H.S. Baseball: St. Joseph vs Orcutt Academy

[Music] day two of the Nipomo Baseball Classic Tournament and as I mentioned on Monday Nipomo isn’t the only program hosting games three others are as well including Saint Joseph over to Dave Bernal field as st. Joseph took on orchid Academy pitcher’s duel into the top of the six no score Knights threatening when there’s a wild pitch and Michael Tackett races home from third and scores the game’s first run it’s one nothing st. Joe’s now to nothing just one away in the sixth and miles eNOS shoots a single pass to diving shortstop Jacob Galloway scores and it’s three nothing Knights they weren’t going to stop there Chris servantes rolls one over to second the Spartans get the out but eNOS comes around to score it’s four nothing st. Joe’s still in the sixth inning the Knights bat around 18 Anderson high chopper to third he beats the throw Jackson Stoll scores he wasn’t the only one coming in here’s Nate cantor sliding in safely a six run six inning for the Knights st. Joseph records the shutout of Orchid Academy eight nothing no final

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