Humber Athletics – Humber International Student Ambassadors 3MT

Hello everyone! Did you know that Humber has Athletic Center with gym and Sports? and the best part this is for free for
all day students including you international Hey don’t stay there! Come with me I will
show you. Our gym is equipped with a complete cardio room where you can burn
calories, release your stress and build a healthy lifestyle. You also have access
to a weight room to give your muscles a workout and improve your strength. And if need a
little push to achieve your goal we also have trainers to help you out. As the
student here at Humber you are eligible for a discount with a personal trainer.
For those that enjoy exercising in group the fitness center offers a wide range
of classes from yoga to Zumba, cardio boxing and much more. The classes are
offered Monday to Friday. If you prefer to play sports you can use our three
courts in the gymnasium to try some basketball, volleyball or badminton. You
can borrow the balls at the gym’s front desk We also have open outdoor playing
fields where you can try outdoor sports and if you are still finding excuses to
not exercise what if I told you that we have an indoor pool right next to Humber
Athletics? They offer free swimming during selected time for Humber students
and staff. For those even more into sports and willing to play on a regular
basis we have a wide variety of competitive and non-competitive sports
at the intramural and extramural levels In intramurals, depending on your skill
level, you have the opportunity to learn and play sports against other Humber
students. The intramurals usually start at the beginning of the semesters. In extramural, full-time students can participate in sports competition against other schools The team representatives are selected from open
tryouts Now if you’re already starting any sport
and want to join varsity you came to the right place
Humber is recognized as having one of the best sports programs in Canada our
athletes are extremely successful across 20 different varsity teams. Check the
Humber Hawks website in the description box below to see the scheduled tryouts On the same website you can find information regarding all the options I
mentioned before including the operating hours of the gym. You can also go to one
of the Athletics office either at north or lakeshore campus or you can call them
at this number right here I hope you have a lot of fun! Bye!

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