Ellen Reunites Superfan with Her Navy Boyfriend

As you know my
birthday is this week and I’ve been getting a
lot of amazing letters from my viewers. [CROWD CHEERING] Thank you. So I want to read one of the
letters that I’ve gotten– “Good morning Miss Ellen,
my name is Noah Copeland. And I’m a supply officer
in the United States Navy. First of all, I want to
wish you a happy birthday. I’m currently deployed overseas. But I make sure my
girlfriend keeps me up to date on what’s
happening with the show. My beautiful girlfriend, Maura,
has got to be your biggest fan. She watches your show every day. And I know that
you are the reason that she’s been able to get
through this deployment. I was supposed to come
back at the end of January. But things keep
getting pushed back. And now I’m not sure when
I’m going to be home. Since I can’t be
there with her I know nothing would
make her happier than getting to celebrate your
birthday with you at your show. Either way thanks for keeping my
girl company while on the way. We love you.” And Maura’s here. Come here Maura. [CROWD CHEERING AND MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. Hey Maura. Where do you live? Oh my g– Oh here let me get to you– Sorry. –that. I live in San Diego,
California, right now. But we moved here about
a year and a half ago. From? Massachusetts. Massachusetts. So you moved to
San Diego and then he got deployed pretty
much right away, right? Yeah, like five months after. Five months after. So did you have friends there? Did you know anybody there? No, so it was all just
really all of a sudden. Like he went into
work on a Friday and then he came home from work
that Friday, and they were like you are going on Sunday. So he had two days to pack
up his whole life, basically. And just leave for a year. And he’s been gone for
over a year right now. Oh my god, that’s so hard. And where is he now? It’s called Diego
Garcia, it’s an island in the middle of
the Indian Ocean. And there’s– it’s like a
military owned island so even if I wanted to go visit, I can’t
go visit him and he can’t come home. And you can’t meet
halfway or anything? No. Oh my god. So you watch the show. And does he also watch the show? Or do you make him
watch the show? I’m like a huge fan. I can’t even believe this
is happening right now. But because I’m such a fan
I’ve made him a fan, basically. We’ve been watching together
while he’s been away. I will FaceTime him
when I’m watching. You FaceTime him while you’re
watching the show, so he’s watching it with you FaceTime? Yeah, yeah. That’s expensive isn’t it? I know. That’s so sweet. All right, so when
is he coming home? He just said it keeps
getting pushed back but– We don’t know. Especially because
the government just shut down all the
flights that were leaving there got canceled. And he can’t leave so I have
no idea when he is coming home. You know the ripple effect
of the government getting shut down, you think it’s one
thing and it’s like even that. That’s horrible. It’s really sad. All right, well he said he
wanted you to be at my birthday show, right? Yeah. This is not my birthday
show, but I want you to be at my birthday show. So bring Maura and the
tickets to the birthday show. What? Yes. [CROWD CHEERING] Well that was just
fun, wasn’t it? That was just so
much fun to watch. Because the audience went
crazy and you’re hugging me. I’m like, let’s go with
me and turn around. So why did you want
to surprise her? She loves you. She loves you to death. First of all, I want
to say happy birthday. Thank you. Happy early birthday. Thank you. But you know, I was on
deployment for a year. And she’s by herself
in San Diego. Her sister lives
in L.A. And I just wanted to do something
special her for. My friends when
they come back off deployment they’re on the
pier, and their girlfriends are there, and we
weren’t able to get that. So I just wrote in
and it happened. And it happened. It happened, we made it happen. That’s so good. So you had a trip planned,
was it for your honeymoon, you were going to
go somewhere right? Just because he’s
been gone so long, we wanted to do something
special when he got home. So we were going to
go to Puerto Rico. And actually I saw
the episode, well I watch every episode, the
episode with Ricky Martin when he went to Puerto Rico. And we obviously had to cancel
that trip because they’re in shambles still. But I texted him I was like,
oh my god I just watched Ellen. Like this is so sad. These poor people have
absolutely nothing. Like I can’t even believe
how they’re being treated. It made me really sad. And I told them we
have to do something. So we took all the money that
we had spent towards that trip and we donated it to Ricky
Martin’s fund for Puerto Rico. [CROWD CHEERING] That’s amazing. We just wanted to do
whatever we could. I knew that our trip wasn’t
going to work out there. Yep. Just seeing those people and
the animals and everything. I mean there’s people that
have been out of power, even are still out
of power right now. Still, still. It’s so sad. I can’t believe it. Well, you’re very
sweet to do that. And I just love the two of you. I can’t give you a
gift because you’re not allowed to accept anything,
because you in the military. But I can give you a gift. [LAUGHING] OK. And if you choose to include
him that’s your business. [LAUGHING] Travel and Leisure named
this Hawaii’s resort. It’s a top resort this year. You’re getting a six night
stay at Koa Kea Hotel and Resort in Hawaii. In an ocean front suite
for you and a guest, should that be him. Hi I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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