HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Soccer ties Skidmore

and meanwhile we get a deep offenses of
growing far side for Skidmore here’s the running toss by Caples headed toward the
left post back hit along and into the net back headed in by Roche I believe
with 28 10 to play here in the first half
meanwhile this one goal in his statesman career the native of Yola, Nigeria will
put the ball down and strike off his left foot winds up fires and scores Binjo Manuel on the penalty kick in 11:54 to go in the first half we’re even at one
inside Barrett’s ball up ahead looking for Ricky Ricky gets away Harper fell
trying to cross got that one through now comes all the way loose wide
open windup up for a shot off the goalpost Steve in a chance to break the time
belted it halfway up the left pipe just put into the center to be stopped
up and rolled forward up at the left hand side martini martini picking his way
through knocked off his foot but it goes over to Cornell Roberts he’ll try his
cross it’s up in the air and its a great stop by Bosh coming in on
the header was mangled directed it tore the right posted Bosh comes up big this is
including their only goal the afternoon toss right-hand side it’s gonna be
headed away down the line it’s gonna stay inbounds then the cross comes out
right inside one touch and a stop there by Kaminer
bang-bang play as park let that one go and Kaminer got another say here’s a
step overhead toss headed toward the left post it’s up in the air while I try
to get back in it or go up in the air it’s loose over comes Diouf to strike
and he missed it wide nearly an own goal i think. A play
stopped up on the right-hand side martini after it back to the 18 Orr
trying to strike and that one caught the crossbar and out of play

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