Hithit.cz – AF APP – aplikace zaměřená na americký fotbal

Here is a classic training of American football, where Dorota got hit and then she also got an idea. It is a connection of four different groups of people referees fans players and coaches into one application. She thought through how to do it. American football has loads of rules
and it’s very complicated. How would you explain football to the people? How about using a quiz? Where with the help of questions
you clarify the difficult rules. And what about add multiplayer? When you can challenge opposite players
or even referees! Players can see their various rewards
recieved during playing. Or they could adjust their character. And in the app they can learn more about our league,
the whole competition or about American football
in the Czech Republic. And this is what Dorota could remember. So I remembered it. Oh, great! Awesome! I think it will put more American football
on the map in Czech Republic. I agree. All we need is funding from the people. I believe we can connect people in the Czech Republic
with American football, thanks to this app! We would love this dream to come true,
because Dorota loves the American football as much as I do. With your help it’s possible! More information can be found on our website.

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