How To Be Athletic Ep.9

what’s going on YouTube if you man your
brother today I’m gonna do or continue the series how to be athletic and this
is gonna be episode 9 got a lot of stuff for you guys coming make sure to LIKE
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a half year is different bunch of stuff the got stuff like tire flips backflips
sprints farmers walks and carries and different kind of lunges and whatever we
have there for you guys so today I want to discuss one way to be athletic
without actually doing the movements themselves I’m talking about jumping
higher talking about running faster I’m talking about being able to change
directions speeds and so on I made a video a few days ago talking about
training your core making sure I have a strong core one of the things you can do
to be more athletic it’s training your core right because the core acts as a
base you know keeping us upright you know making sure we change directions
land properly and be able to handle heavy weights were ready for your power
lifter but one of the ways you can do or become more athletic without actually
doing the movements is training your core right so you can train a core and
more in the multitude of ways you can train for a strength you can train for
hypertrophy you can train stability and can also train actual motions right
so when you think about strengthening your core right you want to incorporate
heavier weight so you want the rep ranges to be the same as you would for
another lift so the strength kind of co-worker would be way the plank for a
certain amount of time or a weighted Lake race or weighted crunch right but
it has to be heavy enough weight or challenges you for 5 to 8 reps or 1 to 5
reps usually for strength I wouldn’t go any lower than 5 reps so 5 to 8 reps is
a good strength rich for court and for things like hypertrophy you know I’d be
doing rep ranges from 8 to 10 right you’re challenging enough to work you’re
struggling at the 910 mark and also enough for you after pop help and
finally stability and mobility so stability mobility can be done off like
cables like lightweight and even bodyweight right something like a plank
for a long period of time it incorporates a bit of stability
endurance and something like like a Russian twist or a cable workshop will
incorporate stability and mobility so we have to think about all these things to
be more athletic without actually doing the Sprint’s doing the jumps and doing
the turns right we have to train our base which is our core and it goes a
long way and it’s easier said than done but you got to start now right even just
once a week for 30 to 45 minutes but that’s one way to be more athletic
without actually doing the athletic movements making sure you have a strong
core strong base because that prevents you from making an awkward turn yet
haven’t turned to before and not hurting yourself or jumping down landing making
sure you land on two feet as opposed to one foot on Orthodox or making sure you
you also has also a factor of being exhausted when doing a fillet emotions
when you’re tired and you notice how when you’re tired when you’re running
you feel it in your lower back it also has to do for with the core the stronger
your core is the more the longer you’ll take for you to get to that point right
so all these factors will help you be more letting but one of the things that
can do is train your core right friendly core and that enhanced everything
anything right you jump your Sprint’s right your landing position positioning
everything like that so take into consideration everything I said so this
is just how to be athletic episode 9 me talking while you guys are watching the
video but make sure the like make sure the hair measure is subscribe and make
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