Ice Cross Skate Park – Red Bull Freeze 2013 Japan

In ice hockey, you aim to shoot the puck into the goal, but for Red Bull Freeze, the aim is ride the course and clear jumps, I really liked the differences between the sport and this event.

100 thoughts on “Ice Cross Skate Park – Red Bull Freeze 2013 Japan

  1. ok so there doing freestyle……why do u need an actuall hacky helmet….just wear a normal protective one….no ones takin slapshots

  2. when i see this, I ask myself: why is redbull completely ignoring the aggressive inline sport?
    thats not cool!
    well, I guess this is the closest thing we get on this channel…

  3. holy sh#t i thought about this concept for years! and BAM they did it! and someone landed a flatspin, this just made my day!! THANK GOD FOR RUD BULL!

  4. well sure inline is under appreciated!, but still this (as a inliner) should look pretty fokin sweet to you!! i inline and like crashed ice big time!

    freestyle ice skating is gonna be big!!

  5. I had an idea for making ice skateparks like this since I was 6 or 7. It's very cool to see it actually happen!

  6. Hi can you contact me the owner of this event im a rollerblader extrême sport and we have a good product to you… !

  7. Pero, si es rollerblading con patines de hielo, no se… para… para que, si hay skateparks donde se puede hacer lo mismo con rollerblades, además la idea de de hacer rollerblading con patines de hielo me parece peligroso. Bueno, ha sido divertido y curioso de ver.

  8. Almost as gay as the fact that all your videos are call of duty videos. Really just respect it as an extreme sport mmk?

  9. You're an idiot. There were no backflips in this video. You've got to be pretty fucking stupid to think that those were backflips

  10. I hope this gets in in europe, i thought about this many times while skate parking, and i really need to try that!

  11. Count me in. I will dominate. Been training for this for 5 years. Finally. Opens up to a whole new kind of skater. 

  12. why didn't you guys invite some pro rollerbladers? They would have given you a worthwhile show… and no lame hockey gear. 

  13. blah blah fucking blah. i thought this was going to be a video of skating, turned out to be a bunch of cunts talking about skating.

  14. Ah man, I wish I could have been around to see this. I used to live in Sapporo and I love the area this was shot in. Let me know if you ever go back to Japan and need a translator!

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