Dream League Soccer Lendas

Good folks like you asked for a lot,
I decided to bring it to you, the legendary team for Dream League Soccer,
or legendary Dream League Soccer for you guys I’ll start in the beginning
showing the team to you, the team has the
Totti, Pelé, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Pirlo, Maradona, Chiellini, Maldini,
Puyol, Buffon, Ronaldinho we have Cristiano Ronaldo
and Messi that I put, Terry, Klose and Tonni and several other players from
name also which are ancient, I’ll come back here and I’ll show you
my uniforms for you, these kits and this one as soon as I used it I’ll leave the link in the description
for you too, I can edit the team name,
I can change and put any name, now I’ll show you,
how they will change the angle of your camera, you go in gaming game setup,
you can change the camera language, but below has display,
audio, controls and advanced can make the changes that you want, I’m switching to my setup
standard that I’m used to playing Let me go a little further, auto exchange I’ll leave it on high, fixed analogue control
I’ll leave it on, Because my cell phone is
mean bad to play, I’m going to show my stadium,
my stadium is at its maximum capacity, Now I’ll show you
whether or not to play online, as you see,
is already looking for an opponent, So let’s play a game.
or at least the beginning of it, so I can show you What with this team?
for you to play online, We found a team here.
and the team is very strong, has Thiago Silva and
several other players, let’s begin the game, the ball output is ours, he played for Pirlo,
from Pirlo to Maradona, from Maradona to Chiellini,
from Chiellini to Totti, This is the personal game,
I’m not going to show you the whole game, Let’s install the game here, so let’s here now begin the installation, this is another dream
League Soccer that I have, so I’ll show you that my
team has no legendary players and I’ll show you too. How are you going to put it?
the legendary players, I’m going to close the
My Dream League Soccer and I’ll open the Es file Explorer, I’ll drag it to the side, I’ll look for the download folder,
finding her I enter inside her, the file name is …
Dream League Soccer (Legendary Players) As soon as you download the link from the description, you’re going to hold onto the Pasta, Let’s go on more in those
three dots just below, go in to extract,
now they will go in ok, ready was extracted, Now let’s get in and get in.
inside this extracted gravel, let’s get inside that other folder, now we will pick up and hold
on top of this file and we go below in copying, we will return three times back, we’ll look for the Android folder
and let us enter into it, click date, Now we’ll look for the leg
of my Dream League Soccer, I think it will be different from mine,
I’ll show you how it’s yours, com.firsttouchgames.dls3 as soon as they find it enters,
now you go to Files, now you will stick, Let’s apply it to everyone.
and we are going to overwrite, was installed, now I’ll close it all here
and open up my Dream League Soccer, Now you can see that
my team is the legendary team, It’s the same team I showed
at the beginning of the video, now I’m going to play offline
to show you, for anyone who has never seen me playing offline
I’m going to play a match here for you, here’s starting the game,
the ball will start with their team, they are touching the ball I’m playing with a camera.
which I do not like very much, Ronaldo Nazaire …
From him to Pelé … beat and defended the goalkeeper, Goalkeeper defended this ball
who caught scraping on him, One more … Ronaldo … Errei I’m playing more for
show for yourself, The good thing about this team is that the Dream League
Soccer does not have much of these players, Now I do …
I wanted to play … I still did the goal, Francesco Totti … Goal of Totti, I’ll play some more here, Because it has not been long since
I record a gameplay for you, The ball begins with them again,
10 minutes from the first half, The team is very weak … my team has everything their skills at 100, Hit that distance … I wanted to play,
I’m kidding, I’m not wrong to be bad,
is that very easy and loses grace, the goal here will be to take a shot, Let’s see if I can, I’ll play some more
I’ll try to heel Our mistake … I tried to take a shot
but it did not work, Let’s try, I will.
take a shot here, one more ball of ours, there to the other side, right right Pele … from Pelé to Ronaldo Nazário, from him to Iniesta … that kick was at the angle, again and got the goalkeeper, It was in the middle of the goal … now will come the goal,
Let’s try one more time … take the ball Wow where the goalkeeper went goal … goalie … First goal of the game … I did my best now
Can I close the video? I ended up giving a scooter in the
goalkeeper and he lay down, May God bless
the life of each one of you until the next video
and stay with God, I went.

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  1. USBR eu queria o Ibrahimovic para jogar com ele mas não tem como porque o ibra não está no Dream League Soccer 19 tem como pfv colocar o ibra neste hack

  2. Eu estava jogando quando eu chutei com o Cristiano Ronaldo de fora da área o chute foi tão forte que furou a rede do gol!

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