Kean Athletic Training Students Take the Field for the NFL

Here at Kean University, we’re offering
our athletic training students real-life clinical experiences that will help them in their healthcare
professions. We started an agreement with the New York
Giants. A student will go in during the season and
also during the off season. They go in once a week, possibly two, working
with the professional athletes. This internship with the Giants is going to
help me separate myself from others because working at the professional level, there is
no room for error. There is no room for laziness. The only time that I really sit is to eat
my lunch, and even then, we’re kind of talking about what treatment we’re going to do next. We want to give them as much experience as
possible when they go out onto the field once they graduate. We’ll give them a high school setting, a
college setting, which are more traditional, but we also cater to what the possible needs
are as far as athletic training as an industry is today. I work as the athletic trainer at Westfield
High School. I have 31 athletic programs and I’m responsible
for 1,500 kids’ medical needs after school. The athletic training program at Kean prepared
me very well. When I was here, I got a lot of clinical rotations,
and by the time I left here I had a lot of experience with contact sports, noncontact
sports. I even had an internship with the Redskins,
helping out with water, helping out with treatments. It was a lot of good exposure. We’re the only profession that’s actually
there when something happens, and we take it all the way through to the final end, for
when the athlete can go back out on the field again. An athlete, when they get hurt, they’re
not coming off to their doctor. They’re not coming off to get an immediate
x-ray to find out what’s going on. They’re coming off to us. They’re coming off to us emotional, hurt,
frustrated, and it’s our job to calm that down, and at the same time, figure out what
the injury is. Is it life threatening? Are they able to go back in? All while having coaches, parents, fans, breathing
down your neck. You still have to able to perform a concise,
fast, thorough evaluation. My office is a football field.

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