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Welcome to FM TV. My name is Joe Thomlinson
and today, we’re talking about Dynamics. Dynamics is a new module for Football Manager
that correlates your management of the dressing room with your team’s performances on the
pitch. In short… a harmonious dressing room will play more fluently while a more fractured
team will be less fluid come match day. When you start your career in Football Manager
2018, you’re presented with an introductory email explaining the current squad dynamics
situation at your club, along with a brief overview of the different elements that make
up the Dynamics module. These are then supplemented by monthly Dynamics updates as you progress
through your career. You’ll also notice that there is a new,
dedicated Dynamics section integrated into the sidebar. Click on this at any point to
view an in-depth breakdown of the Dynamics within your squad. You can also see the most
influential players in the squad as well as any issues that may currently affect your
playing staff. At the top of the Overview screen you can
see the three mains areas you need to keep on top of: Match Cohesion, Dressing Room Atmosphere
and Managerial Support. Let’s start with Match Cohesion.
Match Cohesion relates to the understanding between the players on the pitch. A good level
of understanding can mean that your squad benefits from an improvement in their collective
mental attributes rating. For example, your midfielders may see an improvement in their
‘vision’ attribute, meaning they’ll be able to pull-off more defence-splitting
passes as a result. Working on Team Cohesion in training – and also improving individual
players’ mental attributes – helps to develop this understanding.
The Dressing Room Atmosphere reflects the mood in the camp, with the larger and more
influential social groups having the greatest effect. This atmosphere can affect players
morale to different degrees depending which social group they are in. It’s also important
to bear atmosphere in mind whilst making new signings, as the right player and the right
atmosphere will make integrating them into the squad easier. And buying the wrong player
at the wrong time may cause atmosphere to drop overall.
Factors such as your influence over the squad, team-talks, promises, the length of time you’ve
spent at the club and results on the pitch determine the amount of Managerial Support
you receive from your players. This can have an effect on how likely groups of players
are likely to side against you… but more on that shortly.
Let’s move on and take a look at the Hierarchy screen. This screen shows a pyramid view of
the players, ranked by their influence in the dressing room. At the top you have your
‘Team Leaders’… usually players who have been at the club for a number of years
or have good leadership skills – the kinds of players who might make the best captains.
It’s most important to keep Team Leaders happy as they can help turn the dressing room
in your favour if one of the squad speaks out against you. However, if you upset a Team
Leader it could turn the rest of the players against you.
Next you have ‘Highly Influential Players’ who might have one or two of the skills needed
to be a Team Leader, but don’t quite have the influence to join that elite group. Following
these are the ‘Influential Players’ who could become Team Leaders in the future. Finally
there are the ‘Other Players’ who will be influenced by those above them.
On the right-hand side of the screen you can see feedback from your assistant manager about
the current positives and negatives within the team’s hierarchy, allowing you to adjust
your scouting plans accordingly. You can click on any of the players inside
the pyramid and see their squad status, personality and happiness as well as a breakdown of why
they’re in the position they’re in within the hierarchy. With Team Leaders in particular,
you can ask them for advice on improving the dressing room atmosphere as well as asking
them to let you know of any issues within the squad.
You’ll notice as well that you can see what social group each player fits into, so let’s
take a look at the ‘Social Groups’ screen and explore this in more detail.
Social Groups greatly expand on the relationship system from previous Football Managers. This
now makes the bonds that are formed between players more important for you to consider
when dealing with your squad. The Core Social Group is the largest and most
influential group in the dressing room. There are lots of factors taken into account to
decide which groups players end up in, and that could include players who have been at
the club for a relatively long period of time , who have similar levels of professionalism,
speak similar languages, players who are similar ages and more besides. You may have one or
two Secondary Social Groups too. Players who don’t fit into a social group
are in the ‘Others’ category. These might be players that have recently joined and are
establishing themselves in the squad or just don’t gel with their teammates. If they
meet the criteria, they may join a group after a short period of time but players can also
drift out of social groups as the squad’s make-up evolves.
Social Groups will alter the way you deal with players’ requests, as upsetting one
member of a social group can turn the rest of that group against you, especially if they’re
very influential. It’s worth checking the social group a player is in as well as your
overall Managerial Support rating before deciding what response to take to a player coming to
you for more first team football or a new contract, for example.
Finally on the Dynamics section, we have the Happiness screen. This gives you a player-by-player
breakdown of their happiness with the various different elements of their life at the club.
Players are grouped into their Hierarchy rankings so you’re able to see, at-a-glance, what
areas you may need to tweak in order to improve the squad’s overall happiness.
Dynamics has been integrated in the Home section and player profile too. On the Overview dropdown
on the player profile, there’s now a dedicated Dynamics screen. This shows details of their
opinion of you, their Hierarchy and Social Group information as well as elements of the
Information screen from previous years. The Home section now includes a relationships
page that lists your relationships with some of your fellow managers and, for the first
time in the series, certain players too. As you can see Dynamics is a wide-ranging
and three-dimensional system that will really change the way you approach your squad handling
and man management. It can influence which players you scout and sign as you look to
build a dressing room that can work together effectively both on and off the pitch long
term. Get it right and it could be the key to turning title outsiders into league champions. Thanks so much for watching. Keep an eye out for more episodes of FM TV and for more information on Football Manager 2018, visit

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  2. You got the super annoying American Salesman/Youtube famous/Amateur Reporter kind of talking. It's really obnoxious.

  3. Basically, this looks like a reworking of the way morale works. Which I find concerning. Morale USED to be ridiculously volatile but in the last few years, they appeared to correct that. Now it looks like they’re set to make it more (needlessly) complicated and more central to everything. Very, very unconvinced.

  4. Just another way for SI to say its your fault the player did something ridiculous because you didn't get him enough friends at the clubs

  5. great! now fix trainings, signings in lower leagues, and the FANS!! we need realistic supporters for a better feeling, (them putting pressure when your not performing, like in real life)

  6. If I was a footballer I wouldn't have a social group, I'd just sit in the corner of the dressing room by myself contemplating life

  7. 1) Fix the press conferences
    2) Fix team budgets
    3) Fix idiot goalkeepers and defenders
    4) Make the player movement smoother

    When you fix those 4 main problems, then you can start adding some new shit to the game.

  8. Already bought for all our team! 23games pre-ordered!

    We are trying to help our followers in Turkish for this explanation series! Türkçe açıklamalar için videomuzu izleyin!

  9. All I want is a better training engine. FM has had good training engines in the past, but the last few years have been so basic. This dynamic thing just seems gimmicky and potentially very annoying.

  10. this is cool because it will punish my habit of starting a save and replacing all the players to fit the formation and strategy i feel like using

  11. I would like to have ways to spend my salary. For example, my current contract at Monaco gives me 386 thousand euros per month, but I don't have nothing to do with it. Nothing for spend my "hard-earned money"…

  12. All i care about is a realistic match engine. I want to see the best dribblers in the world completing 5 dribbles in average, not 13. I don't want to see games in which my team manages to shot 40+ times, and have 20+ on target every other week, no matter who i am playing against or how good the squad is. I don't want to see Messi and Ronaldo scoring only 15 goals in a fully healthy season, the best strikers should score a lot. I don't want to see Serbia, Ghana, etc. winning WC.
    And, for crying out loud, make it tough to succeed. It's too easy atm.

    Also, i am dying to see something like custom roles, or ways to tell my players how to act on the pitch manually rather than assigning a role to them so that they act accordingly. When i have 3 central defenders, the wide central defenders are standing way too wide in defensive phase, i want to change that, and there is no fucking way to do so. Also, what about a role like "wing central defender". What that role would do is in defensive phase they would act as normal central defenders, but in possesion phase they are offering a width (they could only be set when there are 3 central defenders, the middle one is normal, other two are wing-central defenders), they become sort of a wide midfielders (but not as offensive). That would be something opposite of inverted fullbacks. Kimmich in Germany plays that.
    The point is that i would love to if we had far greater control in giving instructions to players how to behave on the pitch. So far we are limited to roles and few "player instructions". If you've noticed, great managers like Jose and Pep during the game are giving additional instructions to players who are not doing something right. So it would also be a good option if we could shout from bench to players that they are not doing specific thing exactly right.
    Something like those "get creative" intructions, but rather in tactical sense.

  13. confirm you fix the stupid chances players are missing world class players finish like farmers because they belong to your team
    ive never being more annoyed about a game its impossible to hit the post so many times

  14. No wonder the manager as no control on players and how they play on the pitch if they don't like the manager they will do anything to lose the game. it's not far on manager's.

  15. "+ You've spent a good period of time at the club
    – You've only been at the club for a short period of time"

    Which one is it then? Or do the players disagree about whether he's been at the club long enough?

  16. Wow who would have thought the "critical" fans are about as juvenile and thankless as the Rust community and about as cancerous and pretentious as the League community. Its one fucking episode you mouthbreathers get over it or simply dont buy new FM's

    You literally just look like spoilt whinging children

  17. @ 3:07 Shit, a regen coach face. Please tell me you guys re-added the importing head coaching image option in previous FM entries. You removed it in FM16 with zero explanation as to why.

  18. Hmmm this looks nothing more than something ready to fuck us over and hurl our computers out of the window. I'll never forget how disastrous it was when SI first introduced the player interaction feature so I've not got high hopes for this. And it looks like another half-hearted attempt at a new "feature", SI are taking the piss now.

    The sad thing is, I've already pre-ordered it and I've done so for every FM game since 2005. Heaven help them if a semi-decent alternative came out because then SI would actually have to think of a new idea.

    And yeah, I watched the fucking video….

  19. 1) option when you can shortly comment on another people (like it was before) . comment over sacking of fellow manager, hiring fellow manager, etc. etc.. limitless options for FM creators here !
    2) option when you can firstly negotiate contract with player AND THEN negotiate transfer price
    3) club is who hires sporting director, not manager.. so u want dynamics ? dynamics is when your team is playing badly, they hire sporting director . your newcoming players playing bad ? sporting director (AI)will asses possible reinforcements and club agree or disagree
    4) complete revamp and imrpovement social life – players react via twitter on recent games.. (like batshuaiy always comments chelsea game and many more players)
    5) more logical trasnsfers of players who dont have starting XI status for so long, so they demands for contract with new club shouldnt be ridiciously bigger than actual contract
    6) more dynamics inside dressing room like players dispute over penalty taking (yea neymar vs cavani isnt the only case)
    7) trainig is good but id like to see some more breakdown of the actual regimes for example attacking training breakdown for another actions like ball controll at the final third of the pitch, shooting outside of the area, etc etc (i know its complicated)
    8) cancel those not important stats like arrows about passing and shooting. i know its real but honestly who check that ? 10% of players ?
    9) different stats which are more important like – number of wins and loses with particular player in starting XI. and more those kind of stats ! its pretty obvious that i wanna know for example if i am succesful with 433 or 4231 when i am using two or one defensive midfielder , etc etc etc.. limitless options for creators here as well !
    10) i wanna see what team instructions i used in previous matches (tempo, passing, defenive line etc etc) – i must use notebook and archive this manualy..
    11) decrease amount of stupidly unhappy players like hazard when suitor like bayern munchen comes..when hazard is playing , when chelsea is on top and fighting for CL, why leaving in january !! STUPID ! make it right !
    12) better and deeper analysis of training. who trained how good how bad (attitude wise)
    13) generaly more interaction options all over the game.. give us mouths… give us speech…


  20. secondly i would rewrite the code bcuz when i see users managing clubs like west ham, sampdoria and clubs like these and winning leagues AND continental competitions, its quite unrealistic.. those clubs should have chance like once per 5-12 years to win those competitions with healthy squad, good finances and good tactics… this game should make you always hapy no matter which cllub you manage…if u manage small club, you shouldnt win leagues more than opinion..

  21. Honestly, most of this was already in the engine IMO, this is just something showing it, should not be shown as a new feature, this is not new. Every year more and more disappointed, guess I won`t buy this FM either, but will play it.

  22. Dynamics have been featured in FIFA Manager and FM is ripping off this feature directly from them, so it's not really a new thing, and luckily FIFA Manager is discontinued

  23. Absolute nonsense all of this.

    Squad dynamics has already been in all of the FMs, it just previously ran in the background.

    Just seems like an extra screen of information that we already know.

    Come on, a screen to tell me I have many players of the same nationality ?

    I don't need a screen to tell me I have potential leaders, that's for me to work out who they are.

    Fix the stuff that needs fixed, literally no one would have asked for this feature to be added so why they have done is beyond me.

  24. Some ungrateful clowns here, this is one of many new features that they'll do a video on, stop complaining that they haven't changed this and that when all the videos haven't even been released

  25. Isn't that basically what MORALE has impacted all along? Any team plays shit in FM with poor morale, how is this a new feature? Because it's called something else? If anything the "morale" aspect has always filled too much in FM, turning world class squads into Sunday League teams. Stupid and exaggerated.

  26. So to sum it up if your best player wants to leave to play at barca or madrid and you refuse you'll now have a full blown riot on your hands and lose matches until you appease the players?

  27. Please tell me there will be events that happen within this like you get a message as Aston Villa manager saying, "well boss, it looks like John Terry has slept with a teammate's wife… again. Damn it! That's the 3rd time this season!"

  28. No thanks I'll stick with FM 2006 the last game that was actually FUN and not just a boring melding of accountancy, social anthropology, fullbacks winning the Ballon Dor and futile attempts at figuring out how to stop your team from conceding from back post crosses so said fullbacks don't average 8.50 plus over a full season and have more assists than the top goalscorer has goals.

  29. They should add stuff from players personal lives as well, like they've been caught by the Sun stumbling out a taxi with the local slag.

  30. Things I'd rather see changed than these new additions ( who I dont doubt could ad some more flavor to the game):
    Training . Give us back the option to set it on a day by day basis. Those that dont like the tediousness of it can just leave it up to the assistant or have an extra simplified mode as we all do now.
    Coaching team cohesion . When working with a coach for a long time we should be able to see him perform better and therefore the players being coached by him perform better as well, as long as he is working for us. This would mainly help with our ability to teach the team new tactics and have them adapt faster. it should also have an effect on some players ( not all of them of course) and their ability to develop faster or even beyond their current potential ceiling.
    Player ability ceiling should be more fluid and for more time than just youth stage . Instead managers should be able to influence players, depending on player age/potential/respect for the manager/professionalism/team and player style, in order to sometimes push a player beyond what his perceived potential is ( sth similar to what happened to Kane under Poch).
    In game tactics . managers should be given the freedom to form and change them as they see fit, before and during a game. The current set of instructions are simply too limiting at times. Of course the ability to have a manger not care about this and let it all to the assistant ,or use the current simplified system, should exist as well.

  31. Which factory churns out these presenters who HAVE to speak REALLY oddly, EXCLAIMING strange words LIKE SOME kind of ROGUE AI mis-programmed to believe HUMANS only understand sentences if you REALLY hammer keywords.  just talk normally mate

  32. One thing I wish they would change is how big clubs approach other big managers. In my game I've won everything under the sun at different top-tier clubs but clubs never approach me and there are never any rumours about a possible tapping up. Even after I resigned, the only clubs that would approach me for an interview were the clubs with no manager. It would be cool if other clubs were tempting you to join them, more realistic too.

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    for the fun videos about football manager! with videos or one of the best upcoming football manager channel !!!!!!

  34. Why they keep wasting time, money and resources on these kind of stuff nobody care about. Is the only game in the world with a 1998 graphics compared to every single PC/PS4 actual game, and we still love it !! so we are extremely comprehensive players/lovers of this game. We need only improvements and research on AI, game engine and please please give us a decent training in years. Everything else is already awesome.

  35. I think Carlo Ancelotti would enjoy this aspect of the game, with his expertise in one-on-one management. He enjoys talking to players and figuring out their problems. Plus, he's just been sacked, so probably he doesn't have anything better to do anyway. Might as well try FM2018.
    Also, disappointed with the absence of any team-building events. How am I supposed to build a strong squad without any options to make players know each other better? No going to a fancy restaurant, playing cricket for a change, charity events, tours abroad? So many social groups, no socializing. "Dynamics will help you build a squad that gets along both, on and off the pitch."
    I just love this giant UI with huge tables and very little information inside. Huge ambitions, little substance…kind of like Raheem Sterling. Oh well, nothing new.
    Apparently, even more criteria to consider when choosing a player for your squad now. It is going to be either extremely annoying or negligible. Knowing FM "novelties" it can't be anything in between. It is there to be either redundant or to make your life harder. (it is not bad when it is challenging, but not when your player all of a sudden wants to join a club in the middle of November and if you don't sanction the move the "Dynamics" causes all the players to lose faith in you. C'mon, how many of us would bet against that happening? That would be fun.)

  36. Very interesting.
    Unfortunately the presenter is so irritating (in my opinion) both in his verbal delivery and his physical gestures, that it distracts from the content of the video.

  37. 1:43
    positive- you've spent a good period of time at the club
    negative-you've been at the club a short period of time

  38. As an FM fan, this shouldnt be the main feature change, I was hoping for graphical or technical changes like bugs n etc sorted.

  39. Since football manager was no rival,game every year it gets worst and worst.

    They are sure that ever if they change nothing but the batabase the fans will still buy the game unfortunately

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