Krispy Kreme Challenge 2020

2,400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1
hour. Welcome to the annual Krispy Kreme Challenge, the ultimate test of physical fitness and gastrointestinal fortitude. The challenge started out as a
dare between college friends when they dared each other to run two-and-a-half miles to the nearest Krispy Kreme, eat 12 doughnuts and run two-and-a-half miles back, all in under an hour. I’m your host, AnnE Ford, an NC State
student who prefers to live vicariously through other people in all
events that involve running. Let’s get started. Have you done anything to prepare for today? -I ate a banana.
-They’re a dollar a bundle. Have you guys ever eaten 12 doughnuts in one sitting? I have not, but I have eaten 12 tacos in one sitting. Do you think that compares? I’ve eaten 12 bananas in one sitting. Do you think that’ll help you? I think it’ll translate. Probably, right? This is year 6, baby. Guys, we’re here at the Krispy Kreme Challenge, I just found a dinosaur. Have you ever run the Challenge before? Are you good at eating doughnuts? Do you think you’ll throw up? All right, so what can you say, guys, the
dinosaur’s taking home the crown today. How many have you eaten so far? Well, I’ve only eaten a half-dozen, but I don’t want to eat another half-dozen. Last one. -Are you going to make it back?
-No. -Are you going to throw up?
-No. And here we have the graveyard of doughnuts past. -Are you going to throw up?
-Nah. Let’s go. I got this. Here for the experience, baby, let’s go. You could do that in three bites. Ready? One. And that’s a wrap on the annual Krispy
Kreme Challenge. Thank you so much for joining me. Once again, I’m your host, AnnE Ford, and doughnuts. Good night.

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