GCU Athletics Top 5 Wins of 2018-2019

– I’m Lopes Insider
Paul Coro, here at GCU, where the lopes have kept the WAC Commissioner’s Cup in Phoenix. That means they won a lot of games. But here are our top
five wins of 2018, 19. Number five, the New Mexico
State women’s basketball team only lost one game in WAC play all season. That was to the lopes. They got ’em at GCU Arena, 54-51. Number four, antelope
gymnasium was a haunted house for top ten men’s volleyball visitors. A rally against George Mason gave GCU four upsets in a row. (crowd cheers) Number three, men’s tennis
squashed three match points in the WAC championship and
won the final three matches to rally and snag their
first conference title. (crowd cheers) Number two, a good way to guarantee a WAC tournament title is
to not allow any goals. – [Announcer] What a goal, Alex Radilla. – [Paul] Men’s soccer shut
out every tournament foe, including San Jose State
1-0 for the championship. And the number one GCU win of the year, was when softball took down number one. – [Announcer] In to left, Dowdle is there, makes the catch. – [Paul] Florida State came
into GCU softball stadium as the defending national champions and the top ranked team in the nation with a 28 game winning streak. The lopes stunned the
seminoles, but not themselves, for the best moment of the athletic year. (team cheers) (upbeat music)

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