– Well good morning,
Adam Bazalgette back here in Naples, Florida, at the
beautiful Club at Mediterra. I’m two-time PGA Teacher
of the Year Award winner down here and founder
of Scratch Golf Academy. I wanna talk to you today about a subject just about everybody’s
interested, how to hit a draw with your driver. Stay tuned. (lively music) Okay, so hitting a draw with your driver. I’m gonna show you a close-up in a minute so you get a sense of the geometry of it. It’s not at all complicated, but I’ll give you a little
refresher course on that, hope you find helpful,
and then I’m gonna give you some strategies as
to how you can start to put that in your game and swing. If you find this video
helpful, and I hope you do, please subscribe to the channel, would love to get you lots of this free content coming along. So let’s have a close-up
look here so we get a sense of the geometry of of a draw. So what is the geometry of a draw? Well it’s simple, really. This tennis racket’ll help illustrate it. If that’s our desired target line, your club face, racket
face, has to be aimed to the left of where your swing is aimed. If that’s the case, you will
curve the ball to the left. Now I’m assuming solid
contact there, obviously. And the bigger the degree of difference between club face angle
and swing direction the more curve you’ll get. It just takes a little fooling around and playing around to get the feel for it. I’ll touch on that later. Now, let me encourage you in something. This is not impossible. This is isn’t rocket science. A lot of people have been
stuck slicing the ball for so much of their golf life they just feel like it’s a holy grail. It isn’t, if you could
take a tennis racket and hit a little topspin lob, a little topspin forehand
I guess you’d call it, you can draw a golf ball. Just takes a little bit of practice. So remember, swing path more to the right. I’m exaggerating a lot here. Club face relative to the
swing path aim to the left, and you fool around with
it, then that’s your draw. Now let’s have a look at some strategies as to how you can get this in your game. Okay, so how are you going
to start to implement that? Now I’ve been teaching golf
full-time for nearly 30 years. I worked with Leadbetter for
15 years, or nearly 15 years. My point being, I’ve had
a lot of experience trying to help people draw the
ball, and I hate to say it, a lot of it wasn’t that successful. But I hope I’ve learned
a little bit going along, and can benefit you from
some of what I’ve seen. Now here’s what I’m getting at. The best thing I can
recommend when you’re starting to hit a draw is you’ve gotta start to create the correct club
face swing path alignment, create the correct curve first, and then start to create the
correct swing path second. Just mentally that’s a lot easier to do. If you’re a slicer, it is so difficult to get yourself to swing
more from the inside if you’re already battling
the ball going right. I’m telling you, you’ve got
the get the ball curving first, even if it’s left,
and then start to sort out the swing path. It’s a lot easier. So let’s see how we can do that. So first thing I would do, remember, and I’ve said this on
some of my other videos if you’ve watched them. We are not talking about
a slash of the hands to close the club face. We’re talking about closing it that way. So as you come in, you
have to turn the face, not get out of control with your wrists. So let’s practice that on a little scale. And I would hold it up
in front of you, turn it. Now we’re gonna make a little swing and turn the face a lot. And I should hit like a
little low, squib hook. (club hitting) And you can see that
ball just kind of squib off to the left there. Once you’ve mastered that a little bit, and do it on this scale. Again this is another thing
I just can’t emphasize enough when you work on this,
based on my experience. Do it on a small scale, and do it with a relaxed, playful mind. Make mistakes and learn from mistakes. When I say mistakes, fool around and exaggerate it a bit. If you just try to take
information and just plug it straight in and try to hit great shots, it’s so difficult, mentally,
to get on top of it. Start small; be creative;
develop some skill. So, next thing we’re gonna do. I know I ramble on a little
bit with these videos about, if you listen to
my videos about how to, you know, be creative
and soft with your mind, and not try too hard, but I cannot emphasize that enough. So next thing, you’ve now gotta get to where the curve isn’t so drastic, regardless of where it starts, the curve is very moderate. So let’s try a little swing like that. I’m just gonna try to turn
the face a little bit. (club hitting) That was a pretty
moderate amount of curve. Started a little bit left. And then of course, once you
get a good feel for that, the next thing you’re gonna
feel is your swing path. I don’t wanna tackle a whole lotta stuff in this video, and make this
long and tedious for you. Got lots of stuff on plane and swing path on our videos, but just as a simple one, what I would do, is I would put my hips
forward a little bit, imitating an impact. I’d create a little bit of
this side tilt in my body. Square stance, there’s my little tilt. And you can see how this
affects my swing path, at least on a small
scale to go to the right. Now I’m not suggesting you set up that way for a full shot,
’cause it would restrict your backswing, but it
mimics a draw shape impact. So, bump the hips. Feel a little tilt this
way of your shoulders, and start making some
small swings that go more on this type of a direction. And as you can, work the face again. If you start curving it to the right or, let’s say, failing to
curve it to the left, go back to just working club face. So let’s aim a little bit to the right with our pre-set hip. (club hitting) Now that’s a shot of
probably, oh, 120 yards. Had a nice little draw to it
that started to the right. Like anything, hey, if
there was an easy tip, tuck your right elbow in or whatnot, I’d just give it to ya. But you’ve gotta develop skill. It’s not that difficult
to do, I promise you. If you can play table tennis
and hit different shots, you can learn how to draw a a golf ball. Hope this helps you. I hope you found that helpful. Get you started with the ideas
of how to draw your driver. If you found the video
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aspect with your driver. Hope you’ll do that. Thanks again for your time and interest. (lively music) (mouse click) (mouse click) (mouse click) (mouse click)

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