How Chris Broussard and Pardon My Take Have Beef with Kevin Durant

where we at with Kevin Durant as far as Oh relations yeah he's a future guest of ours I think they are you making inroads and now we we've had a story I put this way we've been texting with them a big difference oh yeah yeah I mean see I didn't know that this is how I say deal frankly I think it's unnatural that a man would be him with another baby in my telephone I have more than 60 direct messages from Kevin Durant on Twitter and Instagram since February of 2018 these were conversations initiated by KD himself we talked about a lot of the things I talked about are undisputed and some of these conversations lasted more than five hours if you want to argue over the difference between the text and a DM in the year 2019 go right ahead but to me it's all the same thing we're gonna get into more of my brew crew why I'm the leader of the perucrew but this was a vintage brew crew when you're like we've been texting right but you've been DMing that's just you have a little bit of extra like hey you don't know where the target is you guys figure it out so I like that by you where are you guys cool or we haven't talked since then but here's the thing with KD he goes back in like like so many media members including ex-players yeah like when they say something about him he will go back at them and I'm not gonna name names like every Cuttino Mobley said he did but I know there's other players that he's gone back at immediately and so I assume when I see him it'll be all love I mean I got no problem with him and even in our DMing as I said it's beauty yeah it was the air well you could say whatever you want we we go back at we were going back at each other right no he was critical of me he's called me names then I go back I won't call him names but I'll go back and explain what I was saying and we have a long debate and what's happened with us in the past is that we've been able to come to an understanding because we do share and I said on undisputed he's a Christian as well so that common faith has enabled us to always be able to let cooler heads prevail and come to an agreement so hopefully that will be the case we'd not see him next time do you think so the reason I started texting with him DMing whatever was I just I did an Instagram story of a basketball playing pick-up hoops and he just replied you all are trash which i thought was funny but like do you think he responds to too much because what we've done as a podcast is we used to think it was a little much but post burner and like I don't know what it is but he's just kind of owns that he will mix it up right he will go into the comments and mix it up now you know what and I've kind of said a similar thing the burner account obviously that's way too much and hopefully doesn't have any more oh yeah listen if you have one you can't quit the burner life cold-turkey yourself that's a big time but we talked about on our radio show the I couple a couple weeks ago I was like look it's Kevin Durant sensitive or easy just gangster is he just like look you put my name in your mouth I'm coming at you I like that and I like that now the burner account obviously isn't gangster but outside of that maybe if he's moved on from that then I like the fact that I mean it's not for everybody like you said I don't go back at everybody that goes at me but if that's who he is I'm fine with I'm fine with it they're one thing I was worried about with Durant was just that it can take away your own happiness and quality of a time well if you let all that get in your head it can also add to it though because what I've seen from him recently people send me screenshots all the time of him replying to just random people in his DMS like he's firing back on anybody it could be you know some Instagram user with 20 followers and he's like tell it was calling him a little punk-ass bitch you know stuff like that I think for him I don't think he's too sensitive I don't think he's a gangster I think he's somewhere in between which is like a pretty normal perfume in Shaba social media you realize yeah who realized at some point that replying to people who were talking shit about him makes him feel better yeah and I think I think a lot of people out there given if they were put in his shoes would probably do the same thing like if somebody slides in your deems and it's like hey fuck you I hate you you're gonna respond to them be like hey you're a punk-ass bitch and I've got a hundred million dollars more than you do yeah I think that's human and I also think I've kind settled on this as long as it doesn't impact him negatively on report yeah which I don't think it had right it clearly hasn't we've seen guys come to New York and with the back pages and the pressure not be able to perform to the best of their ability you can't say that about Kevin Durant and I know he hasn't been in New York yet but just wherever he's getting the pressure he's getting the criticism and even though he reads it all season all here's a tall it is not impacting him negatively on the court he could still go out and ball so if he does that and he's happy I'm cool with it you

11 thoughts on “How Chris Broussard and Pardon My Take Have Beef with Kevin Durant

  1. Wow Chris and KD are both Christians and that’s why they are so close and connected. I guess Chris has a great relationship with the other 2.1 Billion Christians on Earth then

  2. I bet none of y’all actually have heard Broussard talk about sports and y’all say he’s a clown. During the actual season this year he was providing great analysis that was usually accurate.

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