Hard Knocks: Trailing Camp with the Oakland Raiders (Episode 5 Preview Clip) | HBO

I sit around in my room here,
I was… so happy to see this. -Le’Veon who?
-PLAYER: Bell. Say whatever you want
about all the football stats and all the fantasy
bull(CENSORED). The one thing I always loved
about this guy -is he’ll ring your what?
He will ring your bell, man. Boof! I love that. -Danny who?
-MAN: Woodhead. Danny. Wood. Head. Alright. What college did Woodhead
come out of, Josh Jacobs? JOSH JACOBS: God! Everybody knows
where Woodhead is from. Where’s he from, Jalin? -JALIN MARSHALL:
-(TEAMMATE CHUCKLES) Jesus, butterbean! Where’s he from, DeAndré? DEANDRÉ WASHINGTON: He’s from Chadron State,
don’t you know? Chadron State taught him
how to pick up blitzes.Let’s hear it
for Danny Woodhead.
Where’s he from?ALL:Chadron State.

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