Jim & Tim coming to Double J Sports in Joliet

Have the polar vortices got you down?
Tired been trapped inside not being able to spend quality time with your three
closest friends on a Friday night? Well, for the next three months we’ve got
you covered… …In March, it’s Jim &Tim at the Double J Sports Bar on the 14th… …In April, it’s Double J Sports Bar with Jim &Tim on the 11th and in May, it’s Jim &Tim at Double J Sports Bar on the ninth… …I cant stop talking like this…YOINKS! I had an idea, but I lost it…It’s that cold! Can’t get your friends to come out? Don’t
worry, the Double J Sports Bar has libations, beautiful women and handsome men. Stop! Reverse that! So come on out to the Double J Sports Bar,
where the music starts at 10 but the party starts when you get there. This is a production of Jim & Tim, Double J Sports Bar has no knowledge of this, so don’t blame Jeff.

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