Hi Keepers ! Today in this new video we will test the Supremo SSG from HO Soccer, it ‘s an interesting glove, from the medium range, with a negative cut and with a supersoft foam. I will describe it to you because it may be a little above the middle range. We’ll see about that right now. The structure is made entirely of neoprene, and on the reverse side there are inserts on the fist. It’s quite decorative, it will protect a little bit, but above all it will prevent the ball from slipping during deflections with the fist. The gussets are completely made of neoprene. It’s a very simple and classic negative cut. The palm is made of Ho Soccer’s Supersoft latex. Supersoft doesn’t mean bad, a lot of keepers have that idea, this foam remains fragile on artificial turf and hard ground. However, if properly maintained, this latex will perform well in all weather conditions. There is a cut between the thumb and index finger to avoid tension and tears in this area. Concerning the thumb, there is a small return of latex on the top. I will conclude with the wrist, which is made of neoprene, and at its base there is elastic mesh that will allow a perfect fit on all hand and wrist sizes. A classic elastic strap with two velcro fasteners, a rubber tab for a perfect fit, and a small ring on the wrist. I’m going to go to the goal just behind me with my friend Arthur, we’re going to test this glove… it looks pretty good to me. We appreciated this glove, and we’ll start with the positive aspects. The grip is good, the ball sticks to the hand. The palm is 3mm thick, I thought it was going to be too thin, but in the end it’s pretty good. Inside there is silicone gel to hold the fingers, the hand does not slip and it is very pleasant and comfortable. The positive points of this glove are cushioning, grip and comfort. The only defect, given that the glove is very poorly ventilated and made of neoprene, I was quite warm given the weather conditions today, the hand sweated. But for winter and colder temperatures it could be good. Do you agree with me? Yes, it’s a good glove, with a latex palm that offers good grip. However, it is a supersoft latex, so be careful if you play on artificial turf or use them for training. The latex suffered a little bit, after that we’ve already seen worse on a test. The support on the wrist is good with the elastic strap, the fit is perfect. From the fingers to the wrist, on this glove the general support is good. It’s a glove that costs 65 euros, for us this glove is only used to play matches. It’s a Supersoft palm, it requires a good care if you want to keep this glove in the long term. See you very soon in a new video from Keeper Spirit. Follow us on social networks, Take care and see you soon with my friend Arthur ! Peace keepers !!!!=)

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