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Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. And it’s product
review time again. The folks at KASP sent me their athletic knee sleeve, so let’s check
it out. These are not your ordinary knee sleeves. What I really like about these is you can see straight off that it’s a 7mm neoprene material. So it’s not just like those normal
knee sleeves that are just really thin and kind of do a compression, these are, I would
say, in between a regular knee sleeve, and those hinge braces. So it’s not gonna give
you quite the support if there’s hinges on each side to prevent you from tweaking that
knee, but it is thicker where it’s gonna give you much more support while you’re working
out. Something like cross fit, even if you don’t have an injury, if you’re just trying
to protect those knees a little bit. Or weight lifting, power lifting, these are probably
gonna be what you’re looking for. So I’m gonna put them on, here we go. Boing! And they’re
on. I can feel some very nice compression with these sleeves. As soon as I put them
on, I feel more supported than just a regular knee sleeve. Now the ones I’m wearing are
a size large, and I want to mention that because usually with other things, I’m probably a
medium. So they have a nice size chart for you to check out, so make sure you measure
your knees before you order these so you can get the right fit for you. I like how they
have the little extra compression here, so the don’t slide up and down. I really feel
like they’re gonna stay in one spot. And if you’re doing something like cross fit where
you’re moving, powerlifting doing lot s of jumping and things like that, you want it
to stay in place. You don’t want to start moving and then end up having your sleeve
down by your ankles. So I can tell just, you know, kicking a little bit, doing some squatting
type things, that they’re gonna stay in place. They feel nice and comfortable, I feel that
warmth that they’re, you know, protecting those muscles, kind of keeping them loose
and warm. So when I’m doing big powerful things, they’re gonna keep those muscles nice and
warm and protected. It is nice cause they come in a pair. A lot of times when you get
sleeves, you just get one, but these do come in a pair. These are really nice also because
you can was them in the washing machine. If you’re working out really hard, you’re gonna
sweat a lot, so that’s nice that you can keep them clean and not have to have them stinky
while you’re working out with them. So again, it’s not hinge braces, those kind of things
where maybe you had an ACL injury or something and you want to prevent your knee from going
side to side. It’s not gonna give you that kind of protection, but it’s gonna give you
a lot more protection than just a normal knee sleeve that kind of gives you the compression
and that hug feeling. This is what I call a super hug. So I really like these. If you’re
doing some higher level type things, these are probably what you want to go for. So if
you want to find out some more information on them you can go to KASPmedia.com If you’re
interested in purchasing them, you can go to our website at AskDoctorJo.com/products
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you like it click the
like button, and remember. Be safe (protect those knees), have fun, and I hope you feel
better soon.

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