FIFA 17 I Athletic Club. Pro Player Tournament I Muniain, Iturraspe, Balenziaga…

it seems this balls may be tricked… eh! this one is burning! Iturraspe… Sir Iñigo Lekue Muniiiii what a goal! woowhoo goaaaalll goaaaaaalll offside, offside and now what! damn what controller did i turn on? don’t worry, i will break it What is that pass? offside!! penalty! Penalty! i don’t know how to kick it i didn’t know how to kick it, so i throw it to a side… man nah, it was a match enjoyed by both sides, with early goals, too soon and in the end, it was decided by a doubtful penalty in my opinion look i will tell you who will be the victim, the one who takes the ball but doesn’t pass it the people who are outside, the people who are outside, silence please hey!, that’s not fair… not fair i had never been touched while playing fifa we give everything we have, but in the end we couldn´t make it and we will like to say congratulations to the team who won the truth is that the stand does not support much either but in the end we were eliminated omg! i will put it here to see it look, look the other side you’re alone dropping controller, dropping controller, dropping controller take it, take it come here continue where did you send the ball? follow the ball then bring it a little closer so close now dropping controller penalty! this is a joke it was not unfair, our philosophy is always go all in, every ball, every race, without cheating, without substitutions or wasting time hey, hey, hey, really? that’s how you want to play to me it’s is terrible, but well… later i will get trophy tattoo, because this maybe one of the few i will ever win so it’s always good to keep that in mind and when you want, here we are waiting for a challenge we are very nice people to play with

74 thoughts on “FIFA 17 I Athletic Club. Pro Player Tournament I Muniain, Iturraspe, Balenziaga…

  1. Muy buen vídeo, ojalá más vídeos de torneos entre jugadores de otros equipos de LaLiga 😉

  2. Me encanta ver esta piña en el equipo. Somos una familia!!!! aupaaaa athleticccc 🔴 ⚪ 🔴 ⚪ 🔴 ⚪ 🔴

  3. Y aún no entiendo porque si la página es de fifa en español el título del torneo está en inglés

  4. чуваки даже понятия не имеют на какие кнопки жать, печаль ппц((

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