19 thoughts on “General Rules for Purchasing a Shoe When You Have Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Hi guys…But before man had shoes or even early shoes there was no arch support…Would not walking with the foot in its natural position like barefoot be optimum?👍

  2. I agree, with painful feet, we can't and shouldn't have to 'break' the shoes in. I've donated shoes that I have worn once as they were too painful and these were the supposed 'comfortable' types. Good point with the socks as well. Swollen and wide feet are a problem and one foot slightly larger than the other, shoe shopping for me is a nightmare!

  3. What is the brand of shoes that Brad has on? He said they are comfortable. This would be helpful to know for a place to start. Thanks!

  4. I got pf from boots that were too narrow. I didn't know what pf was otherwise I might have avoided it. It didn't get better probably because I didn't know what to do. Eventually I took inserts and shimmed up the arch a large amount and it gave quite a bit of relief. Someone told me to roll the arch and that helped. Eventually it healed after many months.

  5. Very good, I buy ´´Lems shoes´´ out of Colorado – they have a ´´box toe´´. = my toes have plenty of room.

  6. Thank you for your informative video, but nothing else makes me more sad about my foot condition than being a woman with arch problems. Men can hide supportive shoes by wearing all-black runners. I wear a dress every day. Stylish, supportive shoes for women simply do not exist.

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  8. Are there any shoes you recommend for people with lumbar and hip trouble? I typically get Nike and whichever one feels the best. Am I shopping wrong?

  9. I have Dupuytren Disease on the bottom of both feet and the palms of my hands. What's your recommendation for shoes for this issue?

  10. I started wearing minimal running shoes. Is this good for long term? I love them but people always tell me I should have more support.

  11. I had pf for some time n didn’t know why.I went to Chinese medicine clinic,had one treatment per week for a month,changed the size of my trainers to 1/2 size bigger with arch support,now no further foot issues.👌

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