Glynn Academy Head Coach Rocky Hidalgo | GPB Sports Interview

Biggest lesson you’ve learned about your
team in the off season would have been what? You know I think the one thing I
found out about this group of kids is we’ve got a really good group of kids they’re nice
kids and they they I know this probably sounds very simple but they they follow
directions they do the things they’re supposed to do and they are a lot of
fun to be around because there we don’t have a lot of problems with them and so
I think that’s probably the best thing I’ve seen from from this group is that
that they come around and and I don’t want to say obedient but they’re they’re
disciplined in terms of you know if you if you they behave in the locker room
they do all those little things I think to me that adds that adds up to being a
good football team so then expectations this year or what I
mean our expectations are always the same our expectations are you know win
the city championship win the region championship game the playoffs compete
for state championship so those are our expectations whether we feel like we’re
gonna have a really good team a really bad team I don’t change those
expectations those kids know that we talk about it all the time you know our
goal win trophies and champions and championships what’s it been like for
you to be down here coaching yeah you know it’s different than metro Atlanta
sometimes some days I miss metro Atlanta and and we really like living here I
like the community here but you know so you know sometimes you feel like I feel
like I’m kind of out of touch a little bit with a pulse of high school football
because so much of it it goes on in Atlanta but you know we we have great
kids and and I think the thing that we’ve been able to do here is we’ve been
able to build something have a lot of success and you know over the five years
when one have been a part of for region championships played in a state
championship game and you know semi-finals to quarterfinals things that
they hadn’t done in 50 years here so you know as a head football coach you know
you think about this is kind of being mind I mean you know you know I followed
it at Walton and he had built that program it was great it was a great
place for me but you know what we built here is is essentially mine I can look
on and go hey you know this is something that I built and and reflect on in that
manner and at the same time though because you’re down here you’re kind of
part upon your own island because of having
to schedule and being as pinned in as you are the non-region schedule can be a
bit of an adventure yeah you know it’s tough because there’s nobody east to us
until you hit Bermuda so there’s I mean you’d have you scheduled Nassau high I
have not I’ve got haven’t gotten that far but it’s hard because there’s you
know there’s that you have a you know Camden County and in Ware County and
Wayne we’re fortunate enough to have two really good 5A programs near us in
Camden County who’s a 7A program but there’s there’s no you know they’re
there a lot of the schools around us are double-a triple-a team so and I don’t
blame those guys for wanting to saddle up and play a 6A team who’s
who’s finished in the top five or six to the last five years you know I don’t
blame him for that so we have to go and search some games we have you know
playing a really tough team out of out of South Carolina in fort Dorchester
and and played Benedictine which is you know great football program and doesn’t
matter what level they play and they do a great job got great talent so you know
we have to run down some tough games that’s one of the things that being down
you know isolated that that we’re gonna have to have some really tough teams on
the schedule when you’re having to call a Fort Dortch how does that go these
days is it basically you know is it like a reddit board or something or a phone
call or hey I need an opponent that’s pretty much how it is it’s just call around and say
hey look I’m looking for a week one we want to start with somebody good I
always feel like it gives you it kind of sets the tempo for the year you want to
have a really good opponent that first week I don’t like coming out of the gate
and playing somebody that we know we’re gonna beat so it just it just kind of
gets everybody focused and that preseason practice you have a purpose
but you know you picked the phone up and you just call anybody and everybody
King Crib at Wayne County actually set us up with for Dorchester on this they
were looking for a game they were they were having trouble finding and filling
that week one spot and we were fortunate enough to have an opening when it comes
to concerns these days and the coaches have a lot of them what’s your number
one concern is it could well you know I think there was a you know I think the
biggest thing that we have to deal with is the perception of concussions and CT
with football I think as a head football coach the numbers of young kids
playing and I’ve seen recently those numbers are starting to tick up again
because I you know I I think there’s and I’m I’m not disputing that concussions
are bad for you but I know I’m one of those guys I what I call is common sense
science I think you know a million a million American males have been playing
football every year forever and we don’t see this large discrepancy between the
number of the the amount of dementia and and Alzheimer’s and neurological issues
among kids that played youth and high school football versus the general
population or you know men versus women so I think there’s I think it’s it’s not
fair to compare youth in high school football to the long-term effects of
playing in the NFL for guys who play five ten years NFL I think footballs are
a relatively safe sport I think the the coaches have done a great job making the
game safer but you know there’s nothing you can’t you can’t bubble proof your
kid I mean there’s a there’s a chance that somebody could get in you’re riding
a bicycle or a skateboard or playing football but I think we as coaches we
have to be more proactive and I try to be on social media about the benefits of
playing football and and what I see is the legitimate risk for kids who go out
and play youth football I mean most kids who play you know ten eleven year old
football you know they’re they don’t they don’t they can’t bust over one
biscuit most of them so you know so that’s to me is the biggest thing I
think is trying to get kids out for football and convince moms to let their
let their son’s go out and play football and because I think there’s there’s a
lot of benefits to the game other than just coming out in front of 10,000
people and scoring touchdowns I think it teaches a lot of things that will carry
you through for the rest of your life.

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