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we’re here with Cobra fitness club we’re in the beautiful parts of downtown LA and I’m going to take you for a run I love being outside makes working out so much more fun that t-shirt is so good how many sets up yes health ja it’s a counterculture community it’s not what you would normally see with the fitness rose it’s about you know the other grounds imagine going into a fitness studio filled with people dressed in black working out and sweating on each other listening to like dark ass music [Music] [Music] tiny Tikes season two a discussion on internet music phenomenon and digital culture get your sweat pants ready because in this episode we’re working out what it means to be a health goth with founders of the movement like rebel Rec Chris Contino and Jeremy Scott as well as artists and influencers Chad for a stood areas ammidon and jeremy Dawson Keaton Kessler Johnny love / dentist magazine editor by Ned Miller and mark hunter get all of that good let’s feel the burns grow health goth is like rendered like three hyper clean environments we don’t want to associate any music with it and honestly we wouldn’t want any music to try and associate some clothes of us because what we do in the music stop what helped us is a kind of a complicated question that answers you know there’s an aesthetic behind it visually a lot of the imagery is a lot of a chap culture developer track suits and trainers and there’s a fascination with technology and the fitness aspect it kind of like the outcast table in high school for Jim he’ll cough is a epic fitness movement about wearing black lifting weights going hard at the gym without you know the underground the people that don’t get all the attention as a gym I don’t want to go to the gym and get made fun of by you bro and you’re garbage music that was that’s the whole point of it I guess you know how thought was really about like still being better than everybody else like you want to look better than everybody else going to be stronger than everybody else and you still want to have more fun than everybody else well it’s suddenly it’s talking more as like and now and I guess more times in support of an adjective tales goth noun and aesthetic revolving around biotechnology monochrome sportswear side of culture extreme cleanliness and rendered environment adjectives so you can be health folks rather than I think thoroughly lots people knowing is this interview is kind of making me realize that I’m more a part of more part of the movement than I even thought you could get matched up version of just Foursquare advertised it’s actually pretty hard to describe it’s like a blend of like tumblr trends with like classic club kid like raver vibes and then we were just basically kind of recontextualizing a kind of normal sportswear stuff into our own little world wearing all black going to the gym sort of in this spooky kind of way it’s this next level and it’ll draw attention it made me feel like there’s like a new and exciting reason to like get fit and get healthy it was finally an outlet for people like us to be part of the alternative side of fitness we wanted to get away from the oppressive light of mainstream culture the work seeing the word health coughs drop something in people that were on either end of the spectrum in terms of our interest the the memes on the internet and this kind of culture of like dead and fitness coming together was like quite unique and quite intriguing and when I found out Johnny was behind it I was like of course this makes sense I mean when I first saw it it was just like a hashtag so when people got mad at me for trying to like say that it was something else I didn’t really get mad I was like well now I’m going to like keep going with this I know it was a very small movement one or ticket and in fact I believe there were some sort its agreement over to buy us off and getting turf war whatever this original inception was my vision of it and it has nothing to do with going to the gym okay is it Mike right away by just a hard sell you today because headaches a lot alike because be six photoshopped out yeah and we do whatever we’re the only ones else we’re thinking of like there environment of bio mechanics transhumanism I decide to save it like health it’s a favor like health is just choose Duffman that’s like you’re oversimplifying it slow mutt and like clinic looks like an obsession nor like kinetics you know that that no we were taking that aspect of the help it just wasn’t disabled you know I go to a lot of people you know when he has a certain age after parting four years are worried about their mortality and their health and you know people can rely feel like people can relate more to that than some kind of like art school thesis about biomechanical this that and the other the place the health got started was with us because we thought in the name service age curated the idea and put in all the work to make it actually become a thing I feel like if I had never stepped in and done this stuff that I’ll go to end it’s what we needed we needed like the beginning of an underground again is it a lifestyle it kind of is a lifestyle like like I was saying you can’t like not come into it I don’t personally identify with health cough but I really respect it it is a fad for you but it’s not for us I mean everyone always is going to criticize is this a trend is this for real like is this a joke you know keep dressing the part is one thing but then doing the Fitness is another everybody needs a different inspiration and motivation for fitness so if health God can be there for you like embracing I think it’s typical for subcultures to mutate if you look throughout time that house where cultures have quite organically grown I think a sign of something starts a number I personally like to see it flourishing for something that comes in in your life experience this is the way that it immediately for categorized and figuratively turned away you know just as bad or stupid but it’s going to be gone in six months or Never things become a fad because basic people get a hold of it and run with it for a while and then like McDonald’s and everything else you get tired of it you shut it out and you move on I think a lot of the people making the call on the trend of soap subcultures they are the critics the people that are absorbing this information and digesting it faster than almost any more I think my fashions very nature that cook all this arose one minute and the next is kind of chip shop paper you know health loss is you know something that with super impactful you know it’s just the nature of fashion it’s what makes it exciting what makes me love it a lot of legs don’t like brand like fetishism stuff actually came more from our friends who were like real like shoe free what that thing is called like a cocktail where you actually sit in the tub in full dress and you actually have like all of your shoes like floating around in the tub amongst you there are so many videos of people that dress in the style that we’re talking about and completely like covering themselves in water or mud and people are just getting off on like seeing like tiens in this environment most people just see these like thank you guys and they’re like yeah it was great but we were like really like taking like a critical eyes that stuff trying to hold new content a lot of it like I said borrowed from with children where instructors and trainers which is a big big part of like visually of grimy culture like moat like Nike boys or whatever like those like Street London guys are only where like air max I think you can have something like ride with me tours were like one of the most legitimate and laughs subcultures I forget something that helpful the raw the music playing haka I mean it’s a very very creative we kind of noticed that whenever you typically pair a style with a sound a lot of people cannot get past that musically health goth it’s sort of curated by Johnny space because he’ll put out playlists and suggest musically you should listen to the the idea was to fullest to have a music genre associated with the tag and also to kind of give people such as puzzles into you when they work out you wouldn’t say it like now I wouldn’t say that you know we was calling you tell da I mean like there’s a lot of like kind of fantastical sci-fi elements and held up if you look at a health cough image you if you were to hear you know like very heavy drum [Applause] sparse melody I think the future is extra dark for health cough I mean I don’t really blame people for thinking that that health cough might just be like gone in the wind type thing I mean for all is there just could be no future I mean some people will just probably say it’s already done now help gauzy is not going away anytime soon a lot of people are really excited about growing a job personal training just to even have the experience that we’ve had creating health Gotham like being part of something that’s concluded viral and seeing it grow like that and knowing that you were kind of involved it’s pretty insane it’s kind of a phenomenon that you witnessed happen in reality but it doesn’t really happen to that many people so to be part of that it’s just kind of like no wow I’m getting that I’m gonna be like you it’s not like this is like PC music or traps yeah like like traps going to go away EDM is going to go away why would fitness for people who are in a dark subculture go away [Music] [Music]

34 thoughts on “H∆SHTAG$ Season II – #HealthGoth | Red Bull Music Academy

  1. The term chav is incredibly classist and offensive. Very ill advised choice of words from a confused and exploitative bemanbuned privileged gym fiend.

  2. Same type of thing as seapunk but with black/white instead of blue/pink and fewer melodies in the club music. It's really not complicated. It's about the music but people try to make it some big art form.

  3. Ebert wrote: "One of the lamest counter-culture movements to have hit the face of the planet. I don't see this one lasting long. It will be reduced to dust and blown away in the wind, never to be remembered."

  4. Give me a fucking break. LIves so empty of anything authentic the need to invent an identity. What y'all need is a terminal disease or illegitimate child to give meaning to your life.

  5. The fuck dumb shit is this? Why do people feel the need to create these labels and 'aesthetics'? Stupid, empty, uncultured fucks trying to add some zazz to their uninteresting lives.

  6. You lost me at the whole "health goth is about being better than everyone else."

    I have never seen so many boring, entitled, arrogant yet wildly mediocre pricks packed so seamlessly into 12 min… Health Goth is not a thing more than 25 people will ever care about. Girl, bye.

  7. What fresh hell is this? I'm convinced that the only people who know wtf "health goth" is… are the people in this video! I know goth… hip hop trap shit is not related in any form to goth. This has to be some marketing campaign by a group of people interesting in creating a fake sub-culture to drum up interest and THEN create a "health goth" gym or whatever… they barely showed anyone at the gym at all! If this isn't complete bullshit then I'll be surprised. And wtf is with that sneaker bit? Did Nike pay Redbull to do this shit?

  8. "We don't want to associate any kind of music with it"

    Proceeds to play a Blank Banshee music video in the background

  9. I love the HealthGoth Aesthetics! However I disagree with them saying its wanting attention in gym. To me, I love going to the gym and I love goth. Its simply me being me, noting to do with wanting attention.

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