Football – Lane Kiffin Early Signing Day Press Conference (12-18-19)

Alright, so you know, you know, this signing period
of early signing period kind of, to me, it’s kind
of like halftime right now. So, you know, it’s kind
of strange, you know, last time being at this
level as head coach, we didn’t have this. So, you know, and then we
didn’t sign as many guys at FSU at mid year. So as they do up here, kind of waiting for
guys to trickle down. So, you know, like I said,
it’s kind of halftime here. So it’s kind of strange having
a, having a press conference like said in the game
at halftime, you know, so we signed some
good players today that we’re excited
about, you know, we only been here a week. And so just like
our staff, you know, say we’re gonna work fast.
We’re also gonna work smart. So with that, you know,
there’s still a number of kids that were on some that have
already said they’re coming that you know, wanna
develop relationships, so they’re gonna
push back to February and some other kids
that We’re on that maybe we’re going places that
have pushed back to February to give us a chance, because
we only have one weekend, and some kids are
still, you know, already had that weekend filled. So we weren’t able to get,
you know, to everybody. So, when we start back up
again here, you know, obviously like to have have
our staff in place, here to be full strength and then go finish out
the second half, you know, so I can’t win the game in
the first or second quarter. Can’t win recruiting yet. So, you know, we’ll have a lot
of work to do excited about, you know, talk to a lot of
kids over the last two days about waiting. And, you know, push
them back to February, and finish really strong. So, the guys that
did sign today, it’s a little bit defense heavy. You know, when we
came in, you know, we didn’t we don’t know
the Current roster, right. And so we’re always trying
to sign the best players regardless of position, but
especially in our first year. As we look at things
and so, you know, inform some guys that maybe
we’re had scholarships here before that we’re going
different direction out of fairness to them. I think that’s the
best thing to do, instead of just keeping kids that were coming
for previous staff and they don’t fit in or want
to transfer in a year or two. So questions? Well, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get you to comment. One on your
quarterback Cade Weldon and exactly what
you saw out of him. And then the the kind
of whirlwind recruitment of Tobias Braun offensive
lineman that came in here and committed this weekend and committed to
the inside today. Well, first Cade, I think
it’s a really good player. It’s got a big upside. And you know, we just got
that position, especially just like all of them, you know, we looked, you know, we
started from scratch, and you know, just that that
he’s got a really big upside someone’s not played
a ton of football. You know, still maturing from
a growth standpoint grown into his body but
very competitive. Really good touch on the ball so i think you know he has a
bright future to buy us again like I said we’re kind of
scrambling here one week to go but this was somebody
that to you know to coach our staff knew from before
from Florida State and UCF, so I had never talked
to him I never met him but he had a great weekend here. And you know what I kind
of learned whatever he says if you can for the most part
if you get the kids here, you know if you can get them
on campus here, you know, they really enjoy the
even though School’s out, they really enjoy you know,
getting a lot of them. So a lot of credit to the
staff here that was in place, you know, not just
the coaching staff but around the building. Because it really they
they knew a lot more than we did you know
for us few new guys and so those guys really, those guys or girls really
carried carried us through. Lane when you were over here, you mentioned your coaching
staff who would you sort of say that is right now in terms
of Approaching completion. I think we got a ways to go. No, we still need to figure
out defensive coordinator, Max, definitely one
of those candidates and you know when
you figure out that and you can figure out
the rest, so, you know, always try to hire
the coordinators first and then interview
the other guys, whether it’s outside guys
are guys that are here. And you guys are still on
staff with the first ones that first chance to interview. And we’ll go from there. Lane you talked a little
bit about scramble and trying to get
to know these guys in the personnel you have. What do you say
to these guys who maybe you’re meeting Brand
Maybe you haven’t gotten to see too much of them? And how do you kind of
sell them on a program that you’re as new
to as they would be? Yeah, they know. They
know better than me. You know, most these kids,
especially in the South when they visited your
10 times, you know, and they have been
to a million games and junior days
and all that stuff. So they already
knew about Ole Miss and a number wanted to
come here and You know, I didn’t really talk that
much about that I talked more about what we’re planning
on doing, you know, with our, you know,
whether it’s scheme or your position, how
we coach that position or people we’ve coached
that position before. You know, I’m just kind
of combine the two. Lane over here. You mentioned with the staff not being completely filled out, is there an element of
just kind of slowing down and trying to do it
better long term, as opposed to just bringing in
kids just to get the numbers? Yeah, and I think
that’s, you know, doing this a long
time now, you know, probably would have
handled that different maybe 10 years ago and worried
about where our rankings were, you know, we had
a number of kids that we could have signed
today that, you know, we’re wanting to commit
here and we said, you know, either we aren’t gonna
take him or we said, hey, we got to get to know you first. So push back to
February, you know, because like I said, we’re
at halftime, you know, these rankings today and all
that stuff don’t matter anyway. So, you know, this will
be a really big January, and I think that you’ll end up
seeing some guys signed here that, you know, aren’t even
on the radar right now. Lane over here that we lost three really good
ones up front of defense is that it’s a position
of need going forward? Yeah, it is for sure. There should be some really
good ones still left out there. And so that will be
a very big emphasis. You know, in this next, you
know, finishing the class off. Piggybacking on that,
a little bit line is the portal somewhere
that there might be a defensive line
candidate for you as well. Sure, you know, we look
at everything, you know, college football now from a
head coaching perspective really is more like the NFL,
I think, you know, managing rosters
you know, it’s like and then you got the draft. You got, you know,
young free agents, old veteran free agents,
you know, your own guys, restricted free agents and now college to become like that because you got
high school kids. You got junior college kids, you got four year transfer kids and you got grad transfer kids. So, you know, you really
got to manage your roster. And it’s great, you know,
because, okay, there’s all these great grad transfers out there
while you’re using a national scholarship for one year,
you know, it’s like, a lot of money into, you
know, an old veteran, the joining it for a year. So you just got to do
a good job manage it, and then we’ll look
at all, you know, all aspects to improve our team. Lane, you mentioned
it only been a week and a half and everything
happened so fast. Did you have an idea of how
many guys might sign today or a goal? How did you kind of approach
that coming into today? I didn’t have any numbers
at all really was, hey, make sure we’ll
sign good players. And if that’s two players,
two players, you know, we weren’t gonna reach
I think that wants to staff some place. I think that a lot of
kids will reach out to us and want to come here. And, you know, especially
once we’re able to establish
relationships with them. So, you know, a lot of
these kids came here because of what was already a place
here because of Ole Miss and not because of us. I think the next time around
will be more of a combination. You know, February. Lane. We’ve got 11 on the list that have signed today. I know, you can’t
comment specifically, but are you expecting any more? Yes, yeah, I would anticipate
at least one more day. Yes. Lane talking this morning with Oxford tight end JJ Pegues’
parents, he said you guys
never even really reached out since you were been here. talk to some people
within the program that kind of contradicted that. What was your opinion on
that situation with Jaden? He was at an all star game. So you know, can’t go see him.
We tried everything possible. I talked to his coach. You know, they said his coach
tried to put him on the phone. He said that he
wasn’t interested and already made a decision. You know, he was
supposed to be up here. I think the first
morning I think we had a I think it was the
first morning that we were here. You know, and then show up. So I do what the rules allow. Piggy backing off that
a little bit lane, just there were a couple
of high profile kids from the state who
chose to go elsewhere. What will your emphasis be
on in state versus trying to get a better fit
maybe from out of state, You know, what I’m saying the
best players to win games. Now, if it comes down
to where they’re equal, we’re gonna choose in state
player, but, you know, we’re not gonna sit
here and say, Hey, we’re gonna sign all
Mississippi kids, if we got great players,
I wanna come here. And really national programs that went for a long period of
time they recruit nationally. So we’re gonna recruit
all over the place and find players and,
you know, if it’s even, we’ll take we’ll take
local kids, you know, but this isn’t difficult,
this is much different than, you know, taking, you
know, the two, you know, like Tennessee or USC before because there was
no major signing. So we had till February, I
think our first year at USC and what, you know,
their probation or the hearings coming up, and it was having one
class in the country, if I remember, Tennessee,
we set a top 10 class, even though we’re only there
for like a month or two, but the this is a whole another
animal you got one week, you know, in one weekend. So it’s a lot more
difficult obviously. Coach on the
roster management issue, where will the focal point be in this light sign
appeared position was? Well, I think like I
said we’ll go to sign the best players but we’ve
got to get defensive linemen, we got to continue to
get defensive backs, and then get, you know, get
special players on offense, especially at receiver. We haven’t gotten a
chance to ask you just about the coaches you
have hired on your staff. Can you kind of go into detail
about what you liked about the guys who went in and hired? Well, I think that,
you know, like I said, hiring the coordinators first and so we’re able to do that
office, which allowed us to hire offensive
coaches know another one, they’ll probably be
announced here today. So just wanna thank guys it
really were good coaches that fit really well you know not
not worrying about big resumes at all we got to go higher
you know all these big name coaches you know maybe like
we did at Tennessee, you know, and just hire the best teachers and the best guys that
are gonna you know, develop players so excited
about the guys we have so far. We got a lot of work
to kind of — kind of like our recruiting

28 thoughts on “Football – Lane Kiffin Early Signing Day Press Conference (12-18-19)

  1. Loved everything he had to say even though that was just about the most low energy press conference I've ever seen.

  2. Prediction…
    John Rhys get SEC offensive player of the year.
    Kiffin gets coach of the year.
    Schools (particularly State) are going to complain to the NCAA about Ole Miss winning and recruiting and Ole Miss gets nailed on some b.s. This all happens within the next two years.

  3. This guy is in over his head…..God I know he wishes he was in the eastern division! Lol!!! Just think, in his first 5 games he has Baylor, LSU, Auburn and Alabama. 😂😂

  4. Lane, two things….
    Please keep Mac and please for the love of god SPEAK UP!! You are literally up there whispering like you’re in church

  5. He should be able to handle himself better than all his rambling, babbling, you know uh, than he did. I’m a Bama fan and I like him but I would have thought by now he could speak more like a head coach in the SEC Ann a high schooler in speech class.

  6. Hey, people, Kiffin is not going to win 9 or 10 games next year…so, don't expect a miracle. But, remember Saban went 7-6 his first year. It takes time.

  7. As a Florida fan I’ve been watching this play out closely. I feel like lane was a spot on hire for you guys and could be like dan was for us. Lot of skill on the outside, infectious energy can bring the best out of kids. See you in oxford next year I’m down for a shoot out.

  8. If you have not already seen what your program is going to look in the future then you are blind ole Miss Fan's . I told you when he was hired kiffin is the biggest liar that has ever coached he is going to destroy y'all's program . What has kiffin done as a head coach ? Nothing

  9. Watched Lane's old team beat a pretty good team from a better conference today fairly easily. He will get Ole Miss built quick as possible.

  10. Let me explain how I will be destroying your program for decades and bang some of your co-eds before I move on to my next dream job………

  11. Future headline

    OXFORD — Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin insists that a student-manager who intentionally deflated five footballs before the team's loss Saturday to Alabama acted completely on his own.

    Ole Miss  announced late Wednesday night that an unnamed student manager had been fired after admitting to the school's compliance department that he deflated five balls before kickoff against the Tide.

    The SEC accepted Ole Miss 's self-discipline Wednesday, reprimanded the school and added a $25,000 fine to the football program.

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