What up guys today we have pogba a guy that you guys have been requesting a master of skills a master of shielding and of course a master of surprises And today we’re gonna. Do let’s give you guys a few tips on how you can incorporate some of his great stuff into the game Let’s go Pogba tried a lot of things before football. He just couldn’t seem to fit in Woah,Thank god Paul’s on his way Oh, there’s Paul there. He is mr. Pogba Strings when I hit to say this to make a professional first Paul we’ve been really happy with your work here But we’ve had some complaints about your handshakes and your greetings So I’m going to practice a proper handshake Paul. Can you do that for me? All right good job. Take it slow You got it He’s done he’s fired Oh We’re starting off What is most likely pogba’s best? Attribute his ability to shield and control the ball in tight space under pressure If there’s only one thing you take away from this video It should definitely be to improve on your shielding the way pogba puts his body between a man and the ball is Key to how he’s able to hold off so many defenders his closed ball Skills are definitely helping him out, but if you can understand this principle you can incorporate into your game You ain’t got to be 3,000 feet tall like him watch How we first feel for the defender the more he struggles to reach for the ball the more control we have over the situation as They try to get around you this gives you all the information you need on where the spaces Is of course not a problem when more than one defender comes to pressure you switch from one defender to the next using your body To shield and your quick feet to find the space that you just created Really use your body slamming into the defender and keep the ball at a legs distance as much as possible The balls up under you the defender can hit it away and get you off balance stand your ground They can’t go through you and if they do It’s a foul just a quick note pogba has excellent vision and very accurate long ball It’s something the majority of players in the field are always gonna need to improve on and we made a video that goes in-depth on how to expand on your vision and improve your long ball and our play like Pirlo video so check that out if you want to Go more in depth now Here’s another part of homeboys game that allows me to gather spaces that some players just might not you might have noticed that when skillful Players are stuck in the corner. Even if it’s 1v2 They sometimes get out, and you would think that that shouldn’t happen But it definitely does it’s not always the right option to drill but sometimes it’ll completely break down the defense if you want to improve on this and you have to learn to watch the second defender because he’s The one that’s gonna tell you what to do both the defenders are relying on each other and when there’s a miscommunication You can split them or even block one defender out entirely if the second defender dives in and that’s your way out but if he comes to contain then you have to choose a new path whether that’s a nutmeg or a Split you got to have excellent close ball skill to take all more than one defender, but it’s part of becoming a creative Attacking player don’t be predictable. Take smart risks and go with the defenders if you want to put them under pressure Once again, we have some crazy sick videos on volleys and shooting out of the air so make sure to check those out pogba hit some some bangers over the last couple of years And if you really want to get better at these there’s no Substitute for practice because in the game you have to be decisive and quick check out one of my favorite finishing drills where the goal is to sell the ball in the air and a tight space and quickly finish you can make it challenging by limiting yourself to two or three touches if you really want to improve on volleys then this is the Type of drill you just straight-up have to do Alright guys that was play like pogba, but if you guys would incorporate that stuff into your game Then you know you’ve got a tray because that’s what it’s all about and of course make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe And if you really wanna go for that extra mile,then you are gonna have to put in the work


  1. Hi olu can you do a video specifically for leftbacks to include our movement on and off the ball when we need to attack or when we need to just sit still and wait and don’t go beyond the halfway line
    That will be most helpful for this year already using all your vids for my progress

  2. how do i join academy? I'm 13 i think i'm good enough. I play Division 2. I Score About 0.9 goals a match. So i usually score 1 goal every match. Do i have a Chance? Btw i'm from Sweden.

  3. Play like Zlatan Ibrahim or the most successful Man U player Rommelu Lukaku pr even Gabriel Jesus or Harry Kane or Kylian Mbappè

  4. How can I stop my foot from bending at the last second before striking the ball even when I do keepie uppies I can't keep I straight

  5. what team do you play for
    hope you'r vids help me become a pro
    player like you are also it it ok if a want to
    talk to you a bit where ever you want facebook twitter

  6. I'm 13 years old. I want to get in an academy for playing football further, but the only problem is that I live in India. What should I do???
    Please tell!!
    Your reply will mean me a lot.

  7. This is random but have y’all ever been in a match and you glance at the other opponent and they look like they know how to play but once they touch the ball there utter garbage

  8. wtf do you guys live in Lenexa, Kansas… I work at Sushi Uni which is in that same strip as that Ibis baker lmao

  9. im a defender i know how defenders behave and what theyre going to do so if youre gonna make vids either stop telling your defenders to go easy for the vid or get some actual baller because it doesnt matter what position you are if theyre not sticking out a leg how do we know what to do it was genuinly frustrating watching this i hate fake ballers no one has learned anything and anyone who does it similar to the way you did will get tackled every other minute

  10. I'm a right back and I really need to learn some advices/tips/skills. Can you do one on Hector Bellerin? "How to play like Hector Bellerin"

  11. Hello I am Rohin hassani and I want to teach me all skills of ronaldo please if you make it .iam happy from you thanks

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