Football – Matt Luke Interview (10-16-19)

How healthy are we? Uh, I think we’re
pretty healthy. Braylon looked, looked
pretty good out there today, so that was good to see. Sam Williams was out
there practicing today. That was good to see. Yeah I think we’re
pretty healthy. We still got the two guys with
the first half so, you know, working through that and trying
to get the subs right and so we can get through that, but other than that
we’re pretty healthy. That’s why we requested Quentin to give us a little
update on his progress. Yeah he’s been playing. You know, we’ve been rolling
him in throughout the season so he’s ready to go. You know KD got to
play a little bit more, and then, but it’ll be
cooler, so you know Benito and Josiah they can
play a little bit more. So I think the all string,
you know, so we got some, we got enough bodies in there to
make it through the first half. Well, what’s Quentin’s, where is he right now
in his development? You know he’s still
comin’ but I mean, I think he’s been solid. I mean, he’s made some
plays, he’s held point fine. He hadn’t shown
up which is good. And a lot of times, you know, knows a four eyed hold point, keeping people off linebackers, things like that. So I think he’s done
a good job with that, and the good thing
is he’s young, he’s going to continue
to get better. How far in your mind does Braylon have to go
before he’s game ready? I think he’s game
ready just cause he’s got the experience. It’s just making sure when we
get out there he can burst. Cause we thought he
was ready before, then he gets out there
and burst full speed. He’s looked good in the
live work that we’ve done. Is there a thought to maybe, hold him back a little more? Just cause you put
him out there once, and he kind of
re-aggravated it — Well and that’s why we
did what we did last week. We felt like he was
ready to go last week but we held him
back another week to try to get him ready. Just for preparation. Changing all kinds of, maybe not knowing
like you used to but the idea of using
two quarterbacks like has this week
been any different? No, again they get equal reps. And they’ve been rolling
with the ones and the twos. But they get equal reps. So if ones go
four, twos go four. And those different looks. It’s been the same amount
of reps it hasn’t changed. You’ve been getting peppered with a lot of questions about, hey who’s your starter gonna be, and this that and the other. Does it really
matter at this point? In terms of if you guys
are gonna play two anyway. I think It matters
for everybody else, but for us we’re
trying to look for ways to win football games. We’re trying to win that play, win that series. And then win the game. And I think whatever
quarterback gives us the best chance to do
that is what we’ll do. Secondary work this week, do you see some using more
of the younger guys or? Yeah I think well you
seen Prince, Stanley, and Finley a lot already. Jaylen, Julius, Armani,
Miles those the same guys. It’s just but you’ve
seen three freshmen play an awful lot. And that will continue to
build as we move forward. We noticed that Keidron wasn’t in green the other
day, is he healthier now? Yeah.
Yeah he’s fine. He was out there
today, he’s fine. So I don’t see him
missing any time. Talk a little bit
about Kellen Mond, I mean does he remind
you of anybody, that you guys have
faced already this year, and what kind of a talent
is he in your mind? I’m trying to think of
who he reminds me of. But he’s a very talented runner, and he’s been doing
these things a long time. So he can make
plays with his feet, but he’s also got a bunch
of weapons at wide out. So anytime you
have a quarterback, you gotta defend all 11, then you gotta defend
them in the run game, then he can make the
plays to his wide outs, it makes it tough to defend. You mentioned the running game you had a running back go down, and it seemingly has kind
of put more stress on him. Do you sense Mond having
to do more without Corbit? I don’t know if he’s
trying to do more, but they definitely use
him some in the run game. They always have. They did it when
they didn’t have him, so I think they may maybe
do a little bit more with some running back depth but I think they
haven’t changed much, it’s just that he can
run it and they use that. Going up against stuff
like that in practice with the all quarterback
one game kind of help when you have a different
quarterback doing it? I think maybe seeing it and being comfortable with a
quarterback running the ball, at practice I think it may be they have a little bit
of familiarity with it. But you still gotta
stop it in the game. Which is different
than practice. I think seeing it in
practice certainly helps.

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