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the sex affect the athletic performance
sit still don’t move don’t go anywhere and listen to all these tips that I have
for you of whether 6 / 6 effects in your relationship your your your athletic
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of the six affect your athletic performance
now what example one does exactly 6 do to the body especially for those who are
good our body body body builders for bodybuilding and and for those who are
trying to gain muscle to build muscle and for those who are in sports why in
sport ru rugby are you into rugby are you soccer player are you a basketball
ER are you a boxer are you arguing to boxing and all that kind of stuff so
anyway you’ll be you will be participating in athletic first we need
to know exactly what is the what what that sets do is sex good or does it
really affect you a trick now they we good in sex with good when you having
sex in the in the whole sexual performance sexual performance we do
have one chemical there is a chemical there is a vitamin you should be
considered a quality vitamin or mineral a mineral is a mineral called zinc the
same mineral called Z now zinc is the one responsible for building muscle
building muscle now you your performance will be very poor if you if you don’t
have muscle if you’re not if your muscles are not build now remember as a
guy as a man as a as a guy as a boy you need you need to have a muscle first of
all before you start exercising before you start you need to work out before
you if you big if you want to become good athlete athlete you need to build
muscle you need to work you need to work your muscles all right so now my point
is when you there is a chemical the chemical sink in the body if you’re
short of that chemical what happens is you cannot now this is the chemical that
usual is responsible for building muscle for formation muscle if you don’t have
enough zinc in your body you’re gonna start gaining weight as a man as it can
you’re gonna start you’re gonna lose your six-pack you system up it’s not
gonna be revealed it’s expect will not reveal because
you’ve got fat around the six but now every man every man has could a six-pack
in him every man has got a muscle it’s a layer of muscle underneath that fat now
usually what happens is you need what happens is in order to lose in order to
refill you what you need to do is to make sure that you burn off the fat
layer the fat layer that is covered muscles is always covered inside there
now all you need to do is not to go and workout and dreaming and all that kind
of stuff all that stuff – does not reveal your muscle that is in your and
your abs it doesn’t reveal us now what reveal your abs is to burn off is to
burn off the top layer that is covering your abs that is busy covering your abs
your abs need to reveal and the only way to do that is to make sure that you
boost eat foods that boost but that that build muscle you need to build muscle
and at the same time while you’re building muscle you’re burning fat
you’re banning the layer the thick layer of fat that is covering over your
muscles so that’s what happens but they know if you’re short of zinc if you
should have sink in your body there is no way your body your muscle will not
fall not build you gonna have a difficulty in building muscle and at the
same time you’re gonna have a difficulty in burning the off that fat that fact
that is covering your master because you need to burn off the fat in order to
really leave to reveal the muscle but then now now what happens is when you go
ahead whenever a man ejaculates now in the sperm in your sperm or your
cam or in your in your semen there is the the highest the highest chemical
percentage of chemical is sink sink is the one is the sink if in
fact zinc is the one responsible into in in in building building yours bump
building for spam formation spawn formation if you do not have enough sink
in your body your sperm count will be very low so if you’re looking for you’re
looking for a hatful for increasing your sperm count
you need to up you need to up your intake your intake of zinc now sink can
be found in several foods several foods can have sings in foods like an oysters
foods like seafoods foods like the several foods simple
foods especially these sea foods they do have sink in them potatoes have sink
shit potatoes have a level and a reasonable a reasonable amount of sink
not as is the amount is not as huge as the one in Easter’s and seafoods but but
kilometer calamari all that they do they are very high and sink but another sweet
potatoes the veggies and fruits have just a reasonable amount of simple you
need to appeal to you in your intercourse Inc you need to have your
intake in if you want to to increase to increase your low sperm count your sperm
count you need to have you’re getting that now
what happens is whenever you ejaculate whenever you check you later you can go
for for a round or three rounds a day or whatever but the more you eat chocolate
you release a lot of a lot of zinc in that sperm you release zinc zinc in the
sperm especially if you throw if you come if you’re throwing in loads if your
if your sperm comes in loads and you you best in loads you’re releasing think
that’s a chemical but your is that’s why you find usually the later opening man
gets lazy men get lazy right after 6:00 we just want to take a nap there their
hormones early they get they relax and they just want to take a rest simply
because like I said in my previous video that Iran is six is like a marathon to a
man this is like a marathon and ejaculation is equal as a running and
are 20 kilometers 20 kilometers that’s how much equal equal ejaculation is so
now when you release that your your woman’s your woman’s you go
short of sink in your body because you’ve released it through them sperm
now what happens is you need to you need to balance back that’s why if you before
you go to welcome to it before you go to gym or to exercise and man you need a
right after sex never do never go jimang right after sex you need to take spinach
at least 3 to 4 hours 2 to 3 to 4 hours let your body first balance back let let
let your body gain some energy let you that’s why you see most men usually take
a nap right after having sex later let your body balance let your hormonal
let your hormones balance again let them find each other again let the body find
itself before you go and workout now usually if you do it right immediately
you use you you you’re really you rule you’re really opening up those opening
that doors that you will never close your opening up those 4 4 4 4 4 heart
attack you’re opening up those 4 stroke you’re opening up those four low grunt
blood pressure so make sure that you wait take your time
give it 3 to 4 hours before you hit the gym before you go in workout so now that
that is exactly what happens well that’s the connection between sex is the if
effect between sex and athletes so if you’re an athlete and you’re busy or
you’re a sport person make sure that before you go out and jog and do your
exercise before you go out onto the field to go you to do your training
after 6:00 make sure that you spend spend at least 3 to 4 hours now that’s
the effect now then sex has a way has a huge way of affecting affecting your
athletic performance now that’s what I usually advise is make sure that you up
your intake intake drip it if you know that you are actually sexually active
and if you know that was your active in performing your you’re in sport you are
active in sport make sure that you eat a lot of zinc eat a lot of sing that’s why
I usually either usually they tell at leats the usually tell performance
sports players that don’t have sex when you
on your sports day the day you’re going to do to perform never have sex so now
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