How To Restore & Protect Custom Dashboards – Chemical Guys Natural Shine

Welcome to Detail Garage. So today we have this cool slick car from this unknown company of some sort. This car was used in television. I think they made commercials or something out of it. Pretty old car and we are here today to preserve it. We are going to preserve it using Natural Shine. Now Natural Shine has UV coatings that’s going to help enrich this cluster and these sensitive plastics on this vehicle. Like I said, this vehicle has some age to it and today we are here to preserve it. So the UV blockers in this are going to deflect the UV harmful rays that are going to make this plastic and this trim right here fade over time from being parked outside or even being exposed onto any sunlight. So, easy way to apply it… is to put some on your microfiber applicator. A few drops. Now I can go over the steering wheel right here, this, it’s all made out of the same material. This has a new car smell, so it’s gonna be smelling really good. As well as it’s going to have the benefit of a UV protectant. So you can see as I’m going over it, it’s giving it a nice dark look because this was drying out. Let’s add a little more. I like spreading it out with my finger that way I don’t glop it on there. That way it doesn’t get messy. I get a nice even coverage out of it. Hit up the whole dashboard. This is the area of the vehicle that get’s a lot of sunlight and dries out and causes it to discolor. So we want to make sure to protect this area. So know that I worked Natural Shine into the dashboard and steering wheel, some people like letting it sit on there for a while, I like letting it sit on there for a while to make sure it works itself into the plastic and into the material itself. After a little bit, it’s always a good idea to go over it with a microfiber towel. I like doing this to get off any excess. It also gives it a nice very low shine. Natural Shine itself has a very low shine. It’s not going to give it a very glossy, very greasy effect, it just darkens it up a little bit and makes it look good as new. The whole point to using Natural Shine on a vehicle like this is to preserve it. To bring back color. To basically make this car as good as new. This car is from the 80’s. It did age a little bit. It shows that. The technology behind this car is a little weird too. And when I got in it, it called me “Mike” for some reason, I don’t know. The car is looking great again. We protected it. We protected it from the sun. So if the sun shines through, it won’t fade this plastic. This car is perfect. If you like this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up. If you want to know more about Natural Shine go to If you haven’t already done so be sure to subscribe. We’ll see you guys next time.

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