(gentle guitar music) (knocking) – No time like the present. (sirens) (laughing) (glasses clink) – This really is an amazing view. – Told you, it’s the
best in the neighborhood. – Thanks again for inviting me up. I’m having a really, a great time. – Yeah, me too. I got to admit, I was a little
bit nervous about tonight. The way things were going, thought maybe you were just
into me for my plumbing. – No. – What about you, nervous? – Okay maybe, a little. (gentle piano music) – Oh it’s starting to rain. Probably head downstairs. – Great, my place? – I have to be up really early tomorrow. – Oh. Yeah, me too. Super early. – Rain check?
– Sure, yeah, mhmm. – And? – He kissed me. – Thank god! Now what about the sex? – It’s not always about the sex. – Oh honey, it’s always about the sex. – What about you and that daddy couple? You guys didn’t have sex. You cuddled for like six months. – Leave Antonio and Antonio out of this! And stop trying to change
the subject, a kiss? – I thought it was romantic. – Oh please. – Maybe not everyone’s
as jaded as you are. – No shade, maybe he’s
just not that into you. – Do you really think? – I’m kidding babe, even my doorman’s into you and he’s straight. – I still hate you. – So why didn’t you drag
him back to your place? – I thought he would do the dragging. – That’s exactly the
problem, you’re always waiting for the other guy to– – No that’s not true. – Then take charge! What’s the worst that could happen? – Literally everything! – Ugh, claim this man
before someone else does. (upbeat music) – Pace yourself.
– Hm? – That’s your third. – I’m all right. – Hey you’re the boss. ♫ Waste my time ♫ With some of them thirsty boys ♫ ‘Cuz none of them really that fine ♫ Hold up hold up boy what you doin’? ♫ Stand back I’m not yours for pursuin’ – Hey, sorry I’m late. Hope I’m not interrupting something. – Oh hey no that’s okay. – Good. Can I have a beer? Hey. Two. – So how was your day? – It was great, you? – Great. – Bottoms up. – No, North Carolina barbecue is where it’s at, everybody knows that. – Too much vinegar, it
gets all over the plate. – No no it’s not about the
taste, it’s about the experience. This is my culture! – Yeah well your culture
gets all over my baked beans and my potato salad and
they taste like vinegar. – You can’t judge it
’til you’ve tasted mine. – What part of the meat do you roast? – The rump of course. You have beautiful eyes. Really beautiful eyes. – Thank you. – You really are a very handsome man. You’re funny too. For a lawyer. – You know your southern charms have no power over me, I’m immune. – Really? – Maybe a little. – Let’s do shots! – On a school night? – Live a little daddy. – Are you okay? You seem a little– – I’m great. – I can’t figure you out. – I’m just, I’m having
a really great time. – Yeah, me too. – Can have an even more
greater time in 3G. – 3G? – My apartmento. – You know what? I’m actually having a great time here. – Oh come on! It’ll be fun, one drink, one drink. – Okay, but behave. ♫ To your daddy Hey, thought you were gonna behave. – I want to be bad. (grunting) – Hey, slow down. Ah to hell with it. Hey, you have a condom? – Yeah. I’m out. It’s okay, I’m on PrEP. What about you? – I’m old school, I use condoms. Better safe than syphilis. – You know I don’t just sleep
around, I really like you. – Yeah I guess I just can’t get my mind around the idea that you can take a pill instead and be safe. Look I know myself, I’m just
more comfortable with condoms. But I have some at my
apartment, old school. – I like old school. – Great. Hey. – Sorry. – No, I’m serious. Hey I’m serious. Please, stop.
– I’m sorry. (sighs) I’m really really sorry. – It’s getting late. Think we both just had too much to drink. – I was just fooling around. Talk tomorrow? – Get some rest. (somber music) (knocking on door)
(classical music) – Hey. Was just in the neighborhood. – It wouldn’t kill you to text first. – Ooh. What happened last night? – I don’t wanna talk about it. – It was that good, huh? (sighs) – He had a little too much to drink. – Yeah, we were both that age once. – Yeah, I guess. – Listen, he seems like a sweet boy. And I’m sure he is head over
heels for you, but seriously, where do you see this relationship going? – I don’t know. I’m not thinking that far ahead. – Exactly my point. – What are you saying? – When you’re 25 you don’t think ahead, when you’re our age you
have to, and you’re not. – Who made you Dr. Phil? – You may not like what I’m
saying but you know I’m right. – I can’t talk to you about this. – Look, look, I… Look, I know you like this boy. But if you have any doubts
about him, any doubts at all you need to take a step back. And the way this is going,
someone is going to get crushed. Trust me. And for Christ’s sakes, he
lives across the hall! (soft dramatic music) (sighs) (moans) (moans) – Oh, honey I’m so embarrassed for you right now. – This is all your fault. – I am not the one who
went out, got wasted and made an ass of herself. – I can’t believe I behaved like that. I’ve made such a mess of things. I don’t think I can face him again. – He lives across the hall. I don’t see how you can avoid him. – He probably thinks
I sleep with everyone. – Why? Oh, because you’re on PrEP? Well, that just means you’re
taking care of yourself, babe. Listen, some guys think I’m too femme. Some think I’m too butch. Some guys are okay with me
being poz, some guys aren’t, even though I’m undetectable. You’ll meet guys that love
you just for who you are and then there’s everybody else. You’re amazing, and if
this daddy can’t see that then he doesn’t deserve you. – In other words, you think I’ve blown it? – Probably. – Tell me why we’re friends again. – Because we hate all the same people. (chuckles)
(phone chimes) (somber music) (sighs) (soft instrumental music) – Hey. – Hey. I really want to apologize for last night. The way I behaved wasn’t cool. I’m really, really sorry. I don’t know what got into me. I’m not used to drinking. – Thanks for that. No, it means a lot. – But that’s no excuse. – Look –
– I don’t think this is gonna work out. (somber music) – Is this because of last night? because it won’t happen again. – No, no, not really, it’s… Look, you’re a great guy. – You don’t have to say
anything else, look, I… I get it, I messed up. – No, no, no, listen, listen. It’s not just about last night. You’re so much younger than me. And we’re so different. If this doesn’t work out I could really hurt you. And that’s a… that’s a risk
I’m not willing to take. Sorry. (sighs) – I know that there’s
a risk of getting hurt. But that’s my risk to take. So, if you’re not into
me, that’s one thing, but if you are and you walk away now, then you suck! (chuckles softly) – It’s not your heart I’m worried about. I didn’t think I could
feel this way again. And I’m excited but it scares the shit out of me. – Well, I’m scared, too. You big dummy. (both chuckle) So… what do you think? You wanna… wanna start over? (music climaxes) (sighs) – I’d like that. Hi. I’m Graydon. – I’m Ben. – I like you, Ben. – I like you. (romantic music)


  1. I'm not really into Daddy's but he was really nice… I wonder if he's good in the sack.. and what are they going to do after the Good sex wears off… and the young guy loses his job and starts turning Daddy into sugar daddy? then what? you know it's going to happen.!!.
    and you know the young guy is going to cheat on ben also..
    this thing ain't going to work ..
    just have sex and move on..
    oh wait!!! they're just fucking actors…this ain't even real !!
    God , I got sucked in for a moment

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