Improving Athletic Performance Training For The Washington Redskins

– Sparta has helped us out. It’s a dynamic assessment,
basically what it is. Measures how well they’re
pushing into the ground, how well they can transfer,
and how well they can finish, so it gives us instant
feedback on what the athlete needs for that day as far as correctives, what we need to do as
strength staff to help ’em out in their program.
(mellow electronic music) So it helps us out as
strength staff to help, not only prepare their
cards, but also help with their correctives
before we start our lift. – The thing it does for us is it allows us to talk across all lines, from athletic trainers to sports science to strength and conditioning
staff in one verbiage. You gotta be able to assess, then you gotta diagnose and then prescribe. And we’ll follow a guy
throughout the year. And as we can see their
scores going up or down, we’re able to shift and make changes. – ‘Cause those numbers change. It can change daily. Hutch and I meet about it. My staff and I meet
about it and we go over, what’s the best case for these guys? What can we do to help prepare them for the lift, for practice? Football comes in and we
got collisions, you got hits and you gotta make sure
they feel great and they’re prepared for that
physical, stressful game. – Big thing with Sparta
is it gives you the on time, it’s live. This gives something,
feedback, right away. Within 90 seconds you can get feedback and a guy can get going on
what he needs to do, right now, without putting things in a spreadsheet. It’s there and we can
make changes on the fly. (mellow electronic music)

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