.
Which should, in theory, help it even more in
next weeks last and final showdown, which is on our favourite high speed handling course,
otherwise known as the snake. So, same time next week then.

58 thoughts on “Lamborghini Aventador challenge 3: the drag race

  1. Hey Stevo !
    im still waiting for that test McLaren vs btcc Civic vs bsb cbr1000 !!!!
    both the video and the magazine review.
    hurry up please, thanx mate !

  2. They both have a jet-plane feel to them (that cockpit!). What's not to like? In white, with silver wheels…really pops.

  3. AMAZING! I cannot wait for the inevitable slow motion footage in the next episode. The Aventador is probably the nicest looking car ever made!

  4. What else should they do? I know we all make it sound so simple: "call Ferrari and make them send an F12" or something, but it doesn't always work out so well.
    I'm sure if they haven't already(and I'm pretty sure they have) there are full road tests and reviews being written for the website and filmed for the channel if you're looking for something more conventional.

  5. 6.1  0-100mph isn't bad…R/T got it at 5.8 and a 2.7 sec 0-60mph with a 1/4 mile of 10.4 @ 136mph…love them both steve, this is why i subscribe and buy the magazine as well 🙂

  6. That looked ferociously quick from Sutcliffe's seat. Nice. Always amuses me watching journos faff around trying to get the best out of the cars that they're testing with launch control. Press this, put that in mode such and such, hold the other for 5 secs, pull this, put your foot on that, rev to this etc. Whilst marketed as track derived solutions (that in reality are designed to broaden the appeal of sports cars largely to the lazy and clueless), these semi-autos aren't half becoming a bigger pain in the backside to manage than a manual shift.

  7. coupe is faster because it has a roof.
    not having roof increases number of small ''turbulences'' there fore reducing overall aerodynamics just enough to slow the car down for a rather hard to notice amount, but we can still see it in the video above

  8. The Aventador is the only supercar whose excelleration from standstill is so violent that the front end actually lifts a bit off the road. Love the footage at 1:00. Must feel like being launched on a rollercoaster.  

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