Full Trailer – Simone Manigrasso – H.U.M.A.N.

So… that day… Yeah, I remember everything Every little thing, because.. I never passed out, I’ve always been awake I left no marks on the road As soon as hit the brakes my bike went up on the front wheel So it was something like a stop you know? Like in freestyle, ok? It all happend in a fraction of a second I balanced it for a millisecond And then we crashed… I hit the car… I think that’s… One of the things I really like in Simone Oh my god it was YOU This competition repaid all the sacrifices It really helped me… Helped me believe in myself To show it to myself I mean, I feel stronger than before I really feel stronger than before I feel like Benjamin Button, the further I go the younger I feel I feel exactly like that, and sports did that It helps you believing in yourself

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