Golden State great Rick Barry honored at ceremony

well when Rick berry tells you what to do you start of the medallion and then you come up to the legend there’s make this reduction and this is like you know this is good stuff it’s great stuff let’s talk about what we started this shot on well yeah that’s really nice that the worries to put these medallions down for the players new jerseys they’ve retired and there’ll be a bunch of of the ones out here like you know clay and Steph and even Kady forever I mean these guys have been Austin for this franchise so it’s kind of nice to see it come full circle I mean I started here in this that’s why I’ve wore this and you know the city that was in my second year that they came out with that very popular design for uniforms and of course we came back in 75 and played two games at the Cow Palace but this is quite a change from The Cow Palace in the Civic Center or Civic Center auditorium where we played for all the honors you’ve received in your much acylated career where does this rank well I’m it’s very nice for them to do that to recognize what I did but this is what means the most yeah yeah I mean you play you play four championships you don’t play for individual honors and so I mean as much as the Hall of Fame means and how nice it was for getting in the Hall of Fame and being picked as one of the top 50 players I didn’t play for that I played to try to win championship that’s why I’m still trying to figure out why did Katie leave this is like the greatest situation in the world I would give up part of my salary if I were young today to play on this ding you haven’t seen the chase Center all the way right no I so I’m looking forward to getting inside to see it I’ve seen renderings of it and different pictures but have not been inside we got to get you shooting some hoops out there too I could still do that I mean oh I’ve been trying to get him to put the best yet a free throw shooter rule in the NBA you know but they’re not going for it I don’t understand why I play for the average salary would be great for me hey let’s sign Rick Barry back up he’s ready to go set it back to you

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