100 thoughts on “Kylian Mbappé Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  1. I usually just fast forward this videos till the end jst to see how much they spend and who spends the most 🤷‍♂️😂

  2. I’m pretty sure Mbappé is richer than most of the rappers that came on this show but he only spent 1226$ (yeah 1200 is a lot but for someone like him it’s probably nothing)

  3. U most know that boy take 150k weekly just from his club without counting how much they added to his account when he scored goals and give assists, and how much he take from sponsoring… 😣😣💲💲💱MONEY TALK BABY💥

  4. hey i'm french, here in los angeles and more particularly in the usa you have no jealousy against people who have money.

    In France this video is frowned upon. thank you united states

  5. C'est bizarre c'est une vidéo française et je vois que des commentaires en anglais je comprends.plus la faut m'expliquer 😂

  6. when you took french in highschool so you add it to your resumé but then there's an actual opportunity in which you have to use your knowledge of it.

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