How are you bringing raving fan’s to your sports bar or restaurant?

You own a sports bar or a restaurant, this
weekend’s of Iowa Super Bowl Iowa State vs Iowa
what are you doing any people into your place just asking I haven’t been invited
yet and guess what have you hit a database you can invite those people and
fill your place up with just nothing but roaring crowds cheering their team one
and having a good time at your place and making purchases at your place but let’s
say maybe you’re a new place well how you getting the message out
there social media there’s Facebook there’s Instagram there’s all kinds of
stuff just say hey we’re going to be partying we’re going to be having the
game on at our place come and enjoy and if you wear your favorite teams jersey
10% off of your bill how about that come on that’s not a crazy offer but some
people will be like well shoot I’m gonna be there three hours and I’m gonna do
some drinking and eating so that might get them into your place and better yet
it might introduce new people into your place so I’m gonna ask you one more time
it’s the Iowa Super Bowl weekend what are you doing to get folks in are you
putting a sign on the door are you inviting people what are you doing to
fill your place up it’s gonna be a good game everybody have a great day bye bye

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