Fitness Minute: Tennis

Tennis is a sport that’s a lifetime
sport. You can start as little as four, which we have here. I picked up my first
racquet when I was 10 at the YMCA here in Frederick. It’s fun. It’s active. It’s good
for your heart. Here at the Frederick City program,
we use the USTA format of net generation, also known as QuickStart, and basically
it uses the appropriate size courts, to the appropriate sized balls, to the
appropriate size racquet. I’m not your typical clipboard coach. I
actually will show techniques of how to use your entire body, come back with the
racquet, free hand out, make contact with the ball up in front, the ball flows and
the racquet comes on your shoulder. We talk about the ready position, we
talk about different stances. we talk about how to use the entire court. You can register at
which comes out in our brochure four times a year. There’s a phone number that
you can call, or I do have some people that actually like to go inside the
Talley Recreation building to the registration desk, and you can sign up
there as well. Okay, so today was our last day of our
fall class. Starting in January, we will have indoor City tennis. but for now
Aiden, I think we should join our tiny tikes class with Emily and Nathan. What
do you think? Alright, see you guys!

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